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Tarot Key 4, The Emperor & Aries Season 2022 Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

March 20th marks the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere), International Astrology Day and the New Astrological Year! The Sun will be ushering in Aries season and Tarot Card Key 4, The Emperor.

emperor tarot card meaning

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so this is a great time to start fresh, and as the cardinal fire sign, it serves as the catalyst for really setting things in motion and blazing new trails. This is a great time to get down to business and get it done (whatever “it” is for you). Four weeks of intense, high impact raw energy is on the horizon…are you ready?

The Emperor calls for us to find order, stability, and structure in our lives; to put everything in its proper place; to place necessary limitations or boundaries where needed for preservation; and to create habits that will bring about long term growth and success. He does this by establishing rules and regulations, and being that regulator that defines the need for a well developed beginning, middle and end that will keep growth in a steady and sustainable path forward. Discipline, self-control, necessary rigidity for endurance and legacy building are being called to the forefront during his reign. He invites you to be your own Emperor and to define what empire you are building for the now and the future.

Check out these astrological highlights during Aries season:

3/27 - Mercury in Aries - This is a time where all pistons are firing, our intellect is sharp, and ideas and projects are flowing. We are apt to make quick decisions, and feel more assertive and confident in ourselves. When we speak or communicate, it is to the point, we tend to say what is on our mind without mincing words, avoid emotion (unless a heated debate) in our thoughts and expressions, and will argue with a brick wall. Be mindful to think before you speak, speak your truth without being rude or condescending, and watch for impulsiveness, impatience and being argumentative.

4/1 - New Moon in Aries - This is a time where we are more likely to be bold, impulsive, energetic, feisty, fired up, and ready to stand our ground. It is a good time to start something new, initiate change, be courageous (especially in areas you normally are not), and embrace freedom.

4/5 - Venus in Pisces - With love and relationships, there is no greater time for romance. Charm and playfulness are at the forefront so much that it can feel like you are living in a fantasy or romance novel. We are drawn to empathy and compassion when it comes to others, strangers alike. We may even feel a pull towards the various arts, and the more whimsical, imaginative, poetic, mystical, spiritual, and utopian, the better.

4/10 - Mercury in Taurus - This is a time where concentration and determination is at its highest and we operate from a place of practicality, realism, and common sense. In an effort to be fully prepared and informed, we take time in making decisions making sure to cover all of the details and possibilities from every angle including consequences. Money, financial security and long term investment are on the mind more than ever. We are more likely to bargain, negotiate and be stubborn and hardheaded.

4/14 Mars in Pisces - This is a time where our actions are dictated by our emotions. Genuine self expression comes about through sharing our wildest dreams, imagination, and creativity with the world. We are not only listening to, but also acting upon the direction of our intuition. Wanting to be the bigger person, we tend to come from a place of compassion and grant forgiveness. However, we need to watch for passive aggressiveness, procrastination, escapism, and chasing after unrealistic fantasies and illusions.

4/16 Full Moon in Libra - This is a time where we are more likely to be relationship oriented, social, cooperative, feel a need for justice or fairness, and enjoy art and the finer things in life. It is a good time for setting intentions around, evaluating, addressing and releasing unhealthy associations with or response to challenges in the family, or with friends and significant others; social justice; complacency and pacifism in the name of peacekeeping; and vanity and consumerism.

Here’s a look ahead at what Aries season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Key 4, The Emperor & Aries. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Aries Season Astrology Meaning and Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

Aries - Nine of Cups - This month is about comfort, happiness, joy and satisfaction in different facets of your life. A wish (or two) may be granted and you find yourself in a state of emotional fulfillment. Take the time to live in this place of joy, count your blessings and then pay it forward by making something else's wish come true.

Taurus - Queen of Pentacles - This month is about nurturing yourself, taking care of your home and giving attention to the things that bring you physical and financial security. You have the ability to create your physical world with your two hands just as you wish it to be this month, DIY that bad boy into your perfect vision.

Gemini - Nine of Pentacles - This month is about taking the scenic route; slow, easy, and joyful are your allies. Spend time in your studies and learning something new, focus on prosperity and abundance, and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer. Eat that brownie for breakfast and don’t feel bad about it.

Cancer - The Wheel of Fortune reversed - This month there is a snag in situation or circumstance, things just don’t seem to be coming full circle or to a resolution. If things are already moving rather slow, just know it still needs to marinate under Cancer. If you’ve found yourself reliving unlearned lessons, this is a great time to break the cycle. Even with things in limbo, make sure you’re not holding on to the past.

Leo - The High Priestess - This month is about tapping into your intuition and inner knowing, gazing upon the veil of the mysteries, and perhaps partaking in the fruit of the Gods from the Tree of Knowledge. This is a time where your focus needs to be on connecting with your emotional body, the Divine Feminine within, and your esoteric studies.

Virgo - Knight of Swords reversed - This month is about pulling back from charging full steam ahead. To temper the mind. Even if something seems rather urgent, take your time to think things through with careful consideration before making a move. If you have been waiting on a response or for things to start progressing forward, remain patient and focused.

Libra - Three of Swords reversed - This month brings about the release of heartache and sorrow, where you are able to remove the things (particularly mentally) weighing on your heart. Even if something is done to or directed at you, you have the power to determine how it ultimately controls you, or not.

Scorpio - Six of Wands reversed - This month brings a private achievement, a fall from grace, or the ego stepping up front and center. If you have been working on something in private (maybe some self-development) then expect some victories this month; this can also be about you “winning” incognito. Make sure to check your ego and don’t gloat or you face a fall from grace.

Sagittarius - King of Cups - This month you ride the emotional waves with ease and grace. You not only have control of your emotions where you respond rather than react, but you also extend this outward into the world towards others through empathy, compassion, and balanced diplomacy. Even through the darkness of the mud does the lotus blossom. You are in your element.

Capricorn - Five of Pentacles - This month brings a challenge to your finances, material property (things often get broken or stolen), health and sickness, spiritual well being, or even a discourse with a loved one (especially a significant other).The 5s in tarot are representative of challenge, but do not despair for there is a secret key to navigating them; check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments for how to navigate this energy as it comes to you this month.

Aquarius - Five of Cups - This month brings about a situation or circumstance that brings about emotional turmoil often as a result of setbacks, real or perceived failure, unmet expectations, doubt, and grief. The 5s in tarot are representative of challenge, but do not despair for there is a secret key to navigating them; check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments for how to navigate this energy as it comes to you this month.

Pisces - King of Wands reversed - This month you may find yourself either ready to give up the throne and take a step back from all that you have been pursuing, or you may find yourself with unrealistic expectations leading to rushing things before their time. You have the vision and creative power to see it through, don’t burnout or burn others trying to get there.



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