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Aquarius Season 2023 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

January 20th ushers in Aquarius season, the Water Bearer, and Tarot Card Key 17, The Star.

The Star tarot card meaning

Check out these astrological highlights during Aquarius season:

1/21 New Moon in Aquarius - This is a time to set intentions, particularly those concerning learning and intellectual development, critical thinking, where one may need to challenge the status quo and break away from the pack, living and expressing authenticity, bringing excesses or extremes under control, and impulse control.

1/26 Venus in Pisces - With love and relationships, there is no greater time for romance. Charm and playfulness are at the forefront so much that it can feel like you are living in a fantasy or romance novel. We are drawn to empathy and compassion when it comes to others, strangers alike. We may even feel a pull towards the various arts, and the more whimsical, imaginative, poetic, mystical, spiritual, and utopian, the better.

2/5 Full Moon in Leo - Review, release, and adjust intentions around the things in your life that pull you from your path out of a need for attention or pride, where you are unable to receive or give praise and appreciation, where you keep yourself small or out of the limelight, and where you either do not let your heart lead or perhaps get in the way of making bold decisions and movements.

2/11 - Mercury in Aquarius - This is a time where we are more apt to break free from the mainstream group thought, to rebel and place emphasis on originality, intellectual superiority and thought free from emotion. We tend to think more critically and analytically, and to be more confident. Be mindful of falling into the trap that your viewpoint is THE right one, that everything is a conspiracy theory, and commentary (including humor) that is offensive or inappropriate.

Here’s a look ahead at what Aquarius season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Free online tarot readings January February 2023 Aquarius Season

Aries - Four of Wands - This season is about things coming together harmoniously for forward movement. This is a time where we can start to see success and feel comfortable celebrating knowing that it is a genuine movement in the right direction. This is time for parties, celebrations, and just socializing with friends and family however it is possible. This is a good time for engagements and weddings.

Taurus - King of Wands - It’s time to step into your power. Allow yourself to use your previous experiences to mold your visions for the future, to forge something that will flourish, and to lead others in this vision. This isn’t just about creativity and getting the job done, it’s about moving with passion, authority and precision.

Gemini - Knight of Pentacles RX - Something you have been working on or towards methodically comes to a screeching halt this month. If you need to take a break, take a break; however, don’t let laziness set the pace. You also want to be mindful not to get distracted and thrown off track, nor hypercritical to the extent that productivity ceases.

Cancer - Queen of Cups RX - This is about going within and taking care of the self on a deep level, far beneath the surface of the physical. This is a time of tending to your emotional needs on a personal level in who you are, what you need and want, and how you can best take care of yourself before you show up for others. Be mindful of codependency.

Leo - The Empress RX - Take the time to focus on your needs through self love and care, allowing your creativity to not only flow freely, but to really flourish as well. If you are feeling rather stagnant or unable to really “own” your creative forces, grab a coloring book and colored pencils or crayons and get lost in the pages. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Virgo - Three of Cups - This month is about joy, fellowship, friendship, and celebrations. It’s about letting down your hair, having a good time without the weight of the world on your shoulders, and letting your creative juices flow freely. Whether it’s a collaboration or the three aspects of the self working together beautifully in harmony, enjoy it wholly.

Libra - Seven of Cups - There are a lot of opportunities and options on the table, not all of them are what they appear to be. You’ll need to rely more on your intuition and less on your eyes when it comes to navigating your choices. The more options and thus distractions you have, the more difficult it is going to be to focus, eliminate where you can and be mindful of illusions and wishful thinking.

Scorpio - The Moon RX - Things are coming out of the shadows and stepping into the light so that you can see them for what or who they truly are. Be mindful of letting your emotions run rampant and getting the best of you; you want to be able to keep a level head and analyze based on fact rather than fear. If something comes to a standstill, don’t push forward at this time, more information needs to come out.

Sagittarius - The World RX - this month might be frustrating a bit, things don’t come together as expected. It may be a matter of things still having to line up behind the scenes, a timeline that seems to be dragging out, a piece of the puzzle that is missing, or expectations that just weren’t met and the final product is subpar. Plan for delays and reevaluate expectations.

Capricorn - The Magician - you have all of the tools that you need at your disposal and you know how to wield them to manifest the reality you seek. Now is the time to lean into the Will and take inspired action, but be mindful of where you pull your inspiration from. Let Spirit guide your hand and your creativity will flow forth naturally.

Aquarius - Eight of Wands RX - This is a time where things are super slow or “up in the air”; do your best to refind your center and ground. Your internal alignment is crucial to your well-being and things manifesting in the physical world that are for your highest and best, do the internal work while things on the external work themselves out.

Pisces - Knight of Wands - it’s time to take action! You know what to do, you have what you need, the path is clear, so get it and go! Blaze trails with whatever it is that drives you and fills your soul. If you have something that needs to be finished now is your opportunity to see it through. Be mindful not to burn yourself out in the process.



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