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The Ancient Secret Meaning of Water, and How To Heal Your Energy With It

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

"To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself" ~ Dr. Emoto

Spiritual symbolism of water

The Symbolism of Water

Water is the cosmic blood of the Universe. The primal waters, an ocean from which all things began is virtually universal throughout the world. Water has long been regarded as the source of life, a means of cleansing and purifying, and the seed of regeneration.

In the Book of Genesis, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, the Great Flood was a means to cleanse the world, and in the Book of Enoch water is the full potential of manifestation.* Ancient Egyptian mythology portrays creation as a mound of silt emerging from the waters, “a great lotus came out of the primeval waters…such as the cradle of the Sun on the 1st morning”. In Asia, water is the substantial shape of manifestation, the origin of life, and the symbol of fertility. Those of the Hindu faith associate water to prakriti where all was water; the world egg that hatched upon the surfaces of the water.

In faiths that use ritual purification like the Japanese, Taoist Masters, Christianity, Islam, India and those in Southeast Asia, water is a means of redemption, regeneration and rebirth. Tibetan monks pass through ritual water for initiation and taking their vows. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu believed that water is the emblem of the highest virtue.

Water is also often associated with the breath of life or prana; the soul or Spirit; the psyche, intuition and collective unconscious; and the emotional body. Checkout Breathwork: the Art of Spiritual Breathing

Can water be used for healing?

Sacred Sites & Healing Waters

With such a profound connection with water, it’s no surprise that there are countless sacred or mystical water sources that people have revered and even flocked to for millennia.

In the Old Testament, springs and wells in the desert were where miracles occurred. The Cenote Sagrado, a limestone sinkhole near Chichen Itza, Mexico where offerings and sacrifices were made to the Rain God Chaac by the Mayans, is still a modern day sacred site said to have incredible healing powers. Lake Mansarovar in Tibet, the River Jordan where Jesus was said to be baptized by John the Baptist, Castalian spring at Mount Parnassus in Greece, the Ganges River in India, the Sanctuary Our Lady of Lourdes France where there are visions of the Virgin Mary, Holy Well in Chartres France, Bridewells of the British Isles including the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and countless other water sources are said to possess unexplainable healing powers that not only purify the mind and soul, but also rid the body of disease and dysfunction.

These sacred sites, myths and legends have directly impacted our language with metaphorical references to the “Fountain of Youth”, “Fountain of Immortality”, and the “Well of Knowledge” to name a few, and scores of Hollywood cinematic blockbusters that have kept us on the edge of our seats for generations.

With sacred and mystical water sources all over the world, make sure to join groups like the Holy Wells Healing Water FB group to find one near you.

"Water is the mirror of the soul. It has many faces, formed by aligning itself with the consciousness of human beings. It has the ability to reflect what is in people's souls by vibration.” ~ Dr. Emoto

How do you bless water spiritually?

The Secret of Water

Water holds more than symbolism; it holds memories, thoughts and even emotions according to Dr. Masaru Emoto, the pioneer in the study of the consciousness of water. Emoto discovered that water exposed to melodic music like Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin resulted in well formed and complete frozen crystals with distinct characteristics, whereas water exposed to non melodic heavy metal music resulted in fragmented, malformed or non existent crystals. He observed the same behavior in water exposed to positive or affirming words like “thank you”, “love”, “gratitude”, and “wisdom” as opposed to harmful or forceful words and phrases like “fool” and “you make me sick”. These results were found not only through the use of sounds and spoken words, but also by simply tapping words, prayers, and photographs to the water containers. Interestingly, natural water regardless of where it came from, as well as water taken from old shrines was shown to form complete crystals. However, tap water containing chlorine destroyed the structure found in natural water. This destruction was also discovered in stagnant water, and water exposed to microwave and cell phone electromagnetic pollution.

"We can surmise that when a complete geometric crystal is formed, water is in alignment with nature and the phenomenon we call life." ~ Dr. Emoto

Up until Dr. Emoto's work, we had never been able to physically see the effects of positive and negative thoughts and words, we only felt them. And why do we feel them so strongly? Because we are made of 60-70% water; the same reason that we feel more energized and more babies are born during full moons, and the female reproductive system tends to sync with the cycle of the moon. Consequently, the water in our body is structurally internalizing the chaos, fatigue, stress, and negativity we are exposed to on a daily basis either through our own thought process or the physical world around us.

So exactly what are we supposed to do with this?

We have to start tending to the quality of the 70% water inherent in our body by cleansing and purifying it on a daily basis. The health of our physical body not only depends on it, but our mental, emotional and auric field as well.

Checkout these top ways you can start working with water starting now for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing!

What does water do to souls?

Drinking Energy Aligned Water

Be mindful of the water that you physically consume. Checkout the truth about tap water, how it affects your energy field and what is in your local water source. Some argue bottled water is better than tap, others argue that it’s the same, and at the end of the day, natural water that has been purified by your own two hands is more aligned to our body’s needs. Since we do not all live near natural bodies of water, the popularity in rainwater collection has been on the rise, as well as natural and alkaline water pickup and delivery through companies like Alive Waters and Eternal Water. But do we really have to buy water? Not necessarily. We can take either tap or bottled water, filter the chemicals from it (see proven filtration systems below), and then restructure the water with salt, crystals, flower essences, and even single drops of water from sacred sites or natural water sources like safe drinking wells and springs.

Does water cleanse your energy

Baths & Shower Cleanses

There is a reason that baths and showers leave us feeling relaxed and revitalized at the same time, they are a reset button of sorts. As the water pours over our head, down our shoulders and body it’s as if our soul takes a sigh of relief and our troubles, tension and stress fades away, even if only for a brief moment in time. Soaking in a bath full of warm water calms, relaxes and reattunes the natural flow of water in the body. This cleaning, clearing and reattuning is incredibly potent when done with well or natural water. If possible, everyone should shower, bathe or take a dip in the local waterhole (safe water source of course) at least once a day for optimal mind, body, and spirit health. Anytime you’re feeling like funk or need a reset, jump in the shower or bath, even if you don’t “need” one. Checkout 7 Sacred Bath Rituals for Healing.

Best way to cleanse your energy with water

Natural Water Cleanses

Sit, stroll, swim, soak or just take a dip in natural water sources like lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the ocean as much as possible. Rather than staying inside or sitting under a covered patio when the rain begins to fall, take a stroll or dance without an umbrella and let the rain wash away what is weighing you down. Checkout Find a Spring to locate cold and hot water springs you can visit for drinking and soaking.

We can’t always just jump in the bath or frolic in the ocean when we need an energy reset, but lucky for us there are a wide variety of tools we can use to change the frequency of water.

Crystal elixir for changing water

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are simply water that has been infused with the vibrational frequency of a certain crystal or stone(s). Crystals and stones have different energy healing properties, and with thousands of them out there in the world, there is one for pretty much anything you may need help with or can think of. Now while there are tons of different types of bottles and containers available on the market specifically for making crystal water, you honestly don’t need them to make a quality elixir unless of course you want one. Check out How To Make and Use Crystal Elixirs to learn how to make them, safety precautions, best ways for daily use and energy healing, and two must have recipes!

Make holy water with salt

Salt Water

Never underestimate the power of a little salt in a spray bottle for cleansing your energy field, as well as your environment. Salt is actually a crystal, and has an extensive history for cleansing, purification and consecration rites dating back thousands of years across the globe. Don’t overthink it. Take a pinch of fine grain natural sea salt, place in warm water, swish around until dissolved, and then spritz over the crown of the head or wherever you feel called to. Sea Salt, particularly one infused with a crystal vibration, is a great addition to a regular cleansing bath. Live near the ocean? Even better.

Make prayer water with flower essences

Flower Essences

Flower essences, or flower infused water for mental, emotional and spiritual support have been around for thousands of years. Different flowers are said to possess different healing and support properties. Nearly 100 years ago, Dr Edward Bach crafted Bach Flower Remedies, a series of 38 carefully selected flower essences to help support a healthy emotional body. You can learn more about, buy and study how to craft these remedies through the Bach Centre. Despite statements that there is no “good” scientific evidence to support flower essences, Bach or otherwise, thousands of years of personal experiences by people across the globe shows otherwise.

Florida Waters

Florida water, a natural scented water (tincture) formulated with spices, herbs, oils and flowers named after the legendary Fountain of Youth, was introduced in the US over 200 years ago. Originally sold as a cologne, its use has evolved through the years including for physical and mental ailments, and ultimately found its way into spiritual and magical practices. Being relatively easy to make and customizable to your needs and preferences has further fueled its popularity. I wasn’t a big Florida Water fan until I found Eye Love Love Small Batch Florida Waters which are truly incredible and soulfully crafted with care.

Checkout this short interview with Barbara, owner and craftatier at Eye Love Love.

Why did you start crafting Florida Waters? My family has been making different types of cleansing waters also known as Florida water for as long as I can remember. My great grandmother, grandmother, mother and myself all have made them, and now my oldest daughter helps me. My mother would say "It's in our blood". We created them to cleanse our homes and sacred spaces of negative energy, call in love, abundance, happiness and most importantly connect us to our ancestors and spirit guides.

Florida Water Spiritual Sidekick from Eye Love Love

Why do you have so many different types of Florida Waters? Growing up my mother always made her baños (baths) which we then turned into waters used to cleanse and clear the home, sacred objects and in ritual. As I began making my own I wanted to focus on different things such as love in all forms (Rosewater) Spiritual cleansing (Spiritual Sidekick) Cleansing and grounding (Madera-Palo Santo) Peace and calm (Lavare). When I set out on the journey back to myself spiritually I immediately connected with the moon and found that working with the cycles of the moon helped me greatly in releasing and welcoming in new energy. I wanted to bring this ritual to the collective with moon charged Florida water which is then charged further with intuitively chosen crystals. I also have a listing for an intuitively chosen bottle where I channel to select a moon charge alchemy for you.

What is your one Florida Water go-to for those interested in your products?

Hands down I always recommend starting your spiritual hygiene journey with Spiritual Sidekick. It is made with lavender to call in peace and calm, rose for love in all forms, and sage to cleanse and reset our energy.

How do you pray in water?

Prayers and Affirmations

Prayer over water, or the creation of holy water, goes back millennia and far exceeds monotheistic religions. Holy water is water that has been consecrated and prayed over, you do not need to be a holy man in a monolithic religion to create your own holy water. Not only can we change the vibrational frequency of the water we drink, bathe in or use for energy and spiritual cleansing through prayer and positive affirmations, but we can also change our own frequency through the same means. Dr. Emoto’s work highlights that we as bodies of water are also impacted by the things that we think, say and hear, positive and negative alike. The words from our mouth have the power of their own that influences the entire world, so it’s time that we start being far more mindful and intentional about what messages are being thought, spoken, heard and received. I am not one for trends unless I truly find them helpful, and one that I love is the trend of leaving positive affirmations around your environment and on your water bottle to consciously and unconsciously consume daily. Checkout How To Create Positive Affirmations for Manifestation.

Leonardo da Vinci secret meaning of the Flower of Life
da Vinci Flower of Life manuscript

Sacred Geometry & Symbolism

Emoto’s work also highlights that water is influenced by images, and nothing is quite as powerful as the language of the universe; geometry and symbolism. Geometry is a branch of Mathematics dedicated to exploring the relationship between points, shapes and spaces and has been studied as far back as at least Mesopotamia. Sacred Geometry, or the perfected patterns and rhythms found in the design of nature and the universe, is what Emoto observed in the snowflake crystals. According to sacred geometry, certain geometric shapes and proportions are associated with different belief systems and thus have varying healing, protective or spiritual powers. To use a long used symbol is to call on all of the healing and spiritual powers that have been built up through the ages by those that have gone before us. This is why ancestral work is so prominent throughout the world in so many vastly different civilizations. Knowing this, we are able to influence the water in our body, as well as sources of water through the use of sacred geometry and symbols by physically exposing ourselves to them through images, artwork, jewelry, clothing etc.

Alive Waters Flower of Life Vessel

Check out these amazing water vessels by Alive Waters that have the Flower of Life crafted into the glass! The Flower of Life, a symbol for the cycle of life, is one of the most well known and recognized geometric patterns. Famed inventor and artist (my fav) Leonardo da Vinci had an obsession with the Flower of Life pattern, it was observed repeatedly in his writings, designs and art. Alive Waters has more than amazing vessels, they deliver 2.5 gallons of natural spring water at your own delivery frequency to certain areas, and 11% of their profits are donated to the Find a Spring Foundation. Alive Waters’ goal is to “protect public access now and for future generations to come”, and that’s something we should all be supporting.

Alive Waters water delivery not in your area or not quite in the budget? That’s ok! Invest in a Flower of Life vessel or two and find a natural source near you. If a natural source isn’t available, then filter and change the frequency of your own water source to the best of your ability.

Receive 15% off purchases and your first water delivery using code: DAVINCI

I cannot talk about the significance of water without also pointing a spotlight on the ugly truth that 2 billion men, women and children do not have access to safe drinking water. I encourage you to look at the statistics and support clean water solutions like that of Urge President Biden to support safe and sufficient drinking water for all

Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Systems. I have not personally used any of these systems, they are just among the most highly recommended. Note: filtered water is not the same as a natural water source, though a natural water source can be filtered.

* If we can only remove our filters and biases towards certain dogmas, ideologies, and concepts, we would realize that the world, and her people, have been molded according to ancient symbolism that is often hidden in plain sight.



© Brandy Rachelle

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