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How To Manifest with the Energy of the Day

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

A good portion of the world’s population has at a minimum heard of astrology or the concept that the planets in our solar system influence our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of being on a day to day basis. You are even likely to have heard the ancient axiom “As above, so below. So below, as above.” However, less people are aware that there are a multitude of naturally occurring energetic frequencies during the day that play a part in this influence. If we are aware of these frequencies, we can tap into them and utilize them as tools to aid in whatever we have going on for that particular day.

Some of the most important naturally occurring frequencies of a day include the zodiacal sign that the Moon is in, the phase of the moon, astrological planetary aspects, the ruling planet of the day, and the numerology of the day.


As the Moon moves through the 12 zodiacal signs, it indicates the emotional tone of the day, and how we are likely to feel and do things. The Moon’s sign plays more of a significant role in your mundane day then most anything else.

Fire Signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) - Get it and go

Earth Signs (Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) - Get down to earth

Air Signs (Gemini/Libra/Aquarius) - Get in the head

Water Signs (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) - Get in the heart

Void Moon

This is a good time for reflection. Relax, unwind and finish up what you’ve already started. Only initiate things and make plans for the things you want to fail or fall through.

Aries Moon

Likely to feel: Bold, impulsive, energetic, feisty, fired up, and ready to stand our ground. Good for: Starting something new, initiating change, being courageous (especially in areas you normally are not), and embracing freedom.

Taurus Moon

Likely to feel: Sensual, secure, grounded, relaxed and a homebody. Good for: Connecting with the 5 senses, appreciating the beauty in nature, good food, music, art, comfort and taking care of money matters.

Gemini Moon

Likely to feel: restless, talkative, and inquisitive. Good for: Conversations, writing, reading, researching, things that get the intellect wheels spinning, short trips to interesting places.

Cancer Moon

Likely to feel: nurturing, emotional, sympathetic and understanding.

Good for: Taking care of the home and others, expressing our emotions openly in a healthy way, and tending to domestic affairs.

Leo Moon

Likely to feel: Dramatic, grand, bold, prideful, and a need for attention. Good for: giving and receiving appreciation, doing things that make you feel proud, big bold gestures (especially from the heart).

Virgo Moon

Likely to feel: discriminatory, highly analytical, in the mood to “fix” things, tending to the “to-do”.

Good for: Clean up, organizing, troubleshooting, offering and assisting others, get the work done, and make health conscious decisions.

Libra Moon

Likely to Feel: relationship oriented, social, cooperative, a need for justice or fairness, beautiful and artistic. Good for: spending time with family, friends and significant others, social justice, making art, shopping, and beautifying yourself and the environment.

Scorpio Moon

Likely to Feel: every range of emotion very intensely, perhaps obsessive, secretive or mysterious, psychic sense of knowing. Good for: Digging into how we feel about something emotionally in our gut, to investigate or do deep dive research, passion and sensuality.

Sagittarius Moon

Likely to Feel: Optimistic, humorous, lighthearted, inquisitive and a need to know attitude, prophetic. Good for: Take longer trips, find a reason to laugh, get outside, be spontaneous, learn something new, dig into philosophical and spiritual teachings, dream work.

Capricorn Moon

Likely to Feel: Slow and methodical, dutiful, cautious, all work and no play, goal oriented, and perhaps a little pessimistic. Good for: taking care of family and personal business, stepping up and taking charge, organizing and streamlining, establishing and enforcing boundaries and guidelines.

Aquarius Moon

Likely to Feel: flexing those intellect muscles, rebellious, prone to extremes and taking abrupt actions, the need to break free and be seen as unique. Good for: getting your tech in order or buying something new, trying something new or breaking away from the pack, making the move to break out of boredom or stagnation, being authentic.

Pisces Moon

Likely to Feel: sleepy and lazy, relaxed and nostalgic, the need to go within, spiritual, emotional, and a need to escape into altered states. Good for: sleep, rest and relaxation, meditation and prayer, being compassionate and sensitive towards others, intuitive and psycho hits, attend spiritual based gatherings with like minded people.

Not only does the zodiacal sign of the Moon give the energetic tone to work with, but it’s phases do too. The Moon has 8 phases, the two most talked about are the New Moon and Full Moon. As you'll see below, knowing and working with the energy of a particular phase can help with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Equally, trying to accomplish something in the inappropriate phase is likely to make things more difficult.

The New Moon marks a new beginning where we plant the seeds and set our intentions for the future. This is when you want to focus on what it is you intend to manifest, and to be as specific as possible. If you aren’t specific, you might not get back what you were hoping for. That old saying “be careful what you wish for comes to mind”.

The Waxing Moon is a time of increased illumination between the New Moon and the Full Moon, this is where you start taking action on your intentions and the seeds you planted at the New Moon.

The Full Moon marks peak illumination and is a time of things coming to fruition (reaping the seeds you sowed), and the shedding or releasing of the things that no longer serve you.

The Waning Moon is a time of introspection and analysis on the things that have come to fruition as well as the things that did not. This is a time to give gratitude, to surrender, actively work on letting go of anything that isn’t for your highest and best self, and to find healing through rest and recharging.


Each day of the week is also under the influence of one of the 7 classical planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The energy and associations of each of these planets and the Gods and Goddesses that they are named after influences the energy of that respective day. The most commonly known symbol to represent this is the Heptagram.

Sunday (the Sun) is a good time for making executive decisions, focusing on your goals and where you shine, doing something that brings you pride and confidence, to embrace your identity and live authentically, to create something from self expression, do something that brings you joy and is fulfilling, and connecting with the Divine Masculine energy.

Monday (the Moon) is a good time for recalling memories, addressing fears, leaning into your dreams, allowing for healthy expression of emotions, tapping into your intuition or gut feelings, deciding how your needs can best be met, nurturing yourself and others, and connecting with the Divine Feminine energy.

Tuesday (Mars) is a good time for taking charge and action, being adventurous, for self-defense, being brave, courageous, daring, spontaneous, and asserting yourself, time to break mold and start something new.

Wednesday (Mercury) is a good time for tapping into your critical thinking and reasoning skills, to study, expressing yourself to others through verbal, written and nonverbal cues, to tap into the energy of the Magician and manifestation.

Thursday (Jupiter) is a good time for tapping into growth, abundance, prosperity, positivity, optimism, generosity, to travel, take classes, expand your mind, body, and spirit, and meet new people.

Friday (Venus) is a good time for getting social and spending time with your favorite people in your favorite places doing your favorite things, enjoying beauty and comfort, and adorning yourself.

Saturday (Saturn) is a good time to establish rules and boundaries, separate yourself from anything unhealthy or outlived, handle your responsibilities and to-dos, get serious and conservative in your approach, fact based decisions and actions.


Numerology is the ancient study of numbers and the frequencies that they carry, and was discovered by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Before we jump into the meaning of the numbers, I want to preface by saying that anyone can do numerology. The numerology of the day is determined by adding the value of the month + the value of the day + the value of the year. If the value is greater than 9, you reduce the value by adding the numbers together.

Here are concise practical descriptions of the energy present according to a date’s specific numerical value to get you started in where it's best to place your energy:

1 - Inspiration, creativity, opportunity, new beginnings, leaderships, intuition, desires, action, manifestation, seeking new paths, personal will, Divine presence.

2 - Polarity and the ability to see both sides, insightful, intuitive, centered, diplomatic, kindness, spiritual, attentive to detail, cautious, subconscious, meditation and prayer.

3 - Creation, growth and expansion, imagination and intelligence, prosperity and abundance, optimism and joy, social and compassionate, art and self expression.

4 - Practicality, organization, endurance, hard work, determination, building a solid foundation, mastery, values, morals, honesty and integrity, inner-wisdom, security, self-control and realistic.

5 - Change and being adaptable, release and surrender, personal freedom and individuality, adventure and travel, courage and vitality, sensuality and pleasure seeking, visionary and life lessons.

6 - Centered and balanced, Divine inspiration and guidance, faithful, protector and healer, intellectual creativity, union, making choices, compromise, discrimination and discernment.

7 - Spiritual awakening, awareness, development and enlightenment, mysticism, intuition, inner-knowing, endurance and perseverance, poise, ritual and ceremony.

8 - Personal power, self-confidence, inner-strength and self-reliance, authority, using good judgment, dependability, practicality, consideration, compassion, delegation and truth, determination.

9 - Higher perspective, intuition, karma, generosity, humanitarian and philanthropy efforts, leading through a positive example, selflessness, inner-strength, life purpose and soul mission, spiritual attainment, the seeker.


Sun Signs - What zodiac sign is the Sun currently in? The sun sign energy tells you where to broadly focus your energy over the span of approximately 30 days the sun spends time in a particular sign. The zodiacal information found in the Moon Sign applies here as well.

Fixed Planetary Hours - Did you know that not only does a single date have influencing factors, but specific hours within a day have planetary correspondences that tell you when the best time is for a particular task at hand? These are called Fixed Planetary Hours and can be found in the chart below. Refer to the Ruling Planet descriptions above to use this chart to find the most advantageous day of the week and hour for your tasks at hand.

Astrological Transits - This is far too complex of a subject to cram into this blog post. However, I can let you in on my little secrets that helps me get the feel for a particular day; I use Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide.

Card of the Day - Curious what the day has in store for you? One of the best ways to get a jumpstart on the energy of the day that is specific to you is to pull a tarot or oracle card (or two) for yourself. Some people prefer to pull one in the morning, others the night before, and there are those that like to draw two or three cards to get a more well rounded picture. Truth be told, all 78 cards of the tarot can be found within a given day, some are just far more pronounced than others. This pronounced card(s) is often called the “Card of the Day” and is what you see posted on various social media accounts. Check out 22 Ways Tarot Transforms Your Life.

Crystal of the Day - Another great way to work with the energy of a particular day is to intuitively or intentionally select a crystal or stone to work with. You can carry the stone with a particular intention, or just be guided by the frequency it omits. If you are drawn to a particular crystal and don’t know the attributes, you can either look it up immediately or wait until the end of the day at which point you can objectively reflect on how it played a part in your day and why you may have selected it. Check out About Crystal Healing.


We live in an infinite universe of frequencies that we are capable of tapping into not only to align and heal ourselves, but also to receive a natural energetic boost for whatever it is we are trying to achieve. It’s always wise to at a minimum follow the Moon Signs of a day because of how much it influences of mundane self, and from there, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. I like to look at the week ahead to get a good idea of what to expect and when certain things are more likely to be successful. If you are on my Instagram, I put out an Energy of the Day post each day like the one above that includes the Moon Sign, Ruling Planet, Numerology, Card of the Day and Crystal of the Day; my Card and Crystal of the Day are pulled with the intention that they be for the collective according to the astrological and numerological atmosphere. As time passes I’m sure my EOD will continue to evolve as it already has. The more you know, the better prepared you are; and, the better prepared you are, the more successful you are likely to be!

A final note and a word to the wise: be mindful of what you attempt to manifest, and remember that it's always best to work within Divine alignment and will lest you incur karmic debt.



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or within the public domain

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