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Libra Season 2022 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

September 22nd ushers in Libra season, the Scales, and Tarot Card Key 11, Justice.

Justice tarot card meaning

Check out these astrological highlights during Libra season:

9/23 Mercury in Virgo - This is a time where our minds are sharp as a tack, we see and understand complex situations, take notice of patterns, and are able to effectively and efficiently solve problems. Critical thinking, analysis, discernment and a methodical approach are paramount; everything must pass the fine toothed comb test. Communication is organized, rational and to the point. CAUTION: Mercury is in Retrograde

9/25 New Moon in Libra - This is a time for setting intentions around relationships, social activities and involvement, spending time with family and friends, cooperation and working with others, a need for justice and fairness, beautifying the self and your environment, making or enjoying various artforms and those things that bring joy through being aesthetically pleasing.

9/29 Venus in Libra - the focus is on partnerships where there is balance in working together in harmony. Getting social, being charming, romantic and performing sweet gestures definitely go noticed. You may find yourself having butterflies in you heart and stomach, developing a crush, and wanting to look and feel your best.

10/2 Mercury goes Direct

10/7 - BRANDY'S BIRTHDAY woot-woot!

10/9 Full Moon in Aries - This is a time to review the things in your life where you are impulsive, perhaps need to be bold or feisty, and where you need to stand your ground or let go of a fight that isn’t yours to fight. If you need courage or the will to start something new and/or see it through, this is the time to step into this challenge head on with full fire and might behind you. Embrace freedom and release the things that keep you bound to what no longer serves you.

10/10 Mercury in Libra - Our communication tends to be more gentle and eloquent, we are able to convey our message into the world more easily. This is a time of being diplomatic and assertive, to weigh in on both sides while maintaining the middle ground of observance and understanding. We are able to not only see truths, but truth beyond our own, and the bigger picture in general.

Here’s a look ahead at what Libra season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Tarot Card Key 11, Justice. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

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Aries - The World - this season brings about the completion of a cycle and the glimpse of new beginnings. This is a time to follow your gut and to know that all things eventually come full circle so embrace the new without clutching to the old.

Taurus - Page of Swords reversed - don’t be surprised if you find yourself out of new ideas, feeling like you’re unable to think clearly or make a sound decision. You’ll want to be mindful not to make hasty decisions or talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. If you have been waiting on an important message, you’ll have to wait a bit more.

Gemini - The Moon reversed - Now is the time for releasing fears and anxieties around the things that go bump in the darkness of the mind. It’s about illumination and seeing things clearly for who and what they are. If you have been in the dark about a particular thing or unable to see how to proceed forward, expect for things to come to light. If you have lost your way, do not be afraid to ask for help.

Cancer - The Devil reversed - this season is about breaking the ties that bind. A time where you are able to reclaim your power and detach from something that has held you back or kept you within its grips. Remember that no matter how stuck you may feel, there is always a way out.

Leo - The Magician - you have all of the tools that you need at your disposal and you know how to wield them to manifest the reality you seek. Now is the time to lean into the Will and take inspired action, but be mindful of where you pull your inspiration from. Let Spirit guide your hand and your creativity will flow forth naturally.

Virgo - Ace of Pentacles - something new in the material world is headed your way. This often comes as a new financial or job opportunity, buying something like a car or house, receiving a gift, or those things around physical or financial abundance and prosperity. Often associated with pregnancy, if you have been trying to conceive a child or looking to foster or adopt a child or furbaby, you may have an opportunity this month.

Libra - Five of Cups - This month brings about a situation or circumstance that brings about emotional turmoil often as a result of setbacks, real or perceived failure, unmet expectations, doubt, and grief. The 5s in tarot are representative of challenge, check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments for how to navigate this energy as it comes to you this month.

Scorpio - Ten of Wands - The workload and weight is heavy this month, there is hard work to be done. You may find yourself strapped with extra responsibilities or obligations, or perhaps it’s just that extra push through to the end with what is already on your plate. Sort out what is yours, what is for others, and what can wait. You are almost there, just keep going to see the job through.

Sagittarius - Knight of Cups - It’s time to let your imagination and creativity flow out into the world, and don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve as you do it. Charm, romance, saying and doing all the right things are in line; perhaps you meet your prince/princess charming. The head and heart are working in tandem, don’t be surprised if you get swept off your feet.

Capricorn - Three of Wands - The future is bright, and the journey has just begun. Know that you are in a place of infinite possibilities where you are only limited by your passion, drive and imagination. If you have been waiting for the sign to take that next step in your journey, this is it. It’s time to put one foot in front of the others and see what the future hold

Aquarius - The Chariot reversed - things are out of balance; perhaps it’s your emotions or emotional reaction rather than response. You will need to dig down deep into your willpower to center yourself, take control of the reins and start moving in the right direction for success. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly decide to change your goal or the direction something is headed.

Pisces - Five of Swords reversed - there has definitely been conflict, competition and feeling defeat on your end or someone else's, and now is the time to let go of that. This is about releasing that mental-emotional turmoil, making amends if desired and feasible, and moving into a place of contentment over resentment. The 5s in tarot are representative of challenge, check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments for how to navigate this energy as it comes to you this month.



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