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Monthly Messages From Spirit: March 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

These are the underlying scope and theme for March 2022. DO NOT STOP with this blog post, DIG DEEPER! I would love to hear any insights you have, as well as how they played out for you or brought something of value during that month. The comments are now open on each blog post.

Two of Cups tarot card meaning

Tarot Card of the Month: 2 of Cups reversed

The 2 of Cups is a card of partnerships, auspicious introductions, and where there is mutual love, attraction or benefit. Reversed this card indicates breakdowns, breakups, an imbalance between yourself and another (often as a result of distrust or a change of heart), or perhaps a shift in focus from codependency to independence and self-love.

purpurite healing crystal meaning and uses

Healing Crystal of the Month: Purpurite

Purpurite is one of the purest stones of the violet ray. It purifies one's energy fields and meridians, cleanses negative thoughts and attachments, and is a stone for initiation and connecting you with your Spirit Guides while activating the Crown Chakra. It also aids in psychic protection, maintaining consciousness when astral traveling, removing psychological barriers, becoming a conscious co-creator with the Divine, to accept Divine timing and alignment, and to seek a greater spiritual identity. It is a fantastic stone for insight and truth beyond appearances, and purification from temptation for deceit or abuse of power.

9 nine numerology meaning

Numerology of the Month: (3+2+0+2+2 = 9)

The number nine is associated with universal love, spiritual law and karma, spiritual enlightenment, Divine love, leading by a positive example and self sacrifice, higher perspectives, life purpose and soul mission, self-love, discretion, inner wisdom, humility, forgiveness and sympathy, and mysticism.

what is Zeus best known for?

Sacred Figure of the Month: Zeus (Jupiter)

Zeus, the Greek Ruler of the Gods, symbolizes the rule of the spirit; the regulation of the internal with the external. He is known for awareness and wisdom; physical, social and moral law; order and protection; the life force, enlightenment, and THE lightning flash and descent of manifestation; truth; fertility; destiny; and a shake up in the heavens (lightning and rain). On a more serious note he is associated with authority, justice and punishment at the highest levels.

What does a dragon symbolize

Sacred Symbol of the Month: The Dragon

The dragon has a long history of symbolism throughout the ancient world. It is a celestial water symbol of guardianship and protection, life force and the power of manifestation, THE lightning flash, fertility and the First Cause through Heaven and Earth, power and prosperity, overcoming strife, difficulty and the dark aspects of the ego. Associated with the serpent, the dragon can also represent a symbol of evil, dark forces, or supreme punishment.

angel number 533 meaning

Angel Number of the Month: 533

Your prayers for guidance on how to change your life have been heard and answered by many ascended masters who love and protect you.

spiritual meaning and magickal properties of cranberry

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Cranberry

Medicinally, cranberries are antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-cancer healing super fruits used for cleansing. It is often recommended by Indian doctors as a cure for cancer, and some Native Americans use the root for diabetes. Because of its association with fertility, the reproductive organs, and antiseptic and cleansing properties of the urinary tract system, cranberry is associated with the Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra. Spiritually, cranberries are a symbol of healing, abundance, fertility, prosperity, and goodwill. I LOVE cranberry sauce, checkout this super easy and yummy spicy homemade cranberry sauce that's almost a match for mine: KetoFocus Spicy Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce (I use local honey and add orange juice & zest).

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*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue


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