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Tarot Key 7, The Chariot & Cancer Season 2022 Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

June 21st is the Summer Solstice and ushers in Cancer season, the crab, and Tarot Card Key 7, The Chariot.

The Chariot tarot card meaning

Check out these astrological highlights during Cancer season:

6/22 - Venus in Gemini - Flirtation, love notes and texts, teasing, intriguing and stimulating art, lively conversations, speaking out for social Justice, and tickling the intellect is what’s attractive and draws us in like a magnet. Be careful with affairs of the heart, especially the potential for emotional manipulation; mean what you say and say what you mean.

6/28 - New Moon in Cancer - This is a good Moon to set intentions around the home, family, our emotional self and selfcare, being centered, boundaries, and empathetic connection to others.

7/5 - Mars in Taurus - This is a time where we are slow to anger, tend to wait and respond rather than react, move at our own pace in our own time, and are more patient than usual. Our focus shifts to long term growth and goals, determination, willpower and strength for the long haul seem to kick in. However, we are more apt to be stubborn and bullheaded, even to dig our heels in and bring things to a screeching halt if we feel rushed or prodded in a direction we aren’t comfortable with.

7/5 - Mercury in Cancer - Communication comes from the heart, is sensitive, emotional, and personal. This is a time for deep thought, taking stock of philosophical and spiritual teachings, personal beliefs, and to meditate and reflect. Focus on communicating clearly, listening to others attentively, and following your intuition and inner knowing. Feel your way.

7/13 - Full Moon in Capricorn - This is a good Moon for recognizing and releasing things in our life that are superficial, things and people we are cautious or pessimistic of, unnecessary or weak boundaries, to know when to take a step back or stepping up, and insufficient efforts for long-term goals.

7/17 - Venus in Cancer - During the next four weeks the atmosphere is buzzing with sensitivity, affection and nurturing energy. There will be a strong focus on family, home, relationships, romance, empathy and compassion, heightened intuition and deep emotions, listening and counseling, being supportive, security and comfort, and aesthetics.

Here’s a look ahead at what Cancer season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Tarot Card Key 7, The Chariot. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

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Aries - Ten of Wands - The workload and weight is heavy this month, there is hard work to be done. You may find yourself strapped with extra responsibilities or obligations, or perhaps it’s just that extra push through to the end with what is already on your plate. Sort out what is yours, what is for others, and what can wait. You are almost there, just keep going to see the job through.

Taurus - Two of Cups reversed - Expect to be focused more on yourself this month than on another. This can come through a breakdown or breakup in a relationship, but it can also be about claiming your personal power and focusing more on yourself and what you bring to the table for yourself before someone else. Be mindful of false offers, withdrawn support, and your health as well.

Gemini - Seven of Cups - There are a lot of opportunities and options on the table, not all of them are what they appear to be. You’ll need to rely more on your intuition and less on your eyes when it comes to navigating your choices. The more options and thus distractions you have, the more difficult it is going to be to focus, eliminate where you can and be mindful of illusions and wishful thinking.

Cancer - Three of Swords reversed - There has been a lot weighing on your heart, but there is finally a break in the clouds and the storm appears to have passed. As the air clears and the dense fog lifts, focus on forgiveness for yourself and others, hope and optimism that the darkness is behind you, and allow the pain to release and subside. Wounds take time to heal, be tender with yourself. .

Leo - Queen of Pentacles - Focus on your home, family, security and finances. Clean, organize, and redecorate. Spend time tending to your loved ones and yourself, making sure to put an emphasis on comfort and support. When it comes to finances and assets, take a practical approach and be mindful of investment over instant gratification.

Virgo - Seven of Swords - Keep your eyes and ears open, and your wits about you. You need to think before you act, make a strategic plan with backups, and watch for signs that you or others are being deceptive or trying to get away with something. If you find yourself questioning yourself at your own hand or another’s, take a step back and watch for signs of Imposter Syndrome.

Libra - Four of Cups - You’re not looking to add anything new to your world right now, it’s about focusing on and reevaluating what is already on your plate and demanding your attention. This is a time where you are going within, which often leads others to believe you are indifferent, but in reality you’re deep in contemplation. Expect the need for solid boundaries.

Scorpio - King of Pentacles reversed - You can’t bullhead your way through this month, watch for being stubborn, bullheaded, and impractical. Be careful with your finances and watch your spending and investments; now is not the time for splurges or taking chances. On the flipside, be mindful of becoming obsessive with wealth, financial and social status.

Sagittarius - Eight of Cups reversed - There is still business to be tended to, a situation isn’t quite over yet and requires another look. While you may be tempted to walk away and wash your hands, you either don’t have enough strength to do that at this time, or you’re feeling indecisive and need more details. If you have a trip or travel plans on the books, you may run into delays.

Capricorn - The Moon reversed - Things are coming out of the shadows and stepping into the light so that you can see them for what or who they truly are. Be mindful of letting your emotions run rampant and getting the best of you; you want to be able to keep a level head and analyze based on fact rather than fear. If something comes to a standstill, don’t push forward at this time, more information needs to come out.

Aquarius - Ace of Pentacles reversed - Watch for subtle opportunities that present themselves, and be ready to act or you risk letting them slip through your fingers. Focus on what you are hoping to build in the future for the long term and make decisions based on that growth potential and goal. Watch where you invest or offer your resources up this month or it could cost you.

Pisces - Knight of Swords reversed - It’s time to pull back, if you impulsively charge in full-steam ahead right now, you are going to end up making irrational decisions that leave you on the losing end. Feeling restless and unfocused? Sit down and put that energy into creating a game plan that is feasible, and then run it by others for feedback.



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