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22 Ways Tarot Transforms Your Life

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Tarot goes far beyond being a tool for fortune telling or divining the future. Tarot reflects our experiences back to us for better insight and understanding, and also has this amazing ability to objectively guide us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There are 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot, these represent significant themes or lessons in our life, each Major is a gift in itself for the wisdom is invaluable. Even if these particular cards are not showing up in a reading, their energy, lesson and guidance is still present and felt. Here are 22 ways in which tarot can help guide you to unlocking your inner power, potential, and purpose in order to create a higher version of yourself and a life you love living:

RWS Tarot The Fool Major Arcana Key 0 Air Element

Tarot reminds you that you are a spark of Spirit, constantly being subtly guided. It gives you inspiration, drive and curiosity for the future. To realize that more is possible, and that sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith.

RWS Tarot The Magician Major Arcana Key 1 Mercury

Tarot reveals to you the tools you need to create your desired outcome, and recognize your manifestation powers. It teaches you to connect with the Divine in order to Know Thyself and better thyself. To become The Magician driven by the Divine and doing the Great Work.

RWS Tarot The High Priestess Major Arcana Key 2 The Moon

Tarot helps you to learn discretion and discernment, and to embody wisdom through observation and silence. To center yourself, have the truth mirrored back to you, and view through objective eyes. Recognizing and trusting your intuition.

RWS Tarot The Empress Major Arcana Key 3 Venus

Tarot helps spur your creativity and invites prosperity and abundance into your life. To show and encourage your artistic expression, material gain and wealth, and to reconnect you with the Divine Feminine and inner romantic.

RWS Tarot The Emperor Major Arcana Key 4 Aries

Tarot helps bring about structure and stability in your life. To establish control, discipline and boundaries for current and future success. To reconnect you with the Divine Masculine.

RWS Tarot The Hierophant Major Arcana Key 5 Taurus

Tarot unveil the times where obedience and disobedience with the status quo are needed, those where it’s best to fall in line with the leader or rebel. To provide spiritual guidance and direct you to higher counsel.

RWS Tarot The Lovers Major Arcana Key 6 Gemini

Tarot gives you insight of hidden or unknown information in decisions and choices that need to be made, and better navigating a crossroad. To present you with the ability to step into Divine alignment, seek higher spiritual counsel, and form unions both earth side and beyond the veil.

RWS Tarot The Chariot Major Arcana Key 7 Cancer

Tarot encourages you to find your center and move at a steady pace in the right direction with your eyes firmly fixated on the goal. To show you that you are in control of your life through sheer willpower and determination.

RWS Tarot Strength Major Arcana Key 8 Leo

Tarot reminds you of your inner strength, and appropriately boosts your self confidence and vitality. To help in responding rather than reacting, and in taming the ego when needed.

RWS Tarot The Hermit Major Arcana Key 9 Virgo

Tarot draws attention to introspection and looking inwards for the answers you seek. To show you that the true purpose in life is soul searching and self reflection for awareness, refinement and enlightenment.

RWS Tarot Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana Key 10 Jupiter

Tarot helps you prepare for, understand and work with time of transition, karma, and the natural cycles of ups and downs that we all go through, To show you where opportunities lie, particularly life changing ones.

RWS Tarot Justice Major Arcana Key 11 Libra

Tarot helps you to cut through confusion, to operate from a balanced and objective view, and determine the true nature of cause and effect. To balance the head and the heart.

RWS Tarot The Hanged Man Major Arcana Key 12 Water Element

Tarot helps you understand moments of stillness and perceived stagnation, in order to gain new perspective and insights. To surrender or sacrifice yourself and potentially egoic drives for the greater good.

RWS Tarot Death Major Arcana Key 13 Scorpio

Tarot helps you to understand the end of a situation or circumstance, and to let it go gracefully. To release what no longer serves you in order to make room for something better on the horizon.

RWS Tarot Temperance Major Arcana Key 14 Sagittarius

Tarot helps you find balance, patience and the quality of moderation while avoiding extremes. To help you understand where you have come from, where you are headed, and your present position in that journey. A reminder of Divine Will and Guidance.

RWS Tarot The Devil Major Arcana Key 15 Capricorn

Tarot addresses our bondages, and the overindulgences in mental, emotional or physical pleasures that are to our detriment. To highlight where we feel afraid, trapped, or the victim, but have the ability, known or not, to release ourselves of this burden.

RWS Tarot The Tower Major Arcana Key 16 Mars

Tarot forewarns of false foundations, dangers, unexpected changes, crisis and catastrophe. To provide us the opportunity to liberate ourselves and divert disasters. Where Divine inspiration and Will will strike.

RWS Tarot The Star Major Arcana Key 17 Aquarius

Tarot helps to renew our hope, faith and spirituality. To be guided by the light of the Divine, and to be a guiding light for others. A reminder to always have one foot in each world and nourish the self.

RWS Tarot The Moon Major Arcana Key 18 Pisces

Tarot highlights illusions, deceptions, our subconscious, and our fears which are often unwarranted. To shine the light on and bring forth those things that are hidden or detrimentally suppressed.

RWS Tarot The Sun Major Arcana Key 19 The Sun

Tarot helps us see good fortunes to come, where we can live in full joy and happiness as the Universe supports us on our journey. To reconnect with our inner child, and to guide us towards enlightenment and success.

RWS Tarot Judgement Major Arcana Key 20 Fire element and Spirit

Tarot shows and helps us understand times of rebirth, renewal, awakening, and redemption. To call us to a higher state of being with a higher purpose beyond the plane of the physical.

RWS Tarot The World Major Arcana Key 21 Saturn and Earth Element

Tarot guides us towards achievement, fulfillment, successful conclusions and infinite possibilities for the future. To show the way in bringing about the ending of a major cycle and a glimpse of the next.

With such an incredible gift and so much wisdom readily available, it's almost unfathomable that one would not seek guidance from the tarot. You owe it to yourself, the version of you that you daydream about, to start this tarot journey either yourself or with a trusted reader guiding you. So, what's stopping you?



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or within the public domain


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