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Monthly Messages From Spirit: September 2022

These are the underlying scope and theme for September 2022. Make sure to also check out Virgo Season 2022 for astrology highlights and mini-tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac.

Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Wands

The Princess of the Shining Flame more commonly known as the Page of Wands is an indicator that September will be filled with wonder and a passion for adventure and fulfillment, where exactly is up to you. Think about what sets your soul on fire, the ideas and inspirations that bring you true intrinsic pleasure and joy rather than the sake of an external reward. Now what if you had more time for that and less time for distractions, sound good to you? I hope so because if you are able to do more of the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, it sets you off in the right direction for discovery, a new path and possibility where you expand and evolve along the way. Where exactly you’ll end up at the end of this journey no one can be certain as all is possible at this time. This creative force sees manifestation in the physical world so as you pick and choose where to place your focus, prioritize wisely.

Healing Crystal of the Month: Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a crystal of prosperity, healing and growth associated with the Heart Chakra. If you are looking for a stone to open and expand the heart chakra, move into the future with optimism and faith, manifesting good fortune and prosperity, releasing old patterns, adjusting well to growth challenges and changes, healing the emotional body and finding emotional balance and stability, Green Aventurine is your ally. Because of its nontoxic chemical composition, it’s safe for making Crystal Elixir; I love placing it in my drinking water. I also often use Green Aventurine as a substitute in the Rose Quartz Armor and in my sacred bath rituals.

Green Aventurine Affirmation: I am a part of the Tree of Life.

Numerology of the Month: 6

We are in a 6 Year which makes this month rather significant. The number 6 relates to the unification and integration of that which is above and below be it the macrocosm and microcosm, the head and the heart, the imagination and the intellect, or really any polar opposites like masculine and feminine. Because we are talking about opposing concepts, this can be about making a choice between two vastly different things. The key to navigating the six is to look at the higher perspective of each of these things and to realize that even two things that appear to be complete opposites are really only reflections of one another in varying degrees; to meet in the middle if you will. Interestingly, Virgo is the 6th sign of the Astrological year.

Sacred Symbol of the Month: Caduceus

The caduceus is synonymous with Hermes (Mercury), he is the messenger god that shuttles messages between the immortal Gods and men, and assists men with changes of their being, namely alchemy and healing. It is a symbol for duality and opposition of two things on the same continuum like light and dark that somehow manage to be reconciled for balance and equilibrium. It is through the integration of these opposing forces that the alchemical process begins, transmutation and healing is achieved. The four elements converge, fertility is amplified exponentially, the descent of manifestation cascades down as the Kundalini serpent rises every mindfully. The ego is broken and a new found strength and self mastery is welcomed into your being; one might say that you are being gifted the Elixir of Life and Immortality. Interestingly, Mercury Retrograde occurs this month.

Angel Number of the Month: 738

You’ve accurately listened to your Divine guidance, which has put you on the path of increased abundance.

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has a long history of being used in prevention and healing of disease and sickness, as well as strength, physical and spiritual protection. Native to Australia and sacred to the Aboriginals, the eucalyptus or gum tree is a reminder of Spirit on the physical plane with its roots in the underworld and leaves reaching into the heavens. It is the Aboriginal Tree of Life. Towering into the sky, providing shade and relief from the harsh sun while preserving its healing bark and leaves year round. When eucalyptus appears, ask yourself where you need to cleanse and clear internally and externally? This is particularly true in the Chakras 4-7 from the Heart through the Throat into the 3rd Eye and out through the canopy or Crown. Work with it by burning its leaves in your sacred space, hanging it in your home, taking sacred baths with its leaves and oil, and planting it outside your home’s thresholds.



Interested in discovering what messages Spirit has for you specifically and the signs, symbols and omens being sent to you to help guide you on your journey? Book a Tarot Reading today and get the insights and answers you are seeking!

© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

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