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Venus Retrograde 2023: What it Means for You

Most people know of or have at least heard of Mercury Retrograde and the havoc it can cause in our life, but what about Venus Retrograde? On July 22nd the planet Venus went Retrograde. Retrograde means that the planet slows down and appears to be moving backwards in the sky, though it’s not actually moving backwards. Venus goes retrograde for roughly 40 days every 18 months, but this retrograde is rather unusual as it will take place over 44 days. This retrograde will last from July 22 until September 3, 2023 with the post shadow period (basically a less intense period before normalcy) lasting until October 7th (my birthday!).

I realize that I am a little late to the party and truth be told, I had no intentions of writing this blog post until Venus and her retrograde started shining spotlights on areas of my life. It was at this point that I decided to hammer out a little story time and best advice for getting through this retrograde period as unscathed as possible. Venus Retrograde is an old familiar friend of mine, and her zodiacal placement this go round in the sign of Leo has caused two massive upheavals in my life; the last Venus Retrograde in Leo took place in 2015.

Venus Retrograde Need-to-Knows

Venus is the planet of romance, relationships, finances, values and aesthetics. When Venus is in Leo, the focus is on the heart, romance, passion, partnerships, power couples, grand gestures, loyalty, standing in your power, commanding a presence, and taking pride. When she goes retrograde there is a need for review and reflection on these areas of our life.

Venus Retrograde is a period where there tends to be squabbles in relationships (especially where resentment has built up), a close friend or partner from the past resurfaces, the urge to spend lavishly is amplified, unexpected expenses and challenges to budgets might pop up, we are more likely to question our values and viewpoints (or perhaps the way in which we express them), and often there is a feel for the need to make big changes to our physical appearance.

Think back to July - September 2015 and ask yourself what that looked like for you in-terms of what was happening or your thoughts and feelings around romance, relationships, finances, values and aesthetics. We are in the same Venus retrograde placement of Leo so do not be taken off guard if these themes or people are resurfacing. During the last Venus in Leo Retrograde my ex husband and I decided to separate. For those of you who do not know the situation, the primer is we separated to see if we could work things out and ultimately got a divorce.

Venus Retrograde Challenges Antidotes

Relationships and Romance

During this time major relationships are under review. It is important to take an emotional inventory of the current status of a relationship, and if/where changes need to be made. Consider if one person is putting in more effort than the other, and whether your needs are being met. If you find that a relationship has served it’s time and place, that it has gone stagnant or been outgrown, and that it is best to move on, wait until Venus goes direct Sept 3rd to make any moves. If a past relationship resurfaces, platonic or romantic, take this time to consider the same. Some are resurfacing because of unfinished business and the need to mend and let go for good, and others may be a genuine open door to reconnect and rekindle IF the work has been done or is willing to be done to make it something of value this go around.

Ask yourself if there are appropriate boundaries in your relationships, even in the closest ones. If not, it’s important to put them in place as preventative measures. Boundaries are for preservation, not dissolution. It’s also important to note that if boundaries “cause” a relationship to fail, it was a faulty foundation. While I have not personally read it, several people I know swear by the book Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself by Nedra Tawwab.

Review and reflect on expectations. Do you and the other person in the relationship have aligned expectations? Do you or the other person have unrealistic expectations? If there is a discrepancy between expectations or they are unrealistic, where can adjustments be made?


Take this time to not only review your finances, but also your relationship to money. Do you need to create a budget? Do you need to build a savings account or invest? What can you do to build a better foundation for your financial security while also not being a miser and hanging on to every penny. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Take a step back and evaluate your values. Ask yourself if they are in alignment with your CURRENT views and feelings. What have you outgrown and how does that translate into reaching a different conclusion? Remember that you always have the right to change your mind.


Use this time to consider how you can revamp your self esteem through changes in your physical appearances as well as to your environment. It doesn’t have to be anything overly dramatic or grand, just something that gives you a serotonin boost. Go for a walk, change your diet and drink more water to start focusing on physical aesthetics from the inside out until Venus is Direct. Do NOT get any elective cosmetic procedures.

How will Venus Retrograde effect your Zodiac Sign?

How Venus Retrograde will impact you most is dependent on where this transit is hitting your Venus in your astrological or natal birth chart. I highly recommend the app Time Passages for looking at and understanding your natal astrological birth chart, especially as it relates to how different happenings in the sky will effect you personally. This Venus Retrograde is hitting the same placement as the last one in Leo, my 9th House, the House associated with our beliefs, philosophy, religion, higher education, and long distance relationships and travel; particularly as it relates to thinking big and bold for the future. The 9th House ruled by Jupiter is about the higher mind and mental exploration. For simple example, knowing that Venus is Retrograde in Leo and hitting my 9th House, I know what is likely to have a spotlight shone on it:

Venus - romance, relationships, finances, values and aesthetics.

Venus is in Leo - the heart, romance, passion, partnerships, power couples, grand gestures, loyalty, standing in your power, commanding a presence, and taking pride.

9th House - beliefs, philosophy, religion, higher education, and long distance relationships and travel as they relate to the future.

The Wisdom in a Venus Retrograde

The key to Venus Retrograde, or really any retrograde for that matter, is to recognize that it is a gift from the Universe rather than a curse. It’s a nudge in where to pay attention, where to reflect, and hopefully where to make changes that are in your best interest. It’s important to note that these nudges are just that, nudges, and ultimately it is up to us to act on the guidance we are given.

It’s also worth noting that we are in a Universal 7 Year (2023) that corresponds to not only The Chariot in tarot, but also The Lovers, and Hebrew letters Chet (Fence/Boundary) and Zayin (The Sword or Dagger). All of these energy layers are highly significant to the challenges that you will face during Venus Retrograde, as well as how you respond. To dive in for a better understanding and gleam some hope for a bright future no matter what you are facing, make sure to checkout 2023 Numerology Forecast: What To Expect In A 7 Universal Year.

Additional Important Dates During this Venus Retrograde

7/19 - 7/21 - Shadow period of Venus Retrograde - the fun begins

7/22 - Venus goes Retrograde

8/8 - Lion’s Gate Portal - This is very important for paying attention to what it is you want to manifest into tour world, especially as it relates to being in alignment with Universal or Divine Will.

8/9 - Venus Retrograde in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus - expect an urge to remove yourself from situations and relationships that are controlling, restrictive, or unfulfilling. You are also likely to find yourself looking to partner up or build a foundation with someone or something else.

8/22 - Venus Retrograde squares Jupiter in Taurus - expect exaggerated and expansive heartfelt sentiment and passion.

The next Venus Retrograde will be March 1, 2025 – April 12, 2025 beginning in the fire sign of Aries and ending in the water sign of Pisces.



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