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Tarot Key 18, The Moon & Pisces Season 2022 Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

February 18th ushers in Key 18, The Moon, the card of Pisces.

The Moon Tarot Cards explained

The Moon is here to remind us that everything has its time and place, nothing lasts forever just like the gentle glow of the Moon against the backdrop of darkness in the evening sky. So as the world around us ebbs and flows like the ocean tide under the Moon’s influence, so too are we asked to roll with it, to hold nothing static or stationary, and to trust that despite the unknown, we are being guided by something bigger than us. This is a time where we need to tap into that old familiarity within, to allow our imagination to flourish, to let the Moon illuminate the shadows and possible paths before us, to reexamine our current beliefs and understandings, and to confront our fears and animal instincts that prevent us from moving forward on our path.

Check out these astrological highlights during Pisces season:

3/2 New Moon in Pisces - This is a time to be setting intentions around our emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, meditative and prayer practices, intuition and psychic development, self care and stress reduction, and our compassion and empathy towards others.

3/6 Mars in Aquarius - This is a time to learn, learn, and learn some more! Ideas (and opinions) will be flowing during this time, do your best to keep them realistic. Standards are likely to be just as high as the urge to break free from the traditional minder and do your own thing in your own way since you obviously know best. Hard work and a few surprises are likely in store. Be mindful of being too prideful, manipulation, aggression and excessive risk taking.

3/6 Venus in Aquarius - This is a time where intellectual prowess is at the forefront, smart is sexy. When it comes to our relationships, we want breathing room, freedom and yet the ability to use our open mindedness to formulate common goals for the future. A friend may suddenly be seen with whole new eyes, but this is not about emotional attachments, it’s about what’s intellectually stimulating and exciting. Abstract or unique art and styling may suddenly become more appealing; maybe buy a new piece of art, make one or do something dramatic with your appearance that's outside of the box.

3/9 Mercury in Pisces - This is a time where we are operating on feelings, not facts. Our imagination and creativity is running wild, daydreams and wild fantasies are happening more and more, and our intuition and psychic awareness are firing on all pistons. We find ourselves drawn into the arts and literature, we dream big and set goals, and perhaps even offer comfort and counseling to a friend or stranger on the street. If you have been wanting to really practice visualization, beginning or fine tuning meditation practices, dream work, or communicating with your Guides, Angels, ancestors and the Divine Universal wisdom, now is the time.

3/18 Full Moon in Virgo - Review, release and set intentions around cleanliness, organization, work habits and ethics, health and wellness influences and decisions, the way in which we are in assistance to or work with others, the things are on our “to do” list that keep getting bumped to the bottom of the list, and the areas of our life that need a highly analytical approach or mindset.

Here’s a look ahead at what Pisces season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Key 18, The Moon & Pisces. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

Free tarot card readings for each sign of the zodiac February 2022 Pisces Season

Aries - Queen of Pentacles reversed - There may be some difficulty between balancing the demands of the home and work. Perhaps you are breaking out of your domestic role and focusing on creating something outside of the home like a business. Self-care may also be at the forefront during this time, you are not any good to the ones you care for if you are depleted.

Taurus - Two of Swords - This is a time of standing still and weighing your options, particularly those that have left your heart at a crossroads. The key here is to not make any swift judgements or decisions, the way forward will reveal itself in due time. Be patient, be considerate and weigh your options with an objective scale.

Gemini - Death - This is a time of great change and transition, where something new sits on the horizon as a chapter is closed. No matter how scary or uncertain things may seem, know that this is a time of rebirth and revival, to shed the old in order to make room for not only the new, but also the better for you.

Cancer - Seven of Swords reversed - This is a time where we lack discernment and perhaps take on too much, often leading to imposter syndrome runs rampant, rearing its head and running rampant. You’ll want to make sure to be mindful of what all you are taking on, having a plan instead of “winging it”, not allowing yourself to be your worst enemy, and keeping an eye out for deception.

Leo - Three of Pentacles - This month is about pulling the team together and getting the work done; if you are “the team”, then it’s time to consider reaching out to someone(s) for collaboration or to learn what you can from the things they are a master at. Not only do you not have to do this alone, you probably shouldn’t if you want the best results, never be afraid to learn something new either. This can also be about building and strengthening the internal temple.

Virgo - Nine of Wands reversed - This month is about easing up on the walls you have built without completely letting go of your boundaries; be mindful of dipping into unfounded defensiveness and paranoia. If you have no boundaries or they are weak, this is a great time to go within and establish ones that are healthy and don’t leave you feeling isolated. Have courage and persist, now is not the time to give up.

Libra - Ten of Swords - This month may leave you feeling rather defeated and ready to throw in the towel. You may find yourself faced with having been betrayed or backstabbed by someone you trust, including undermining yourself. A deep psychological loss, crisis or battle that leaves you mentally battered, bruised, and weighed down. This can also signal the ending of a previous situation of this nature. So however it comes to you this month, know that the end is not only near, but there is the promise of the dawn of a new day just on the horizon.

Scorpio - Eight of Cups reversed - This month is about going back to the drawing board and reassessing things that you believed you had moved on from or were prepared to leave behind; perhaps not all is lost or you overlooked something that needs to be tended to before you set out on your new journey. This can also be a time of coming back out into the light of day following a time of reclusion.

Sagittarius - Queen of Cups reversed - This month is about self awareness, self love and self care. You have given so much that now it’s time to go within to find your peace, recenter yourself and reconnect with those closest to you. You cannot pour from an empty vessel Libra, you have to replenish your source so that you can continue to give.

Capricorn - Wheel of Fortune reversed - This month is going to have its challenges. The Wheel reversed can be somewhat deceptive though, we have to ask ourselves, am I really having bad luck, setbacks, disruptions, and delays because of something outside of me, or am I holding on to control too tightly and resistant to change? If it’s outside of your control, is it really bad luck or “not meant for” you, or is it just not the right timing? This is a good time to break toxic or negative cycles.

Aquarius - Three of Cups - This month is about joy, fellowship, friendship, and celebrations. It’s about letting down your hair, having a good time without the weight of the world on your shoulders, and letting your creative juices flow freely. Whether it’s a collaboration or the three aspects of the self working together beautifully in harmony, enjoy it wholly.

Pisces - King of Swords - This month is about sitting in a place that allows for Spirit to be heard, where you gain mental clarity and truth, expansion of the intellect, and using your intellectual prowess for a higher purpose. Rely on higher consciousness to direct your actions and inactions, and mean what you say and say what you mean, nothing less and nothing more. Speak of truths objectively.



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