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2022: Universal Year of 6 & The Lovers in Tarot

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that another year seems to have flown by. I have to say that while everyone is passing around the memes about 2022 being pronounced “2020 too”, I am very excited for what 2022 has to offer.

To better understand the significance of what 2022 has to offer, we have to first understand why 2021 played out the way that it did both on the world stage, and personally. 2021, the year of the Hierophant or Key 5 in the tarot (2+0+2+1=5), was about trials, tribulations and our response in the face of these difficult yet necessary challenges (as we see in the 5s of tarot). Check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life for more details on the energy of the 5s and the role they play in our life. The challenges related to facing the things that we tend to shy from, where we have imbalances mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. It was not so much about recognizing them as most people are aware of where their imbalances lie, it was about Spirit shining a spotlight on them so that we could take them head on.

2022 rings in Key 6, The Lovers (2+0+2+2=6). A Lovers’ or 6 year is about transcending the duality of the material world and looking to a higher perspective to find not a middle ground or compromise, but rather a fusion and synthesis of seemingly opposing concepts like the physical and spiritual, the fully expressed head and the heart, masculine and feminine, etc. It is in this fusion that true love, Divine love, and healing can take place, and subsequently the ascent back up the Tree of Life towards spiritual ascension. As I always try to impart on those seeking the key to manifestation and magick, when you move into Divine Alignment and Will, they occur naturally.

This is the secret of The Lovers, the card of Gemini (not Venus), the rulership of The Magician. As above so below, As within so without.

So what does this mean for 2022?

The 5 year provided us the opportunity to make adjustments, rectify, and ultimately begin the healing process so that we can move along in our path in a more aware, authentic and effective way. It is in the 6 that we find resolution, reward and balance at the core of our being, to synthesize the aspects of the self and step into personal power through doing The Work. I challenge you to focus on you and your true fully expressed self this year.. To continue to confront imbalances where needed, to acknowledge the work that you’ve already taken on, and to put stock in your personal growth and development that leads you towards Divine Alignment, Will, and self actualization. Good fortune and luck is on the sides of those that actively seek!

CAUTION! The numerology of a year and it’s associated tarot card is NOT a prophetic prediction, it is a naturally occurring subtle energy that we can tap into for assistance from the Universe IF we are consciously and actively working in harmony with this resonance. This is not about the Universe handing you the answers on a silver platter, but rather the test questions so that you can better prepare.

Check out these interesting tidbits on the significance of the number 6 throughout history:

The legendary Greek mathematician Nicomachus stated that it is the only number adapted to the soul, and the distinct union of the micro and macrocosmic universes. The Pythagoreans called it “the Perfection of parts”, the alchemical union or marriage between the Male and Female; the androgenity of perfect balance between the polarities. It is also seen as the union of the Divine and our human nature, and the blending of fire and water to create steam to propel us. For it was on the 6th day that Man was created according to Genesis, and on the 6th day of the week Jesus died on the cross. The Seraphim of Isaiah, the attendants to the throne of God, have 6 wings. The lily Archangel Gabriel presents to the Virgin Mary depicted in The Annunciation has 6 leaves and 6 petals around a three-headed stamen; the same lily present on the tarot keys. The Holy Temple described in the Sepher Yetzirah, or the Book of Creation, is within the center of the four quartered Hexad. The ancient Egyptians had a College of 6 for their highest priests. The Druids also revered the 6, and held their principal ceremonies on the 6th day of the moon, there too began their year and their priests gathered in groups of precisely 6. Sixty, 600 and 3600 years are of significance in several ancient civilizations across the world like the Chaldeans and ancient Indians who held 600 years as an astronomical period. Notably, the planetary placements found at any given new moon can all be observed in their same placement 600 years later. Interestingly, Dr. E .V. Kenealy, a 19th century occultist, calculated that a messiah has been sent to the world every 600 years beginning with Adam, and Noah himself was 600 years old at the time of the flood.

So as you prepare to embark on the 2022 journey, remember that you are the master of your own destiny and you are supported by the Divine.



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© Brandy Rachelle

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