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Key 6, The Lovers & Gemini Season Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Key 6 The Lovers tarot card from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck

Today ushers in the energy of Key 6, The Lovers, the card of Gemini.

The Lovers calls for us to seek love, joy, pleasure, balancing of our polarities, to merge and meld, and shift into alignment with the Divine in order to create or manifest what is for our highest self. A reminder that we must balance our physical with our spiritual, and that we are more than just flesh and bones meant to work 40 hours a week. We are manifestations of pure Divine love, what we choose to do with that is up to us. Raphael, the angel of healing, is there to remind you that you are a spark of the Divine, created with your own intent and purpose, ability to heal and to find wholeness, and unique passions and desires. The power that courses through your physical veins also courses through your energetic body and the universe. Never forget that you are an infinite being with the ability to overcome adversity both externally and internally with guidance from Spirit, all you need to do is ask and be open to receive. Know that your passions built on pure intention are there to show you what is possible, and what is attainable when we shift into our center and align with the will of the Divine.

Next week brings the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th, an opportunity to release the things that bind, restrict, or prevent growth, abundance, optimism, truthfulness, or really anything that has outlived its purpose and is no longer needed. Not only is it going to be a Super Moon, it’s also going to be a Lunar Eclipse. We can expect dark places to be illuminated for better sight and understanding, followed by evolution (revolution perhaps?) as certain things (or people) in our lives that are detrimental, toxic, or are just leeching on us suddenly become null and void. This is an opportunity to see yourself and your life in a whole new light.

Following a few days afterwards, Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th where we are called to review our thought processes, intellectual drive, and communication (back up your tech gear too).

A Solar Eclipse on the June 10th New Moon brings bold new beginnings, opportunities, and a time of self-reflection and assessment in order to make progress.

Here’s a look ahead at how each sign can work with the energy of Key 6 in Gemini. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your sun, rising and moon signs.

Gemini season mini tarot card readings for each sign of the zodiac

Aries - 9 of Swords reversed - expect to find mental release from the thing that has been causing you anxiety, fear, depression and kept you up at night.

Taurus - The Lovers reversed - focus on your inner balance and alignment, and find comfort in self-love and self-care. You do not need an external source or person to complete you, you are enough.

Gemini - King of Wands reversed - take stock in your high expectations of others and yourself, and check yourself for making impulsive decisions and snap judgements.

Cancer - Page of Cups reversed - it’s time to address those creative blocks, your feeling of being cut off from or not noticing the guiding messages from Spirit, and any emotional imbalances.

Leo - King of Swords -it’s time to get clear in your thinking, to cut through bologna, to be decisive, to command presence, and pay attention to sudden information downloads Spirit and your Guides are sending you.

Virgo - Four of Cups reversed - it’s time to open up and be willing to receive not only from those around you, but from Spirit too. You don’t have to accept everything, but being stubborn is only holding you back.

Libra - Three of Swords reversed - it’s time to start recovering from the disappointment or pain, to find that center between your head and your heart again so that you can move forward from a place of love.

Scorpio - Ten of Wands - Keep going Scorpio, you’re handling your business and getting it done. The weight is heavy, but the payoff will be there if you can tough it out. Expect to see the end in sight soon.

Sagittarius - Four of Swords - expect answers to come through rest and meditation rather than action and force right now. Become still and silent and you will know when the time is right and what you are being called to do.

Capricorn - Six of Swords - The storm has been weathered and now it’s time to move on. Expect the direction and means of your travel to a more calm and centered place to become more clear.

Aquarius - The Hanged Man - It’s time to surrender, to let go and let Spirit take control. If you have been unable to see a situation entirely or to find a way out of a situation, you can expect to start seeing things more clearly.

Pisces - Eight of Wands reversed - it’s time to address the imbalances in yourself, to check where you are resistant to change or the things that need to be done for progress. To commune with the Divine for healing.



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Images are from my personal collection © Brandy Rachelle 2020

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