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Key 14, Temperance & Sagittarius Season Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

November 21st ushers in Key 14, Temperance, the card of Sagittarius.

Temperance, the card of alchemy, calls for us to find balance within the self through integration of the natural law of polarity, and the ability to view the world objectively between these poles while formulating personal beliefs and viewpoints. When we are able to view all sides of a ‘thing’ void of labels like right and wrong, we are not only able to better understand the ‘thing’, but also those that have opposing viewpoints from ours. Not only is it possible to maintain personal beliefs while respecting others rights to an alternative view, it’s recommended. The key here is to understand that we live in a complex system where all truths are but half truths, and that we can better navigate our journey in this lifetime when we are able to move through the lens of objectivity, and to respond rather than react with emotional volatility. When we operate in this space, we are proceeding mindfully in the space between the spiritual self and the physical self. Here we find balance between and connect with the force and the form of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within; the ever present creative forces that bring into manifestation the things that are in alignment with what is meant for us rather than what we want for ourselves; this is Divine Alignment and Will. Remember that you are a spark of the Divine.

Check out these astrological highlights during Sagittarius season:

11/24 Mercury in Sagittarius - This is a time where we can have deep philosophical conversations, be more confident in seeking and speaking our truths, learning something new (particularly around the spiritual or philosophical), and solving complex problems. Be mindful of coming off arrogant or condescending, and letting your thoughts run wild.

12/4 New Moon in Sagittarius - This is the time to be setting intentions around seeing truths, learning something new, dream work, being spontaneous and embracing the lighter side of life where joy and optimism flourish.

12/4 Solar Eclipse in Taurus - This is a time where there are illuminations, revelations and change around finances, work, the home and possessions. However it comes to you, remember that that which is meant for you can only find its way to you if you have made room for it. So allow whatever may be on the way out the door this eclipse, to go.

12/13 Mars in Sagittarius - This is a time where we are seeking new adventures and it’s go-go-go time! You may find yourself pulled in a million different directions wanting to do it all, and perhaps discovering a new passion or two. You’re not just speaking your truth, you’re living it, defending it, and expecting the same from others. Be mindful of being impatient, irrational and impulsive.

12/13 Mercury in Capricorn - This is a time where we are far more practical, conservative and methodical in our thoughts and communication. We tend to have more structured thinking, focus on facts and logical solutions, provide constructive feedback, all while remaining ambitious and goal oriented.

12/18 Full Moon in Gemini - Review, release, and set intentions around the things in your life that prevent you from being inquisitive or seeking intellectual stimulation and enlightenment, openly engaging with others, the inability to trust the messages you receive from Spirit, where you psych yourself out, the negative self talk, and convert thought forms to action and physical manifestations.

Here’s a look ahead at what Sagittarius season will bring or how each sign can work with the energy of Key 14, Sagittarius & Temperance. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your sun, rising and moon signs.

Aries - The Devil reversed - this season is about breaking the ties that bind. A time where you are able to reclaim your power and detach from something that has held you back or kept you within it’s grips.

Taurus - The Hierophant reversed - this season is about questioning traditions and subsequently rebelling, breaking free from the status quo and reclaiming your independence as a unique being with your own set of thoughts and beliefs.

Gemini - 10 of Wands reversed - this season is about learning to recognize that you have taken on too much, having the wisdom to put down what weight isn’t your responsibility to carry or fails to bring value to your life.

Cancer - Nine of Cups - this season is about comfort, happiness, joy and satisfaction in different facets of your life. A wish (or two) may be granted and you find yourself in a state of emotional fulfillment. Count your blessings!

Leo - Ace of Cups - this season is about love, happiness, peace, creativity (creation) and compassion. This may be the start of a new relationship or creative endeavor; either way, lean into it and let the love flow forward.

Virgo - Three of Wands reversed - this season may bring frustrations as obstacles seem to appear in your path, often as a result of a lack of planning and foresight. Make sure to get your ducks in a row before you hit the road.

Libra - Page of Wands - this season brings about the start of a new journey, one that just might lead you to your destiny. Embrace the free spirit of the Divine spark within and let it lead you on a new path of exploration and discovery.

Scorpio - King of Cups reversed - this season brings about the possibility for emotional volatility and manipulation around a particular person or situation. Be mindful of those that cause waves in your orbit, particularly the tsunami type, and find your balance once more.

Sagittarius - Wheel of Fortune - this season is about the turning of the tides as you reach a point where karma and destiny seem to be taking center stage. Keep your thoughts positive and your faith in Spirit as the wheel turns and karma comes full circle.

Capricorn - Knight of Pentacles - this season is about taking it slow and steady. It’s better to conserve your energy and approach matters in a methodical and efficient manner than to rush in and risk damaging your chances for success.

Aquarius - Three of Swords - this season is about wounds of the heart as a product of the mind. If you find yourself feeling sorrow, grief, betrayal, sadness, loneliness or any range of negative emotions, search for the lesson or silver lining so that healing can begin.

Pisces - The Hermit reversed - this season is about either taking too much time to yourself for personal reflection, or not enough time. Make sure that you are creating a consistent healthy amount of time for your own soul searching and development.



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