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How To Make and Use a Crystal Grid for Manifestation

A crystal grid is the arrangement of crystals and stones into a pattern formation of energetic alignment for the purpose of intention setting towards a particular objective or desired outcome. Crystal grids help us to focus our energy into a specific place so that we can give consistent mindful intentions towards our intentions. They are a physical act of intention setting that echoes through the universal morphogenic field.

Selenite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Circular Crystal Grid for Divine Connection
Selenite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Circular Crystal Grid for Divine Connection

Crystals and stones are used in grids because of their energetic aligning properties. With nearly 6,000 known crystals and stones in the world, there is a crystal or stones for anything and everything one might need assistance with. Patterns are used in grids, most often sacred geometry patterns, because it is the structure of how our universe is formed. Some of the most often used grid patterns are the circle, lemniscate, square, 5 pointed star (heptagram), 6 pointed star (hexagram), phi spiral, and the Flower of Life. To increase the accuracy of the design in proportion and structure, it is best to use a grid template when creating your grid.

The Circle

The circle is one of the four fundamental symbols and is an expansion of the dot. It is a symbol of creation, the infinite with no beginning and no ending, perfection, completeness, and the Divine or Godhead.

crystal grid for balance, unity, polarities and karma
Moonstone and Sunstone infinity crystal grid for bringing balance between the male and female principles


Similar to the circle with no beginning and no end, it is a symbol of the ebb and flow of things, karma, dualism and unity between polarities.


The square is another of the four fundamental symbols and represents manifestation, creation, the four directions, solidification and stability. Composed of the number four, the number of letters in the Tetragrammaton or name of God, it also symbolizes Divine perfection.

Healing crystal grid for manifesting buying a house
Calcite, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz square and cross crystal grid for manifesting buying a house

5 Pointed Star

The five pointed star is central to manifestation and the expansion of the universe, it is representative of the human microcosm or the four elements plus spirit.

6 Pointed Star (hexagram/ Merkaba)

The six pointed star is a blend of the microcosm (flesh) and the macrocosm (spirit), where the active and passive principles merge. It is Spirit descending to matter to receive the blessing of matter, and matter rising to Spirit to receive the blessing of Spirit so that the two may become one.

Citrine, Carnelian and Sunstone crystal grid for confidence, courage and vitality.
Citrine, Carnelian and Sunstone crystal grid with talisman for confidence, courage and vitality.

Phi Spiral

The phi ratio is based on the Fibonacci Sequence in which the sequence of numbers compounds and builds as seen in nature, it is a symbol for the root of a matter or the outward expansion of energy.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life formed of concentric circles represents infinite creation. Check out these amazing Flower of Life water vessels from Alive Waters for entraining your drinking water with this amazing energy.

Crystal Grid Components

  • Center stone to focus and transmit energy of the grid

  • Surrounding stones

  • Activation Wand (natural crystal point, Clear Quartz can be used universally with any grid)

  • Optional Elements: mirror for reflecting and enhancing the energy of the grid, grid cloth/printout template, affirmation/prayer, photos/names, items to be charged like talismans or water for a crystal elixir, glass dome for preventing animals and small children from disturbing the grid.

Merkaba crystal grid for merging body and soul purpose.
Amethyst, Hematite and Selenite Merkaba crystal grid for merging body and soul purpose.

Crystal and Stone Selection

There are a few ways to select the crystals and stones for your grid.

  • Known healing or metaphysical properties of the crystal or stone

  • Intuitive selection

  • Color correspondence of the crystal or stone

  • Pendulum

  • Crystal Family or System selection. All crystals and stones are classified according to their structure into 32 crystal Classes within 7 crystal Systems and 6 crystal Families. and are excellent sources for researching a crystal’s Class, System and Family, along with identifying other crystals and stones in those categories.

Crystal grid for grounding, releasing and cutting etheric cords
Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Onyx grounding and releasing phi ratio crystal grid with affirmation

Creating Your Grid

  1. Decide on the location for your grid, you’ll want to place it somewhere safe where it will not be disturbed, but it also will not be out of sight and out of mind.

  2. Decide what pattern best represents your purpose and intention in creating this grid. If you don’t really know, go with what your intuition tells you.

  3. Determine the direction of your grid. Some believe it should be aligned to magnetic North and South using a compass, and others believe it should face the East in accordance with sunrise.

  4. Select a Center Stone in alignment with your purpose and intention. You can never go wrong with a Clear Quartz, especially a tower or sphere. A crystal's physical shape determines the direction(s) that its energy will be emitted.

  5. Decide on the number and type(s) of supporting stones needed to complete the grid, and how you intend to arrange them along the pattern.

  6. Take a moment to say a prayer or state an affirmation, and then set the intention as to why this crystal grid is being created. Hold this intention while you physically and energetically create the grid.

  7. Place the Center stone first and then proceed to place your supporting stones outwards in either a clockwise (creating) or counterclockwise (removing) direction.

  8. You may want to first place a photo, name, written prayer or affirmation, etc below the center stone.

  9. Once the grid is created, place items to be charged within the perimeter of the grid.

  10. Activate the Grid by placing the tip of your activation wand on the Center Stone and then repeating the way in which you placed the supporting stones, making sure to touch each stone until all stones have been touched and the perimeter of the grid has been energetically enclosed.

  11. Visualize the grid sending your intention out into the world.

Flower of Life crystal grid for prosperity and abundance
Citrine, Green Aventurine, Pyrite and Clear Quartz Flower of Life crystal grid for prosperity and abundance

A Few Things to Consider

  • Some prefer to charge their crystals with intention before placing them in the crystal grid.

  • There are peak dates, days and times to create different grids based on intention. Checkout How To Manifest With the Energy of the Day to learn more.

  • It is important to note that when creating your grid, the grid’s energy field is proportional to its size; determined by both grid diameter and crystal size(s).You can further expand the energy field of your grid by placing clear quartz points around the grid. Face the points inwards to draw energy in and up the Center stone, or face the points put to emit the energy outwards from the grid.

  • You’ll want to give your crystal grid mindful daily attention; spend at least 5 minutes a day standing before the grid and focusing on your prayer, affirmation, or intention for the grid.

  • I highly recommend journaling your experiences while working with the grid.

  • If you feel like the grid is not effective or as effective as it could be, feel free to make changes and reactivate it.

  • If your grid is disturbed, you’ll need to fix any design issues and reactivate it.

  • Leave your grid up until the intention/desired outcome is achieved.


Orgonite is not a crystal, it is not a condensed crystal grid, and it does not offer the healing benefits of crystals, generators, or crystal grids.



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

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