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Balancing the chakras and aura for optimal mind, body & Spirit health and alignment


For thousands of years throughout the world, civilizations have practiced the art of Lithotherapy or “Laying on of Stones”; today it is known as crystal healing or therapy. 

Crystal healing involves using the unique energetic vibrational frequency created by a stones color, shape, composition, and atomic structure to encourage balanced energy flow when introduced into a living organism's energy field, commonly referred to as the aura or auric field.

The material aspects of the body are less important than the energetic, the complex electrical currents and magnetic fields which contribute to our overall aura.


  • Our multi-layer vital life force that surrounds and interpenetrates the body.

  • Energy flow and consistency is what maintains perfect health in the physical body by keeping mental, emotional, and physical attributes in balance.

  • An imbalance or blockage in the flow of energy leaves the physical body open to illness and disease rather than vice-versa.


Our energy body is composed of and regulated by several energy centers and channels throughout the physical body, the most well-known are the chakras, nadis, and meridians.


  • Sanskrit for "wheel" or "vortex", are centers of subtle, vital energetic force interrelated to the parasympathetic, sympathetic, and autonomous nervous system and are associated with certain emotions, body parts and functions.

  • They serve as the interchange between physical and psychological energy within the body, with prana being the force that links the physical with the mental and the metal with the spiritual.


The chakras are linked together by the nadis.


  • Nadi, Sanskrit for nad meaning "movement", are the channels through which energy can flow.

  • Some of the most well known are the acupuncture Meridians (TCM) streams of the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system streams, nerves, muscles, arteries, and veins.

  • Some nadis are known to modern science; however, not all nadis take a physical form.

Because we are made of several different physical and energetic parts, each with their own unique vibrational frequency; individual chakras and channels can easily become over or underactive, which in turn affects other areas and the overall health of our aura.

Discover what the aura is, it's various parts, seeing and sensing the aura, interesting scientific findings, and 7 Tips to Cleansing and Strengthening the aura HERE.

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To stabilize and balance the energy of the Chakras, nadis and layers of the auric field for optimal energy flow and mind, body, spirit health and alignment.

The energy of the Mind, Body & Spirit are interconnected, an imbalance in one will manifest in the others.

Crystals make fantastic tools because they have a perfect repeating atomic structure that allows them to take in energy from an outside source and transform it to match the stable frequency of the particular crystal being used. 

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With nearly 6,000 CRYSTALS & STONES, there is something for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING the imagination can think of!


  • Stimulate energy flow in the meridians

  • Balance energy flow in the chakras

  • Stabilize and increase energy of the aura

  • Promote Mind, Body, Spirit alignment

  • Stimulate & deepen spiritual attunement

 When placed within the auric field, crystals are very effective tools for removing energy blockages and stabilizing under and overproduction. This is particularly true of the animal kingdom because we are made up of water and minerals, both of which have compatible atomic structures.

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Identify and correct energy imbalances in your chakras and overall auric field, understand what crystals to use (and how to use them) for YOUR unique energy field, and additional energy healing recommendations you can do yourself without breaking the bank!

Make crystals and stones a part of your Healing Toolkit today!

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