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Leo Season 2023 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

July 22nd, 2023 ushers in Leo season, the Lion, and Tarot Card Key 8, Strength.

Strength, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black
Strength, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Check out these astrology highlights during Leo season 2023:

7/22 Venus Retrograde - Venus Retrograde may have you wanting to make a dramatic change in your appearance; old lovers, friends, and issues you thought were resolved are likely to resurface; relationships and partnerships become challenging; and you are likely to want to overindulge in spending and unhealthy food choices. Your boundaries will be tested by those around you and women are likely to experience issues around their sexual health. The key here is to be mindful. Reinforce boundaries, don’t make any dramatic decisions or spend big, consume everything in moderation, handle past issues that arise when they arise, give yourself extra self-care, and review these areas in your life in order to make changes where necessary.

7/28 Mercury in Virgo - It’s time to think about your thought patterns and communication! This is a good time to dive into complex situations that require you to think on your toes, but also be sharp as a tack when it comes to solving problems. Watch your thought patterns and how they replay not only in your mind, but also how they translate into what comes out of your mouth. Be methodical, organized and use discernment in your thinking and communication.

8/1 Full Moon in Aquarius - The Full Moon is a time to reap what you have sewn, to shed light on where things have served there purpose and are on their way out of the door to make room for the new at the New Moon. The Full Moon is a time of release, and in Aquarius it gives us the ability to see where we are prone to extremes, where our thinking or action/inaction has led to or stalled us, where we need to change gears and considers trying something new and off the cuff, and where we should consider breaking off from the mainstream or pack.

8/8 Lions Gate Portal - The Lion’s Gate Portal is easily arguably the most potent astrological time in a year for manifestations and Divine guidance. Checkout Lion's Gate Portal: Ancient Secret or New Age Myth?

8/16 New Moon in Leo - The New Moon is a time for planting seeds for the future, and in Leo we are asked to focus on areas where we should be bold and daring (especially with gestures), where we are or want to feel proud of ourselves, and giving and receiving appreciations. If ever there was a Moon to be dramatic and drum up attention (for good or evil), this is the one to do it!

Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Here’s a look ahead at what Leo season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Free online tarot readings with Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black
Leo Season Tarot Readings, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Aries - The Emperor RX - Be mindful of a lack of structure, organization or discipline in your affairs. You’ll want to watch for a tendency to also be on the flip side of things where you are domineering, inflexible and have a need for excessive control. On a positive note, it can be a removing of protective armor to allow something to someone in. Be prepared that these qualities can be someone in your orbit rather than you.

Taurus - Temperance - You may feel as though you don’t know if you are coming or going, or perhaps even really where you are headed to and that is ok. Right now you are being asked to be content with the middle ground, the space between a there and a here. Find balance in yourself and all that you do, be patient, move only with purpose and follow the Divine guidance to stay in alignment with Divine Will. Good things come to those who are patient.

Gemini - Nine of Swords - Things have been or will be weighing on your mind heavily during this time so it is important to pay attention to how it it effecting you. Whether it is a million things that must be done at one time or a situation that causes stress and anxiety, you need to be mindful that it does not pull you into the cycle of depression, negatively impact your sleep habits or send you into a tailspin of anxiety attacks. Checkout some of my favorite Grounding techniques and the Best Crystals and Stones for Grounding.

Cancer - Two of Wands - What do you want for the future? Seriously, take a minute and really think about what it is that you want and then sit down and consider a game plan to make it happen. The Two of Wands asks you to consider what is truly possible, to dream big, and to start making decisions that will put you onto the path for something more meaningful. It’s ok if you don’t have all of the answers, there are discoveries that are still yet to come!

Leo - The High Priestess RX - Secrets may be coming out into the open or there may be a disconnect from the Secrets or Mysteries of the cosmos. If your intuition feels off or your emotions are all over the place, take some time for yourself, particularly in stillness and silence. It’s important that you stay in-tune with your body and to allow your subconscious mind to guide you. Checkout 7 Sacred Bath Rituals for Healing and select one (or craft your own) that feels right when the time comes.

Virgo - The Sun RX - You may find yourself feeling a bit down or just not as bright and positive during the next month. Vitality and optimism may be on the lower end, BUT it’s not entirely bust so hold on to what you can and work from there. This “eh” feeling can be a general feeling or be prompted by something specific so take time to consider not only the why, but also what you can do about it. The Sun reversed tends to indicate that you are holding back or stifling an authentic expression of the self.

Libra - The Hermit RX - There is a time for solitude and introspection, and there is a time for rejoining society and being a bit of an extrovert. It is important to balance the two. This can also come about a sign that it is time to move on from something that you have spent a great deal of time sitting with and analyzing. No matter where or who your are moving away from or towards, you are a wee wiser now, use that to your advantage.

Scorpio - Ace of Wands - Creative inspirations and new opportunities for growth are in the air! If you feel yourself suddenly passionate about or driven by something, run with it instead of stewing on all of the “what ifs” and “maybes”. Thing of this card as an unlit match, the potential is there but it’s up to you to strike it hot and make something of it. Accept the challenge, have a bit of fun and let passion (in all of its forms) lead the way! This card can also indicate receiving good news.

Sagittarius - Eight of Cups RX - As much as you may want to move on from something, someone or in a new direction, you’re going to find yourself pulled back in. Don’t be surprised if an issue from the past resurfaces (like an ex), you are feeling the need to give something one more opportunity, or you are suddenly unsure of whether you are coming or going. Ask yourself what it is that needs to be resolved for the now and/or for future forward movement, and if you are feeling indecisive, don’t get swept up in one way or the other right now.

Capricorn - Two of Pentacles RX - Watch your budget carefully and be mindful of any unnecessary spending of money, time and energy. Know when to say “no” and not over exhaust or overcommit yourself to too many things vying for your attention. In the famous words of Jack Nicholson, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is important to strike a balance between work and obligations, and family and fun, even when you feel like you're fighting to financially survive. You have to make time for the things and people that count, and get finances and the physical under control.

Aquarius - Page of Cups - Creative energy is flowing, your intuition is speaking to you and the curious nature of a child is afoot! This is a great time for creative projects, brainstorming and really getting in touch with yourself both emotionally and physically. Let your inner child lead the way, do something fun you have been putting on a backburner like painting, gardening, surfing, etc. This can also indicate receiving a message, meeting someone new or a love offering.

Pisces - The Hanged Man - The pause button has been pushed and rather than fight to hit the play button and continue on with the show, it’s best to sit in this still position, observe and soak in all that you can. It is in this surrender that we are able to see new perspectives like plot twists we could not otherwise see coming. Use this time to your advantage and see what you can see without using your eyes.



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