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The Lions' Den & Protecting the Tarot Pride

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It’s Leo season, time for the mighty lion to shine.

Lions represent natural born leadership, strength, courage, and protection, particularly of the family. Lions run in groups or family units called “prides” that are primarily composed of females. Anyone who has watched National Geographic or even Disney’s The Lion King for that matter, knows that it is the females, the lionesses, that run the show. They are responsible for rearing the cubs, hunting, and protecting the pride and their territory from threats. Despite their fierceness, lions are rather affectionate creatures which is why so many have attempted to keep them as pets. Orphaned cubs, stray lions, and even humans have successfully been accepted into lion prides. The key to acceptance into a pride is more than being respectful, it's acting appropriately and genuinely. As Dean Schneider (a successful lion pride integrated human) says in Living with Lions, “when I am with them, I have to leave all of my human behaviors, my human thinking, and everything that’s human about me out there. In here, I have to think like a lion, I have to act like a lion in every single situation.”

So why am I talking about lions?

The tarot community, composed of tarot readers, students and enthusiasts, is like a lion pride, a family unit composed of unique members that work together to create a safe environment for fostering growth and the reputation of tarot into the future. As with any community, it is further broken down into smaller groups based on similar ideas and compatible personalities. We don’t need to be a member of every group, we only need to remember that we are a member of the larger community designed to preserve the integrity of the profession. Our membership in the larger and smaller communities is voluntary, and just like lions will join or leave a pride to find another they are more compatible with, we have the freewill to move along if there is something in our particular community we aren’t jiving with.

Unfortunately, within the last year or so there have been a few individuals that have come into the tarot community, as well as the smaller group which I am a member of, and willfully and maliciously caused drama. Despite welcoming these people with open arms, they either through hidden disdain or under false pretenses, have attempted to destroy, discredit, or dominate our community based on personal egoic drives. These people have even attempted to stage some sort of a coup against the primary pillar in our community, Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady), and those of us they view as closest to her. When they have failed, as is the nature of the ego driven moves, they and the followers they have gained through manipulation then lurk in the shadows on the edge of our community rather than moving along and starting their own. This same behavior is observed in the wild with lions attempting to take over an established pride. The would-be conquerors who lack the strength to be direct in their confrontation will attempt to draw out the lionesses and smaller males individually (or in small groups) in order to scatter and weaken a pride’s overall defense before going in for the kill on the alpha male. Can you see where I’m going with this?

More disturbing than the drama these people have started, or their lurking in the shadows, is the fact that there are those that are members of our community, our pride, that continue to maintain a relationship with or converse with these known Trojan horses. This isn’t about just differing opinions amongst members, it’s the continuous willful and malicious poisoning of the pond, and therefore a threat to the pride as a whole. Just like a parasitic leech that attaches itself to a host, it can only draw blood as long as it is allowed to remain in direct contact with you. Once you decide to remove the leech and rid yourself of it’s toxicity, you don’t have to kill it, you just have to avoid going back in the water where you picked it up. You may even feel called to take it one step further, and warn other members of your community about the danger that lurks in the water just waiting for a host to attach to.

Some may even say that warning the rest of the pride is the responsible thing to do. What is for sure is that it is the responsibility of every member of a pride or community to work together to preserve the peace and integrity of the unit when a threat presents itself. This means that we cannot just turn a blind eye towards this deceptive and divisive behavior and expect that everything will just “work itself out”. Each one of us must take a stand and exile the threat for the safety of all members. Remember, leeches only thrive when there is a host.

Let me make something very clear. All communities have issues, that’s what happens when you mix personalities with differing thoughts and opinions. We are each entitled to our own thoughts and opinions, but when we enter into a community just like an outsider attempting to join a pride, we must leave these at the door and act appropriately. What has been happening with these people is more than that, this is the intentional attempted destruction of a community for personal gain in the form of being the “messiah”.

The beauty about the openness of these communities is that if you feel like joining our group was a mistake, that you in some way can do better, or are a member that feels as though our group is no longer a good fit for you, then you have the freewill to move along easily and instantaneously. As adults we should know that not everyone is our cup of tea, and that’s ok. If you come in and it’s not right for you, then we wish you all the best.

However, know that if you threaten the safety and security of our pride, there are those of us that will go for the jugular without hesitation. We understand the serious nature of the tarot business and the potential impact it has on people's lives, so we have no time for games of this kind. To mistake our kindness and welcoming embrace for weakness is to make a grave error. The world is full of false prophets, messiahs and those that are hell bent on destruction and mayhem; it is our job as conduits of light to make sure that these people don’t take root in our community.

While I may be speaking of the tarot community here, this is a story as old as time that has played itself out in all sorts of communities. History has shown time and time again, that if you are not willing to stand for something, then you will fall for anything. So if you’ve found yourself asking what to look for and what you can you do to protect your community, tarot or not, here are some of what I have found to be the best practices:

  1. Be aware of what people are saying, alluding to or dancing around, and even what they aren’t saying. For instance, if someone in your community starts making derogatory commentary about the community or it’s members either overtly, covertly or in ambiguous language, it’s time to start paying close attention. While we don’t all have to agree, we should all act like adults willing to have amicable conversations. If someone who was once actively engaged is suddenly pulling back, and perhaps being suspiciously quiet, pay attention.

  2. Questions to ask yourself if you notice or suspect these types of behaviors:

    1. Do they have a legitimate reason to be talking about this?

    2. Does it seem like they are talking about someone in particular in the community?

    3. Are they talking about this openly and pointedly, or are they using ambiguous language, skirting around and alluding to what they are really saying?

    4. Are they the only member talking about this “problem” in the community?

    5. Are they acting as the ultimate authority in what they are talking about?

    6. Do they appear to be trying to “convert” or convince others into their way of thinking?

    7. Are they being helpful or harmful to the community?

    8. Do they appear to be delegitimizing the community or it’s members?

    9. Do they appear paranoid or make commentary about being the “outsider” or similar terms?

    10. Does this sound like the makings of a whisper campaign?

  3. Watch out for false messiahs. These are the people who come into a community and instead of openly discussing something they view as needing improvement, they start a campaign of righteousness where they promise to be the savior who will right the wrongs. These are the ultimate authorities mentioned above. Remember that genuine members of a community work together openly as adults to resolve any real or perceived issues in a respectful manner.

  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions or challenge the person exhibiting this behavior. Those who try these deceptive tactics will often respond with cliches or cryptic answers in an attempt to further their agenda and prevent critical thinking.

  5. If you see something, then say something. Address them directly and allow them the space to explain what they meant and to correct their behavior if they misspoke. If they continue with the behavior, then it’s time to put your shields up, and let the community know what is going on before this brush fire grows into a forest fire.

  6. When someone is acting this way, it’s best to completely remove their access to you and the community. That means zero acknowledgment or engagement. Remember the leech?

  7. Pay attention and trust your intuition.

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