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Hello! I’m Brandy Rachelle, a professional tarot reader, crystal healing practitioner, wayshower and educator on a wide variety of metaphysical topics.

If you are looking for my personal details in response to a pitch or would like to book me for an interview or event, then you are in the right place. Below you will find my credentials and experience, bio, popular interview topics, previous features, quotes, mission and more.

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Background & Experience: I have over a decade of experience reading tarot personally, professionally during my career in law enforcement, and ultimately as a full-time professional reader. I began reading for civilians in the general public in 2016 nearing the end of my career in law enforcement, though I continue to regularly assist law enforcement agencies across the country (and Canada) as a forensic psychic. 

I have read for clients from all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic status, career fields, and backgrounds. My clients range from housewives, physicians, corporate executives, celebrities, diplomats, various law enforcement agencies, and everything in between. 

I have a masters degree in science, took pre-med courses as my science selections in undergrad, and am a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; an accredited and internationally recognized science based program approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: NCBTMB # 451767-11

Professionalism: Tarot and crystals are tools, not toys, so I take my work very seriously and treat it with the utmost respect. This means I don’t play into the Hollywood theatrics of what reading tarot looks like, nor the TikTok trends of crystal healing. 

Uniqueness: I’m a mix of spiritual and science. I have a wide range of esoteric and metaphysical topic knowledge, my nicknames are "Webster" and "Google". I have a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach, no sugar coating policy, tarot readings free from questions needing to be asked, and crystal healing that is based on science and ancient indigenous knowledge. 



Brandy Rachelle is full-time professional tarot reader and crystal healing practitioner with a background in crime and criminal intelligence analysis. She provides transformational experiences and energetic healing through empowering tarot readings, the power of crystals, and guiding others into reconnecting with Universal energy.

In addition to reading tarot and recommending crystals, you can find her writing, talking and teaching about tarot, crystals, and esoteric topics on her self-produced website,

Follow Brandy on her Facebook and Instagram for her in-depth Tarot Card and Crystal guidance, easy to understand esoteric knowledge, live tarot readings & more!



Brandy Rachelle is a former law enforcement Crime & Intelligence Analyst who used her intuitive gifts and the guidance of the tarot to work major crimes cases across the country before leaving her career behind to become a full-time professional tarot card reader, crystal healing practitioner and educator in order to guide others into finding their power, changing their stars and transforming their life. She is a seeker of wisdom and a mystic by nature, who truly believes that living a life of purpose and fulfillment is your destiny, and that healing can be achieved by anyone with help from the Divine within and in all things.

Brandy offers practical, intuitive tarot readings, giving clients insight and clarity in a situation that empowers them with making well informed decisions with the utmost confidence in themselves. She has a no nonsense approach, and sugarcoating isn't her style. With an educational background in hard science, she works with the physics behind how and why crystals work. As a licensed CTE educator, she understands what it takes to teach a great class, and is always willing to go the extra mile for her students.

You can find Brandy online at, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where she loves sharing deep, meaningful and helpful knowledge to assist you in your spiritual journey, as well as random bits of humor to liven the spirit.


Tarot for finding your power, changing your stars and transforming your life.


A no BS approach to tarot.


Mainstream and Tarot Acceptance.


Psychics and law enforcement.

Tarot for Criminal Investigation.

Tarot, Psychology and Human Behavior Analysis.

The science behind how and why crystal healing works.


Crystal healing without all of the “woo-woo”.


The inherent dangers of “love and light”/Spiritual Bypassing in the spiritual community.


Why “twin flames” is a dangerous and outdated concept.


Tuning into and following your intuition, psychic awareness and mediumship abilities.

The truths not told about living a spiritually centered life.

Low Magick vs High Magick.

Misconceptions about manifestation.

How to discover and live your purpose.

Symbolism, signs & omens, the language of the Universe.

Dream Analysis

Past Lives

Everything you need to know about your energy, including your energy body and how to use it.


I have been a featured speaker at TIDE, The International Divination Event, and NWTS, The Northwest Tarot Symposium (Oct 2022); as well as featured by Medium, Redfin,, Voyage, Austin All Natural, a repeat guest on Ask the Oracles with Amy Zerner and Monte FarberExoTarot Podcast, and Unchained Mothering. 

I also run my own website and blog, Seeker’s Insights, at where I share free easy to understand occult knowledge, tarot forecasts, spiritual solutions for everyday problems, and healing messages to enlighten and inspire. 


“We are all a spark OF divinity, our intuition serves as our natural guiding force and divination tools like the Tarot, enable us to find objective guidance and make well informed decisions while maintaining our free will” 

“Knowledge of the Divine comes from recognizing one’s own spark of Divinity”


To guide individuals into remembering their inner knowing, reconnecting with the Universal energy around them, shifting towards Divine alignment, and unleashing their inner power and potential to create their highest self and live their soul’s purpose.


Interested in an interview, booking me for an event, or perhaps a collaboration? I’m always eager to share knowledge and have a good conversation! Let's connect.


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