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Virgo Season 2023 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

August 23rd ushers in Virgo season, the Virgin, and Tarot Card Key 9, The Hermit.

The Hermit tarot card meaning
The Hermit, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Check out these astrological highlights during Virgo season:

8/23 Mercury Retrograde begins

8/30 Full Moon in Pisces - the Full Moon illuminates areas of our life that need attention so that we can make the changes necessary for further development. This Full Moon will highlight the areas where you may be taking the easy road, where nostalgia is playing tricks on your emotions, you’re trying to escape dealing with the reality of a situation, and where you can benefit from being more in-tune with your spiritual self and others.

9/4 Jupiter Retrograde begins

9/14 New Moon in Virgo - the New Moon is the time to plant the seeds for the manifestations that you want to see bloom in the future. This New Moon is particularly beneficial for focusing your intentions on area of your life that need “fixing”, particularly where it has gotten sloppy, disheveled or off track. Use this time to cleanup, organize, and get things crossed off the “to-do” list. This is also a great time for focusing on your health.

9/15 Mercury Retrograde ends

Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Here’s a look ahead at what Virgo season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Free online tarot readings for each each sign of the zodiac Virgo Season
Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Aries - Two of Pentacles RX - Watch your priorities, be mindful not to overcommit yourself, and recognize when you have too much on your plate. You are likely to find yourself struggling to find balance between different areas of your life like work and home, and finances can become wonky. Be prepared to reprioritize and be flexible.

Taurus - Seven of Cups RX - This can go one of two ways so pay attention closely. If you have felt like your head is in the clouds instead of reality, you’ve been overwhelmed with options and/or you “just don’t know what the right thing to do” is, this is either going to clear your mind or find you so far down the rabbit hole that you are even more out of touch. Take a step back, make lists if you need to and get honest with yourself and the situation or circumstance.

Gemini - The World RX - Expect that there will be delays, stalls or unfinished business during this cycle. It is important to know that it’s not that it won’t happen, it is just going to take a bit more time. For some of you, you may encounter a situation where you feel that your world is turned upside down. If that is the case, remember that things do inevitably turn right=side up again.

Cancer - The Hermit RX - The Hermit is an interesting fellow. He prefers his own company in the depths of his mind as he studies the secrets of world around him, but sometimes he doesn’t know when he’s taken it so far that he has completely isolated himself from the reality of the very thing that he is seeking to know, the world. Take a time out of you need it, but don't get lost, and if you’ve been in that isolation, then it’s time to surround yourself with others.

Leo - Queen of Swords RX - not only are your thoughts unclear at this time, but your not your usual self when it comes to guiding or directing the world around you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling mentally trapped, controlled or unable to make independent solid judgment calls during this time. Mercury is going retrograde so communication is likely to be fumbling left and right. Think before you speak, remove emotion fro the equation and take a time out if needed.

Virgo - Eight of Pentacles RX - there are more important things in the world than your constant production. It’s important for you to know when to take time off, when to do things for yourself with not expectation of an end product, as well as to recognize that we need to work on things internally just as much as externally. Spend some time in self development, refining your skill set, and watch out for perfectionism.

Libra - Four of Wands RX - A celebration or reason for coming together may not have all of the bells and whistles that you anticipated, or may not even happen all together so do your best not to be disappointed. This tends to show up when there is a departure or conflict between people or a group, especially family, close friends, and intimate partners; you may find yourself parting ways onto different paths.

Scorpio - Six of Cups RX - There is something to be said for being sweet on someone, especially someone from the past that brings up feeling of nostalgia, but if we aren’t careful, it can also hinder us from seeing things for what there really are or were. It’s one thing to revisit the past, it’s another to get caught up in a fantasy. This tends to be that revisiting it to see if it really is what we hope it really is, so go in with eyes wide open.

Sagittarius - King of Swords RX - Be mindful not to use your intellectual prowess and words as weapons. When we get too much in our heads and can’t think clearly we tend to twist truths, if even only for ourselves. It would do you good to put your thoughts and words under a microscope and consider their basis before proceeding. Manipulation and a power trip are in the realm of possibility, check yourself and others.

Capricorn - Three of Pentacles RX- A departure from the pack, a misalignment of values or work ethic, and/or the need to really reconsider your own internal values and structure. Good people doesn’t always equate to having the right skillset or seeing the same vision so it’s important to consider motives, actions and skills when chugging along towards a goal. Know when and where there is a weak link and take the action needed to correct it.

Aquarius - Strength - the cardinal virtue of Fortitude. Expect to be tested and with the right mindset to persevere through pure courage, will and determination. If you fiend yourself backed into a corner, know that the best way out isn’t always to fight it out. True strength comes from within, it is the ability to master the mind and the tongue, to show compassion while maintaining boundaries.

Pisces - Ten of Pentacles - Things are coming together beautifully in your world, whether it is finances, resources, travel, family gatherings or the like… don’t question, just enjoy it for what it is in this moment.



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