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Key 7, The Chariot, & Cancer Season Mini Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Today ushers in the energy of Key 7, The Chariot, the card of Cancer.

Cancer calls for us to focus on our emotions, intuition, home and family. This is a great time to truly sit with our emotions, to express them, and review our relationship with our emotional self. It’s a good time to ask, “Do I feel and express my emotions in a healthy way?”. With Cancer being ruled by the Moon, and thus ruling our emotions, this is a great time to focus on your intuition, or “gut feelings”. Do you trust when you get an intuitive hit or do you second guess yourself? Spend time with your family, and tend to your home in order to provide a sense of a safe environment. Being a cardinal sign, it’s also about beginning something new.

Key 7, The Chariot asks us to take the lessons that have been learned and to move forward. To take control of your life, to take action, to make change and steer it in the direction you want it to go through sheer self determination. Know that where decisions have been made, there is no going back, the time to act is now. To move forward methodically and well paced with your eye on the goal. To reflect on your spiritual sense of self; has it been given the proper attention or has the focus been on the dense material world? While the Chariot is concerned with the material world rather than the spiritual, it does serve as a reminder for duality and integration in order for true forward movement to occur.

During Cancer season Jupiter will be retrograde, Mercury will go direct, the Full Moon will be in Capricorn, Neptune will go retrograde, Venus will enter Leo, the New Moon will be in Cancer, and Mercury will shift into the sign of Cancer.

Jupiter in retrograde allows for us to stick our nose into our studies and work on growth, expansion, and our personal development in a slower pace.

Mercury going direct means the uncertainty and confusion in our thoughts will give way, communication will become more clear, and issues around technology should resolve.

Full Moon in Capricorn allows for us to review the things that we have bound ourselves to and the opportunity to release them.

Neptune in retrograde will allow us to see things as they are in their true essence, this is a great time to question what you think you know and to see the world with a new set of eyes.

Venus in Leo sets the tone for fiery, feisty, exhilarating, heart pounding, sexy femme fatale mentality and relationship spice.

New Moon in Cancer is a great time for manifesting the changes we want to see in our family life, home, emotional wellbeing and intuition.

Mercury in Cancer our communication and intellect are driven by our emotions and intuition that can allow us to better to understand others points of views; however, we can also take things personally and become defensive, particularly when our views are questioned or criticized.

Here’s a look ahead at what Cancer season will bring or how each sign can work with the energy of Key 7. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your sun, rising and moon signs.

Aries - 6 of Swords - This month will be marked by change and moving on. If you have been experiencing mental turmoil as a product of external forces or influences, expect release this month. Even if you aren’t able to see a clear path ahead at the moment, the transition is approaching and may come in the form of leaving the baggage behind.

Taurus - 6 of Wands reversed - This month brings a private achievement, a fall from grace, or the ego stepping up front and center. If you have been working on something in private (maybe some self-development) then expect some victories this month; this can also be about you “winning” incognito. Make sure to check your ego and don’t gloat or you face a fall from grace.

Gemini - Chariot reversed - This month brings about a significant change in direction, pace or being out of balance. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly decide to change your goal or the direction something is headed. Things may actually speed up or come to a halt, either way, you are in the driver’s seat with control over the petals. Make sure to stay centered in your approach.

Cancer - Knight of Cups reversed - This month is about checking your emotions, filling your own cup, self-love and self-care, and being your own Knight in Shining Armor. Evaluate what you feel and how you are expressing it, watch for instability and being crabby! Make sure that you are taking care of your own needs before you try to take care of others; no one drinks if the well is dry.

Leo - Page of Wands - This month brings a whole new journey, where inspiration and limitless potential become the driving force. This is often the card of stepping onto your life path purpose, to truly step into alignment with Divine will and venture off into the sunset. If you have something burning in your soul, a passion that drives you, and have been waiting for the right time or a sign, this is it. Get it.

Virgo - The Moon - This month brings intense emotions, intuition and subconscious driven actions. This is a good time to feel your way through, and to always be ready to ask, “is this coming to me or from me?” if ever in doubt. Watch for hidden agendas, illusions, and the things that go bump in the night. Keep your fears and anxiety in check, The Sun is just beyond the horizon.

Libra - Page of Swords - This month brings new ideas, an untamed sense of curiosity, and different ways of analyzing your world. The ideas will be coming in swift, make sure to have a pen and paper handy, and don’t be surprised if you change the way you think about something swiftly and often. You may have an important message come in this month. Learn all the things.

Scorpio - Queen of Wands reversed - This month is about focusing on you, your needs, your value, your self-worth, and rekindling your unique spark of the Divine. Whether or not you recognize or own it, you’re a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with and the ability to get things done, to shape the world around you. Make sure that you are giving more to yourself this month than you are giving to others. You need to recharge.

Sagittarius - The Wheel of Fortune reversed - This month there is a snag in situation or circumstance, things just don’t seem to be coming full circle or to a resolution. If things are already moving rather slow, just know it still needs to marinate under Cancer. If you’ve found yourself reliving unlearned lessons, this is a great time to break the cycle. Even with things in limbo, make sure you’re not holding on to the past.

Capricorn - Ace of Wands reversed - This month there are delays and/or frustrations surrounding a creative endeavor, something that stirs your soul. Make sure to get clear about the direction you want to take this thing, create a well laid out plan (on paper is ideal), be ready for hiccups, and be willing to go back to the drawing board and make adjustments as needed.

Aquarius - 10 of Swords reversed - This month you’ll find recovery and regeneration from the mental challenges, strife and distress. If someone has caused you mental anguish, expect to start feeling relief. If you have brought about this mental mindset, it’s time to review your relationship and make sure you’re not your own worst enemy. If you are holding on to something that needs to come to an end, stop it.

Pisces - 7 of Wands reversed - This month is marked with feelings of working under intense pressure and being overwhelmed. It’s important to remember to choose your battles wisely, and to not waste your time and energy on the things that are insignificant or hold no true weight and value. If you’re going to avoid feeling of exhaustion and wanting to give up, prioritize and cut lose the excess.



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