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Lion's Gate Portal: Ancient Secret or New Age Myth?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

what is the lion's gate portal?

You may have heard about the Lion’s Gate Portal and with limited explanation beyond “it’s when Sirius, Orion’s Belt and the Earth line up”, I thought I would fill in some gaps and perhaps correct some not-so-accurate information floating around out there. The Lion’s Gate Portal is said to be an incredibly powerful few weeks of manifestation that corresponds with the Sun in Leo with a peak on August 8th (8/8). Here's where I ruffle some feathers. The “Lion’s Gate Portal” and its peak day, are products of over simplification of ancient knowledge by the new age spiritual movement. However, the Sun in Leo was significant for many ancient people including the Egyptians as it marked the zodiacal new year. To better understand the true power of this period and the possibility that lies within it, you have to first understand the significance of the zodiacal sign of Leo, the essence of the lion, Sirius, and the Osirian myth.

real truth and history of the lions gate portal

Leo and the Lion

Leo is one of the four fixed signs, fixed fire specifically. Leo is where the conscious cardinal force of Aries that got the ball rolling has been refined into a controlled and operable force to see those plans through. Leo’s Ruling Planet is the Sun, a symbol for a lust for life, ambition, pride, exaltation and enlightenment. To better understand Leo, we only have to look to the king of the beast, the lion.

The lion is a solar symbol of sovereign power, strength, life governed by the heart (“heart of gold”), light, glamor, power, the noble and elite. In ancient Egypt, the lion served as the guardian of the underworld and a symbol of dominion, vigilance, fortitude and Divine protection. The Sphinx which guards the Great Pyramid of Giza, the last remaining 7 Wonders of the World, is theorized to have originally had the head of a lion and faced the constellation of Leo at the time of its creation. Egyptian Pharaohs were often depicted as a lion and even kept them as pets. Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of War who destroyed the enemies of the Sun God, Ra, was depicted as a lioness or having the head of a lion; interestingly she was also the goddess of healing. The Mother Goddess, Isis, formerly Ishtar of Babylon is also associated with the lion.

Sirius, Isis & Osiris

Sirius, meaning “searing”, “scorching, or “glowing”, is the brightest star in the sky and is generally regarded as a good omen. Its heliacal rising, the first day when this star becomes visible just before sunrise after 70 days of darkness, occurs during Leo season sometime between the end of July and beginning of August. This rising, in alignment with Orion’s belt, the constellation associated with Osiris, marked the pending flood of the Nile and thus the return of fertility to the land and people. This flooding was said to occur as a result of the tears of Isis in the mourning of her beloved Osiris after he was slain by Set, the God of destruction. After he was slain, Osiris’ body parts were strewn across Egypt and Isis traveled far and wide to collect the parts before resurrecting him with the assistance of Anubis and Thoth. It is Isis’ actions and the resurrection of Osiris that lies at the core of the power of this potent time that has come to be called the “Lion’s Gate Portal”. Isis’ devotion to the task at hand, her unwillingness to give up despite the trials she faced, and the ultimate resurrection of Osiris as marked by the return of Sirius and the flooding of the Nile is a testament to the spirit of the lion, to those that embrace its strength, will and determination, and unwavering hope for the future despite the odds of the past. Interesting side note, just as Sirius goes dark for 70 days before its resurrection on the horizon, the ancient Egyptian mummification process and mourning period was 70 days.

August 8th (8/8)

Just as the “Lion’s Gate Portal” in its interpretation is a modern construct, so too is 8/8 being its peak. The double 8 is based on numerology rather than the actual rising of Sirius (varies) or a particular ancient day of importance. We have to keep in mind that we follow the Gregorian calendar beginning January 1, and these ancient peoples followed a lunar/solar calendar that began with Leo Season. Thus, our 8th day of the 8th month is just a random day in the beginning of their new year. Even if ancient cultures did not revere August 8th as a magical manifestation day does not necessarily mean it is not of any value, it's just not of astrological significance. Numerologically 8 embodies inner strength, self-reliance, personal power, courage, good judgment, confidence, ambition, manifestation, control, self discipline, free-will and expansion, learning through experience, patience, compassion, giving and receiving.

What happens during Lions Gate portal? manifestation

The "Lion’s Gate Portal"

The "Lion’s Gate Portal" is so much more than the simplistic version you read about online, even this blog post does not do it justice. Call it what you will and limit it to a single date if you feel that's somehow more significant, but Leo Season in itself is incredibly potent and the potential is limitless for those that understand and embrace its potential. Harness the majesty of the lion, the determination and perseverance of Isis, and the resurrection of Sirius and Osiris that lends unbridled creation and hope for the future. Dare to step into your power; to have a strong will to take action directed towards long term goals; to be physically and mentally present in your life; to allow your creativity to flow worth with intention and conviction; to find courage and determination to do the hard things; to overcome difficult times and honor your achievements; to find enjoyment in your life; to give generously from the heart and to be as enlightened as The Son.

The only thing standing between you and what can be, is you deciding what can only be.

~ LVX, Brandy

© Brandy Rachelle

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