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Messages from the Universe: July 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

These are your Messages from the Universe for July 2023. If you unlock their meaning then you will have the knowledge needed make prepare for challenges, make better informed decisions, and create the changes you wish to see manifest in your life. Make sure to also check out your free tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac and astrology highlights for Cancer Season 2023. These two additional keys can help you better navigate the cosmos and be an active creator in your life rather than a passive bystander.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning Spiritually
Ace of Pentacles, Golden Art Noveau Tarot by Giulia Massaglia

Tarot Card of the Month: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles indicates that there will be a new financial or career opportunity like a job offer, project management, or perhaps investments. Being a pentacle, this can include personal things of value like cars, houses, health, gifts and even new life through pregnancy. The Ace of pentacles is the seed for something long term, it is manifestation and abundance that produces security and stability. Make sure to check out The Lilly: Milky Way, Virgin Queen & Holy Grail for an in-depth look at what the lilies mean as depicted on the Ace of Pentacles.

Affirmation*: I am able to manifest all that I desire

Journaling prompt*: What can I manifest to bring more security?

Bronzite Healing Crystal Properties
Bronzite Healing Crystal

Healing Crystal of the Month: Bronzite

Bronzite stone healing qualities are those of self control, grounding, certainty and taking action. If you are looking to increase your self esteem or confidence (grounded in reality), need the will power to make tough decisions, and to dispel negative thinking or stale energy preventing you from taking action, Bronzite is your stone this month.

Crystal Affirmation: I send out loving, thoughtful energy and receive the same in return.

Pear Symbolism and Meaning
Pear, Tarot Assembled by Jennifer Steidley Cooper

Numerology of the Month: 14/5

Five is a number of challenge, change and strength attributed to Mars and Gevurah on the Tree of Life. Fives agitate us to make changes where we need, to address what we ignore, and to go about it in unconventional ways. This is a month of personal freedom, changes, adaptability, lessons, courage, surrender and release.

Sacred Symbol of the Month: Pear

The Pear is depicted throughout Greek and Roman mythology and is associated with Aphrodite and Hera as a symbol of erotica and sensuality, the feminine and the role of mother. The Chinese believe that the pear symbolizes longevity, good health, hope and justice. It is also seen as a symbol of good judgment and in Christianity it is the love of Christ for mankind.

Caterpillar Spirit Animal Meaning
Caterpillar Spirit Animal, Sawyer's Nature Portals by Jamie Sawyer

Spirit Animal of the Month: Caterpillar

The caterpillar represents potential and transformation, patience and trusting in the process, evolution and alchemy.

Angel Number of the Month: 625

Trust that the changes you’re making or considering will help improve the situation.

Ylang Ylang Tree Spiritual Meaning and Healing Properties
Ylang Ylang blossom

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Ylang-Ylang

Ylang Ylang’s spiritual and healing benefits are those of beautification, self love and self confidence, erotic and sensual attraction. Ylang Ylang is a sacred tree known as the “perfume tree” and has a long history of dispelling depression, anxiety, stress, nervousness, as well as controlling high blood pressure, promoting hair growth, treating epilepsy, clearing infections like malaria and typhus, as well as balancing female hormones.



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Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

*Tarot Card Affirmation & Journaling Prompt from Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot

*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

*Crystal Affirmations from Healing Crystals Oracle


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