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Top 10 Best Crystals for Meditation and How To Use Them

Meditation is a fantastic way to help us put ourselves in the ideal mental, emotional and overall energetic state to quiet the chatter in our heads, find calmness and stillness, and truly be present in the moment. We don’t have to have a specific reason or goal to meditate, sometimes just finding silence and stillness is all that we desire. There certainly are times where we have a specific reason or need to go into meditation, and lucky for us, crystals can serve as our energy allies to achieve this goal. The unique energetic properties of crystals help us to

  1. Reach stable frequency and a meditative state more quickly.

  2. Anchor our focus

  3. Shift our energy towards manifesting a particular outcome.

Best Crystal Forms for Meditation

  • Thumb Pieces - easily fit on the pad of the thumb to serve as a focal point, aid in hand mudra intention. Want to know more about hand mudras? Checkout The Divine Hand Palmistry with James Divine.

  • Palm Pieces - fit comfortably in the palm to serve as a focal point

  • Tumbled and Polished - great for holding in the hands or placing on the body

  • Raw - if you have a difficult time anchoring your focus, a raw piece with textured surfaces and edges is great to hold in your hand and run your thumb over; you focus is anchored in the stone's physical texture.

  • Crystal Points - hold in your hands: points faced inwards towards the body for drawing energy in (ie. drawing love to you), and reversed pointing outwards away from the body if sending energy outwards (ie. sending intention out into the cosmos).

  • Sacred Geometry or Tattva shaped - sacred geometry/tattva shapes each have their own resonance, picking one that corresponds to what you are trying to achieve is a fantastic way to layer the energy; merkavah shaped stones are incredibly powerful. Some prefer to hold the shape in their hand and run their finger/thumb over the crystal while others prefer to gaze into the crystal. Do what you feel called to.

  • Shaped for a particular intent (angel, animal, etc) - there are a ton of carved crystal shapes out there in the world, use one that matches what your intent is like an Angel shape for connecting with your angels.

How to Use Crystals in Meditation

  • Palms of hand (Can be done with your hands apart or a stone held between the hands); a sphere held between the palms of the hands makes for an easy energy amplifier.

  • Chakra Placement (recommend lying down for chakra placement to avoid getting distracted from holding the stone, though you can always use medical tape to hold the stones in place if you feel more comfortable sitting or standing).

  • Carry on you during active meditation (see Meditation 101 link above )

  • Wear as jewelry

  • Mala Beads discover how to use a mala through Radiant Malas' "Using Your Mala"

  • Create Crystal Grids - crystal grid your body or a grid around body, sit in front of a manifestation crystal grid (can use as an anchor)

  • Large Pieces as gazing/scrying/anchor pieces

  • Using the stones to draw energy in or direct outwards as discussed above

  • Create Crystal Elixirs to be applied to the environment and on the self before, during, and after meditation.

Top 10 Best Crystals for Meditation

There are thousands of crystals in the world so how do you pick a crystal or stones for a particular meditation? You follow in the footsteps of ancient knowledge. Throughout the world Quartz has played a major role in energy healing and communication with the Divine and even extraterrestrials. Not all varieties of quartz are available everywhere in the world, so what one nation may rely on may be different from their neighbor. Quartz is called the “Master Crystal” for a reason so when in doubt or when looking for a powerful stone that you can have full faith in being able to work well with you, go with Quartz.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Merkabah for Ascension Meditation
Clear Quartz Merkavah

  • Uses: Silence and Stillness, mental training for meditation, cleansing and clearing energetic blockages or stagnant energy, amplifier

  • Chakras: All


  • Purple variety of Quartz

  • Uses: Divine connection, purification and protection

  • Chakras: 3rd Eye and Crown

Star Blue Quartz/Dumortierite

Blue variety of Quartz

  • Uses: Communication, self expression and speaking one’s truth, mental clarity and critical analysis, Divine inspiration, psychic sense

  • Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye

  • Note: Blue or Star Blue Quartz is quartz that contains other inclusions, often Dumortierite. Lab created blue quartz is very popular, as well as blue dyed quartz, be mindful of your source.

Prasiolite Green Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties
Prasiolite Green Quartz Palm Stone


Purple-Green variety of Quartz combining Amethyst and Prasiolite

  • Uses: Head and Heart alignment, heart centered creativity and inspiration, psychic sight and sense

  • Chakras: Heart and Crown


Green variety of Quartz

  • Uses: Abundance, opening and expanding the heart center, empathy, self acceptance, emotional healing and expression, light body activation

  • Chakras: Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

Rose Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties for Meditation
Rose Quartz Worry Thumb Stone

Rose Quartz

Pink variety of Quartz

  • Uses: Calm, stress relief, emotional healing, self esteem, compassion

  • Chakra: Heart

  • Note: There is one 1 Rose Quartz and it is pink, all of the recent “varieties” of Rose Quartz (black, lavender, periwinkle, etc) are not real; Rose is the pink variety of silicate Clear Quartz.


Purple-Yellow variety of Quartz combining Amethyst and Citrine

  • Uses: Spiritual centered and guided action, intuition and gut feelings

  • Chakras: Solar, 3rd Eye and Crown

Ametrine Spiritual Healing Properties 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras
Raw Ametrine


Yellow variety of Quartz

  • Uses: Will, mental clarity, creativity and manifestation, courage

  • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar

  • Highly recommend using this to create a crystal armor from the Rose Quartz Armor recipe in the Crystal Elixir blog.

Tangerine Quartz/Strawberry/Red Quartz*

  • Uses: Creativity, sexuality, passion, inspiration, and letting lose to just go with the flow

  • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar

  • Note: Various “catchy” names for quartz with iron oxide, color and tone varies from faint orange to deep red. This is not the same as quartz that has been dyed, though that is VERY popular so be careful of your source.

Smoky Quartz

  • Uses: Grounding, transmuting low vibrational energy (aka. Negative energy), seeing through illusions and fear

  • Chakras: Root

Interested in discovering what crystals and stones are right for you, how best to use them, and ways to improve your unique energy field? Check out my Custom Healing Crystals Consults.



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