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Monthly Messages From Spirit: February 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

These energies are the underlying theme and scope for February 2022; they were divined to me to present to you. Their depth and message are to be discovered by those genuine seekers. DO NOT STOP with this blog post, DIG DEEPER and pay attention to the signs that surround and speak to you daily. I would love to hear any insights you have, as well as how they played out for you or brought something of value; the comments are now open on each blog post.

Rider Waite Smith Nine of Wands esoteric title Lord of Great Strength
The Lord of Great Strength

Tarot Card of the Month: 9 of Wands

The Nine of Wands, or the Lord of Great Strength, is an indication that you are coming closer to the conclusion of something, to see it manifest in the physical world; you’re right at the finish line but not quite there yet. You are being asked to continue to see it through, to persevere despite being tired and weathered, and perhaps even to stand your ground and defend the things you are passionate about. Clearly this hasn’t been a cake walk, it’s been hard work; just don’t let apprehension and fear from past experiences creep in because you have what it takes to see this through. This is about pushing yourself past your comfort zone, taking risks and pushing boundaries with yourself. With great risk comes the potential of great reward, and remember, what does not kill you only makes you stronger. This card can indicate having or needing to have boundaries that separate yourself from the thing (or person) that leaves you on edge, especially mentally (notice the bandage on their head).

Fire Agate crystal Healing properties

Healing Crystal of the Month: Fire Agate

This stone assists with aligning the etheric body to the physical, grounding and revitalizing our bodies and overall health, opening channels of creativity to let Divine inspiration flow, reconnecting us with our deepest desires and the things we are passionate about in life, to rekindle our inner spark of the Divine and let it burn with intense vitality, courage in taking risks and making decisions in unclear circumstances, and stepping into Divine alignment to see Divine will and the blueprint of our life’s purpose manifest in the material world.

What does the number 8 mean in numerology

Numerology of the Month = 8

The number eight is associated with personal power, confidence, inner-strength and wisdom, self-reliance, discrimination and discernment, insight, truth and integrity. Eight is associated with the tarot Keys of Strength, The Star, and The Magician.

cat spirit animal meaning

Sacred Figure of the Month: The Cat

Cats are creatures of stealth, strength, determination and freedom. Often depicted as evil throughout time, they represent supernatural powers and awareness. Associated to the moon (Luna) and being creatures of transformation and protection, they are sacred to numerous goddesses throughout the world, some of the most well known being Isis, Bastet, Set, Diana, and Freyja. February 1st marks the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger. Make sure to check out this feline’s ancient symbolism and 11 pieces of wisdom from the Tiger Spirit Animal HERE.

meaning of the double spiral symbol

Sacred Symbol of the Month: The Double Spiral

This symbol represents duality and balance between involution and evolution, contraction and expansion, and birth and death. We see this in the intertwining of the caduceus serpents (Hermes' rod) and the double helix around Brahman’s staff.

angel numbers meaning 532

Angelic Message of the Month: 532

“Trust that the ascended masters are giving you the courage and motivation to improve your life”

basil magical herb meanings and uses

Sacred Plant of the Month: Basil

Latin Name: Ocimum bascilicum

Basil is an amazing plant for manifestation, wealth and abundance, protection and love. Invite these qualities into your life by adding a leaf to your wallet, pocket, or wherever you keep money; rubbing a leaf on your anointing points or inner wrists; adding it to your food (I love a good pesto); crushing dried leaves and sweeping your floors with it (add salt) to clear low frequency energy (can also add to your bath salts for a cleansing bath); and adding a “basil bowl” in each room of your house for protection.

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© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

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