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Key 8 Strength & Leo Season Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

July 22nd ushers in the energy of Key 8, Strength, the card of Leo.

Strength calls for us to go within for mental, emotional, and physical fortitude. We are asked to meet each challenge head on in a way that we rely on our inner strength rather than the needs for physical or external domination. It’s contemplation for responding rather than reacting, and for being creative in those responses. We are being asked how we treat or attempt to control ourselves, others, our earth, environment and other living beings. It begins in the mind through contemplation and review where silence and stillness must first be met. It’s about maintaining this level of subtle control rather than attempting to grapple with it each time we are challenged. When we are able to master our thoughts, we free ourselves from our circumstances and are able to make steady strides in our personal growth, development and ability to make things work for us rather than against us. Quiet the mind, find your stillness and have courage.

Check out these astrological highlights during Leo season:

Mercury in Leo - communication and our ability to speak will be lit! This is a time to speak bold truths, talk about your passions, lay it all out there on the line, and lead with authority. It’s quite theatrical. Be careful of harmful words and letting your ego take the lead.

Jupiter in Aquarius - this is a good time for expanding the mind and our way of thinking. Reviewing what has been working, what has gone stagnant or is outdated, where we can move forward, and the things that need to be built for continual evolution and progress.

Venus in Virgo - this is a time where our partnerships are built on friendship, mutual respect and trust. The way we show our love is through thoughtful and practical acts of service rather than overtly emotional expressions. Despite not being Romeo vibes, it can be rather sensual through practical means, it’s all in the details. Be mindful of sacrificing your own needs and wellbeing as a result of trying to stay busy or so for others, and mistaking nitpicking for pushing your partner to success.

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal - this is one of the most significant dates of the year, if not the most significant for contemplation, stepping into your power and authenticity, renewal, and creative powers of manifestation for the future. The “portal” aligns with Leo season and is said to peak at the midpoint on 8/8. Wepet Renpet, the ancient Egyptian zodiacal new year, was revered as the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, moved closer to the Earth and could be seen flickering on the horizon before the breaking of the sun at dawn after not being visible for over two month. It was a sign of hope and renewal. This is a time for contemplation, meditation, connecting to your heart center, courage, inner willpower and strength, aligning to the Divine and hope. It also serves as a reminder that a lion does not need to tell people that it is a lion.

Mars in Virgo - this is a time for getting things together and organized, cleaning and decluttering both literally and figuratively, knocking out your “to-do” list or the things that you have been putting off for a rainy day, getting into the details of things and making sure everything is in fine working order. Watch out for unproductive perfectionism or nitpicking.

Venus in Libra - the focus is on partnerships where there is balance in working together in harmony. Getting social, being charming, romantic and performing sweet gestures definitely go noticed. You may find yourself having butterflies in you heart and stomach, developing a crush, and wanting to look and feel your best.

Here’s a look ahead at what Leo season will bring or how each sign can work with the energy of Key 8, Leo & Strength. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your sun, rising and moon signs.

Aries - Temperance - This season is about moderation and finding balance internally and externally. It’s about making sure that you are taking care of yourself and freeing yourself from the things that are holding you back or preventing you from living your purpose. Have patience in the journey and know that you are moving along the path, and that you are where you need to be at this moment in time.

Taurus - Eight of Wands - This season is about movement, especially as it relates to bringing things from the thought form to physical manifestation. Things may pick up rather rapidly and you’ll need to keep up with the pace as change is afoot. If you’ve been waiting to take action, the time is now. This is also about alignment. Make sure that your internal self and external self are aligned, shift towards Divine alignment and Will, and watch things take off.

Gemini - Four of Pentacles reversed - This season it’s time to free yourself from the things that are keeping you from moving forward. If you can release the weight, particularly of the material or mundane world, you’ll be surprised at how far you can go in a rather short amount of time. It’s easy to get comfortable where we are with all of our things, especially when we’d rather not take risks, but it’s time to let yourself expand and grow beyond the material world.

Cancer - Four of Swords reversed - This season it’s time to turn thoughts and words into action. You’ve had ample amount of time to meditate and contemplate on the situation or circumstance, and now it’s time to take action. Some people go their entire lives holding their tongue and never really speaking their truth, some have fanciful ideas they never act on, don’t be one of those people. If you haven’t sought wise counsel, this is a good time.

Leo - Four of Wands - This season is about things coming together harmoniously for forward movement. This is a time where we can start to see success and feel comfortable celebrating knowing that it is a genuine movement in the right direction. This is time for parties, celebrations, and just socializing with friends and family however it is possible. This is a good time for engagements and weddings.

Virgo - Strength - This season is about tapping into your inner strength, to either recognize or remember who you are and the immense power that resides within you. It’s easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the outside world and trying to dominate or tame it by force, that we forget that the true power is in our ability to break it down, analyze it and sway it subtly in our favor. Pay attention to the details and move mindfully rather than forcefully.

Libra - Knight of Wands reversed - This season is about pulling back the reins some and being more mindful and methodical about where you are headed. You want to make sure that you not only know where you are trying to get to, but also exactly how you intend to get there without getting distracted, wasting your energy, or burning yourself out. There may even be delays around the things you are trying to forge ahead on; don’t give up and do your best not to get frustrated.

Scorpio - Seven of Wands - This season you may find yourself needing to defend yourself and stand your ground against someone or something. Make sure that you are taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and to maintain the upper hand in the situation. With Leo at the helm, egos, drama and competitive behavior are likely so be prepared for a challenge. This can also represent having a lot to do and feeling like it’s a constant battle to maintain.

Sagittarius - Nine of Swords reversed - This season is marked by relief from the stress, anxiety, depression, compulsive thought patterns, and potentially disturbed sleep patterns that results from this turmoil. It’s as if all of these things that have been plaguing you mentally begin to dissipate gradually until one day they just aren’t as pressing or important as they once were. There is relief on the way for the things that have been weighing on you.

Capricorn - The Devil - This season it’s time to review where you are allowing yourself to be enslaved or in bondage to something or something. Where do you have unhealthy attachments or addictions that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself? It’s time to shine a light on the things that are restrictive or the part of yourself that are not allowing you to sit in your power and authority. You must find the strength to remove the binds that tie.

Aquarius - The Lovers reversed - This season is about mending the bond that is torn or in disrepair, particularly as it relates to you centeredness, your relationship to the Divine and Divine alignment, or your relationship with another person of importance like a spouse or partner. It’s important that we find our center, align with higher energetic frequencies and the Divine, and move from a place of love for a higher version of ourselves.

Pisces - Seven of Wands - This season you may find yourself needing to defend yourself and stand your ground against someone or something. Make sure that you are taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and to maintain the upper hand in the situation. With Leo at the helm, egos, drama and competitive behavior are likely so be prepared for a challenge. This can also represent having a lot to do and feeling like it’s a constant battle to maintain.

Scorpio and Pisces do have the same Seven of Wands card, it is not a typo. Interesting that there are several suits in the fours.



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