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Monthly Messages from the Universe: February 2023

These are the signs from the Universe for February 2023. If you unlock their wisdom and lean into their lessons, then you will begin to truly create the changes you wish to see manifest in your life. Make sure to also check out 2023 Numerology Forecast: What To Expect In A 7 Universal Year and Aquarius Season 2023 for mini-tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac and astrology highlights, two additional keys in unlocking how to navigate the cosmos and be an active creator in your life rather than a bystander.

Six of Wands tarot card meaning
Tarot Disassembled by Jennifer Steidley

Tarot Card of the Month: Six of Wands

The Six of Wands, “The Lord of Victory”, or “Victory after Strife” is Jupiter in Leo. Something shifts this month, a sense of leveling up or restoration where a rewarding milestone is reached. This is a time of celebration, success, a mission accomplished, obtaining a goal and feeling inspired, prevailing, an increase in good fortune, recognition and resources, and having hope and confidence. While the ultimate goal has not yet been reached with the work that there is still left to complete, this is a victory on that goal's pathway nonetheless. Take the time to be present in this moment in time, to be open to the arrival of good news, change in circumstances, and public recognition before planning your course to continue on in your mission.

Affirmation*: I am worthy of positive attention from others

Journaling prompt*: What accomplishment do I feel most proud of? What would I like to accomplish in the future?

Green Quartz Prasiolite Spiritual Meaning Healing Properties

Healing Crystal of the Month: Prasiolite (Green Quartz/Amethyst)

One of my top 2 favorite stones! Prasiolite is a stone of prosperity and abundance, creativity and empathy. It assists us in linking the Heart to the Crown Chakra (Divine Source), and to center the lower three chakras with the top three. In working with this stone, we are opening our heart and mind to the Divine, bringing spiritual inspirations into the physical manifest, walking the path of spirituality, and truly seeing the Divine within all which transcends the mundane. Prasiolite is a wonderful stone for those working on self acceptance, clearing disharmonious emotional patterns. If you struggle with getting out of your own way and letting your heart lead your actions and follow the Divine Will and Path, Prasiolite is the stone for you! Prasiolite is in my Top 10 Best Crystals for Meditation.

Crystal Affirmation: I give and receive loving, empathetic energy.

Numerology of the Month: 9

The number 9 is a number of faith, spiritual law, karma, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inner wisdom, life purpose and soul mission, empathy and compassion, being in service to humanity, duty and calling, leading by example and public relations.

Wolf Spirit Animal Meaning and Symbolism
Tarot Assembled by Jennifer Steidley

Sacred Symbol of the Month: The Wolf

In the tarot, the Wolf is associated with The Moon tarot card, and is a symbol of our subconscious and primal nature, our instincts and intuition which are a product of our emotions and under control of the physical Moon, Luna. Checkout how the Moon in its various signs and phases affects us here. As contradictory as it may seem, wolves are a symbol of light and the sun because of their ability to see in the dark; as such they are often portrayed as or with warriors and heroes (Game of Thrones and the dire wolves). This is in alignment with their being symbols of awareness and protection. In Egyptian Mythology, Anubis, the ancient God of the Dead responsible for protecting graves and cemeteries, while not a wolf, has the head of a wild dog. It is this wildness, the untamed animal nature within us that attention is called to. As we see in the Moon tarot card, we are asked to follow our instincts, but also to be mindful not to allow fears, particularly those based on the unknown, to take over. Less well known, is the fact that wolves are revered in many places in the world as symbols of fertility, and of recovery and regeneration after catastrophe and loss. You may also want to ask yourself if you are being called to be part of the pack, the Alpha, or a lone wolf this month; follow your gut instinct.

Angel Number of the Month: 323

Your pure, almost childlike, faith has drawn the help of powerful and loving ascended masters who are by your side at this moment. They are ready to help you with your prayers.

Bromeliad Earth Star Spiritual Meaning Plant Magic

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Bromeliad

Folk Names; Chameleon Star, Earth Star

Masculine, Sun, Air

Bromeliad is a plant of prosperity, abundance and protection. Despite being a more topical environment plant, it is a favorite for keeping inside the house to invite in money, luxuries, and protection. Given its wide variety of use by natives, it is viewed as a gift from the gods. Place a Bromeliad by your front door with an affirmation for prosperity and abundance, along with a crystal of your choosing (Prasiolite would be GREAT) in the soil. Highly recommend a non toxic, unbleached coffee filter to write your affirmation/prayer on, and use coffee ground or tea bag stain to write with using a toothpick, Q-tip or the like.



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

*Tarot Card Affirmation & Journaling Prompt from Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot

*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

*Crystal Affirmations from Healing Crystals Oracle


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