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How To Use a Pendulum for Accessing Your Subconscious Mind

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a suspended weight from a fixed point (like your fingers) that when used correctly can move under the influence of your Auric Field. Because of their ability to create a physical response to different subtle energy states, they are often used to access the subconscious mind in order to answer a question that the conscious mind is either unable to answer or unable to be objective in answering (ie. you want the answer to be “yes” so you rationalize that "yes" is the right answer).

How to use a pendulum to make a decision

Before using a pendulum to ask a question or make a decision, you want to make sure that you have a pendulum that works well, that you understand how they work, and that you’re in the right energy space to be using one.

What makes a good pendulum?

There are plenty of really cool pendulums out there on the market, especially places like Etsy, but they aren’t always the most functional. A good pendulum needs to have equal weight distribution to prevent it from having a biased swing in a particular direction, and the lighter the pendulum, the more dramatic and identifiable the direction of the swing (yes vs. no vs. maybe). Unfortunately, a lot of the really intricate ones out there are heavy with beads, charms, and chains that don’t always take this equal weight distribution into consideration. When it comes to pendulums, often times less is more. You can even use a sewing needle, paper clip or metal washer on the end of a string. Wear a simple chain necklace with a charm or pendant? Then you may already be carrying a pendulum on you!

Picking the right one & how they work

If you can test various pendulums in a shop or at a fair, absolutely do that before committing to one. You want to pick one that works well with you specifically because contrary to popular belief that spirits are responsible for the swing of a pendulum, in reality it’s the subtle electric energy impulses coming from the tips of your fingers. This is the same subtle energy detected by polygraph machines, aka lie detector tests. If you can't make it to a shop or somewhere to test them in person, here are my top things to consider when picking your pendulum:

  1. Pick a metal or crystal you feel drawn to even if you don't know it's metaphysical/healing properties.

  2. If it is a crystal/stone, make sure that it is in fact a real crystal (ie. no black obsidian, goldstone, opalite, etc as these are not crystalline structures and do NOT conduct energy fluidly).

  3. Metal chains tend to conduct energy better than leather and synthetic threads.

  4. A 6 inch chain is a perfect length to conduct the energy without weakening the swing.

  5. Make sure that the chain is not twisted or kinked in any areas and that none of the parts connecting the chain to the Bob or Fob are stiff/biased towards a direction.

  6. Avoid having stones or charms between the Bob and the Fob as this often throws off the balance of the pendulum. A charm and/or additional bead(s) at the Fob should not affect the balance.

Skip making THE big mistake!

Often the biggest mistake people make when they go to use their pendulum is that they are worked up and their energy isn’t a calm and stable frequency. If a pendulum swings by the energy emitted from your fingers and you are antsy, heart pounding, distressed or in any way worked-up, your chances of getting reliable results are pretty slim. If you are anything other than calm, especially if it has to do with the question you’re about to use the pendulum for, then step back and come back when you’re calm and centered.

A 5 minute meditation beforehand is always wise!

How to hold a pendulum

Holding your pendulum correctly

Step one in actually working with a pendulum is to hold it correctly so that the energy from your fingers is able to sway the string or chain to get a nice smooth swinging motion. You want to hold the string or chain beneath or slightly below the “fob” using your thumb and either your pointer finger or middle finger on your dominant hand. The Fob is the small evenly weighted crystal, bead, etc at the top of the chain that provides equal tension to the string from the Bob. The Bob is the crystal or heavier piece that is at the other end of the pendulum and will do the actual swinging. I recommend placing your elbow on a stable surface as you suspend the pendulum in the air until you get used to using it, this will help prevent you from accidentally manually swinging the pendulum.

What’s in a swing?

What does a pendulum swing side to side mean
Pendulum swing examples

First step is to get familiar with your energy responses through the pendulum. The easiest way to do this is to make a truthful statement and then a knowingly false statement. Hold your pendulum suspended in the air, elbow on a stable surface, and use your other hand to still the Bob if needed. Remove your extra hand (if used) and make the truthful statement, “my name is (insert your name)” and take note of how the pendulum moves. Is it a clockwise circular motion, counterclockwise, front to back, side to side, right diagonal, left diagonal, standing still or maybe just vibrating? Whatever motion it makes is what a truthful or “yes” is for you. Repeat the process with an equal false statement, “my name is (insert false name)''. Again, whatever motion it makes is what an untruthful or “no” is for you. Some people like to use pendulum boards labeled with “yes”, “no” and “maybe” rather than watching for a particular motion to indicate a meaning. A paper and pen work just as well as for creating a pendulum board as one you buy from somewhere like Etsy, don't let that hold you back from using a pendulum.

Let's get to asking those questions!

Now that you know what a “yes” and “no” looks like, it’s time to start getting answers. It’s important to remember that a pendulum is a physical manifestation of your subconscious based on electrical impulses, so it is possible to sway the pendulum the way that you want. To avoid this, be clear in what you are asking about and remain objective.

Using either a pendulum board, labeled piece of paper or just your imagination, clearly define the thing you want to analyze or make a decision on. Ready your pendulum, clear your mind, and think only of this thing you are considering. Objectively maintain your focus by repeating the thing verbally or mentally until you get a clear motion with your pendulum. Compare the motion of the swing to your established “yes” and “no”, and voilà, you have an objective answer from your subconscious. I recommend closing or diverting your eyes away from the pendulum while asking the question in order to avoid unintentionally biasing the outcome. Don’t believe me? Holding your pendulum, just think “swing right” (or however you want it to move) and watch it follow your command. If you are having to choose between different options, just repeat the process for each option and see which one has the most favorable outcome.

The key to using a pendulum is to remember that it is intended to be a simple tool, so don’t over complicate it.

Auric Field & Chakra Blockages?

Did you know that a pendulum can detect the energy flow and blockages of your auric field and individual chakras? Check out Understanding the Layers of Your Aura & 7 Primary Chakras for True Enlightenment and Energetic Awareness & Hygiene for Mindful Living to learn more about how to start living your best life for the mind, body and soul!

Checkout these beautiful and well weighted pendulums I found on Etsy from Ravens Collections and Two Healing Stones (she even takes custom orders), and these badass pendulum boards from Zen and Meow!



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