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You may have seen a lot of tarot readers online, particularly social media that like to get hyper dramatic when they pull a card or deliver a message. Not only am I not that type of tarot reader, I would put money on them not being an authentic tarot reader in the first place. I have a no nonsense approach that is honest and straightforward; I tell you what you need to know so that you can make the best decision for you.

I am devoted to providing my clients clear guidance without the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster drama complete with ominous music and The Death card. Tarot is not a "dog and pony show", and should not be treated as such. Now don't get me wrong, I am known to crack a well placed joke or give allegories in the processes, I'm just not going to attempt to cover a poor reading with even worse acting. I also believe fully in free will, will never tell a client what to do, and believe that a tarot readers job is to give the client the insight needed for them to make the decisions that are right for them, and to have full confidence in themselves while doing it. 


My readings start out by focusing on the most pressing current atmosphere and circumstances in your life right now, exploring possible pathways and outcomes, and the necessary actions needed to navigate the path that is for your highest and best interest. 

Unlike most readers, I ask that you hold your questions in the beginning as it is my experience that what you need to know most or where you’re energy should be focused tends to come through first. 

More often than not, what comes through in the general outlook is exactly what the person intended to ask and I’m met with a look of astonishment on the client’s face. I mean, how can someone answer questions that weren’t even asked? This also goes hand-in-hand with my experience that the less I know beforehand, the more clear the message and easier it is for me to interpret the cards

Contrary to popular belief, what the cards reveal is not written in stone. Just like nature, tarot insight is fluid and changes with your intentions, decisions and actions. We are ever growing and evolving, so naturally, what’s in the cards can grow, evolve or wither away too.

The number one question I get is "when will I...(Fill in the blank)?" Timing questions need to be looked at beyond “when will I...” “When will you” depends on just that, YOU. ​Does that mean that timing can’t be looked at? No, we can absolutely look at timing in the appropriate context. It’s all in how a question is asked, and we can explore timing based on where you are at this moment in time, and the possible/probable timing based on various decisions and actions that are in front of you to take. ​Framed in the right context, my timing method can narrow it down to the year, month, week and even number of days!

It's important that you recognize that every action, inaction and even thought form has consequences that affect future events. This is why it is vital that you proceed with insight, clarity and mindfulness.



Make sure that you are somewhere comfortable, quiet and free from disturbances. I realize that Zoom makes readings convenient, but please do not walk around for our meeting, it is too distracting. I highly recommend that you take notes


Please make sure to plan ahead and do not drive a vehicle during your session, even if it is hands free. Your full attention needs to be on the session and the insights coming through, and driving requires your undivided attention for safety reasons. Don’t Tarot and Drive. 


Show up on time and be prepared to dive in immediately, this means to be settled and ready to start before the Zoom starts, not during the first few minutes. Your paid time is your time and I will hold that space, but if you’re late, this cuts into your time, not mine. I will wait in the Zoom for the entirety of your session and when your paid time is up, it is up regardless of how much or little time you were present. The same applies to in person appointments.


As much as you may want to give me the backstory as to why you booked the appointment, I don't want to cut into the time that we have together, and I find that I read the cards best and unbiasedly when I don't have all the details beforehand. If you want to focus on a particular area of your life like your work or family, then say just that. Once we get into the primary area of focus then we can drill down into the nitty gritty details through the cards and any bits and pieces that are pertinent and will help the puzzle fit together more completely.


Please do not interrupt me while I’m reading the cards, especially in the beginning when I am shuffling. Silence or at least not being spoken to is important as I am interpreting several things at one time from several different places, not just the cards. The information just flows forth objectively, and it is really hard to get back into the mojo of that flow when that process has been interrupted, especially when subjectivity is introduced. There will be times for you to share information as needed, but it needs to be at the right time when I am able to receive it or process what you are asking without interrupting what is coming through.


If I ask you a question, it is extremely important that you answer it truthfully and in its entirety. Other than “does that make sense to you?”, I rarely ask questions, so if I am asking something, there is a specific reason for it and honesty is needed.


Do not lie or try and play games. Whether I ask a question or you offer information up, make sure that you are being truthful and that you have come to me for guidance rather than playing mind games. My career is predicated on bullshit detection and I have zero tolerance for it. Not only will I not read for you again, I’m likely to end your session immediately without a refund. Do not waste my time.


 If a card is standing out to you and I do not cover it in depth, please let me know towards the end of the session so that I can go deeper into its meaning as it clearly has a message for you. As tempting as it may be, please do not reach out and touch the card. I know some readers invite or even prefer clients to handle their cards, I am not that reader. Tarot cards are my sacred tool and I am the only person that touches my decks unless I specifically invite you to do so.


Be mindful of what tarot is and is not. Tarot is intended to show you where you’ve been, possible pathways and probabilities before you, the obstacles and advantages for you to use to create what you want and avoid what you don’t. Tarot is intended to be a tool for you to have the insight needed to transform your life; it is not a pony show or a hard science with 100% accuracy. See Tarot FAQ for more information.


​It is common for clients to want to extend their session time to go further down the rabbit hole of insight, clarity and guidance. If you find yourself wanting more time, just let me know towards the end of your session when I begin wrapping up and I can check the schedule to see if that is possible. If there is time available, I will send an invoice to your email on file, and you’ll need to pay it before we proceed with the extended session


After your reading, it is important that you sit with the information and let it sink in. Do not take immediate action unless it pertains to imminent danger. Some things will immediately resonate, some things are hidden, and some things will take time, particularly for predictive future events. No matter how improbable a future event may seem, you have to remember that anything is truly possible and your inability to conceive it happening does not change that fact. It is important to remember that every thought form, action, and inaction has consequences, and for this reason you need to proceed mindfully to invite the things you want to see, and to prevent the things you don’t. You have the power to change your stars and transform your life, you are the true magick.

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