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Pisces Season 2023 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

February 18th ushers in Pisces season, the fish, and Tarot Card Key 18, The Moon. Interestingly, the Wolf is the symbol for the Messages from the Universe: February 2023

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning zodiac sign Pisces

Check out these astrological highlights during Pisces season:

2/20 New Moon in Pisces - This is a time to be setting intentions around our emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, meditative and prayer practices, intuition and psychic development, self care and stress reduction, and our compassion and empathy towards others.

2/20 Venus in Aries - This sets the tone for things to heat up quickly, a feistiness and passion permeates the air. When it comes to our relationships, love and romance, and perhaps even our values and justice, we are independent, assertive and dominant. We live to flirt and love the chase, BUT we have to be careful. In the midst of this excitement, there is a tendency to be impulsive which can lead to elopements, one night stands and even affairs. This heat is also known to cause jealousy and possessiveness.

3/2 Mercury in Pisces - This is a time where we are operating on feelings, not facts. Our imagination and creativity is running wild, daydreams and wild fantasies are happening more and more, and our intuition and psychic awareness are firing on all pistons. We find ourselves drawn into the arts and literature, we dream big and set goals, and perhaps even offer comfort and counseling to a friend or stranger on the street. If you have been wanting to really practice visualization, beginning or fine tuning meditation practices, dream work, or communicating with your Guides, Angels, ancestors and the Divine Universal wisdom, now is the time.

3/7 Full Moon in Virgo - Review, release and set intentions around cleanliness, organization, work habits and ethics, health and wellness influences and decisions, the way in which we are in assistance to or work with others, the things are on our “to do” list that keep getting bumped to the bottom of the list, and the areas of our life that need a highly analytical approach or mindset.

3/7 - Saturn in Pisces - This placement will last three years and has not occurred since the mid 1990’s. Checkout this great piece from Nylon on what Saturn in Pisces looked like then and what we can expect with this placement: SATURN IN PISCES BREAKS THE NOISE: 2023-2026

3/16 - Venus in Taurus - This is a time where our relationships, romance, and love are down to earth and centered on the rational, predictable and comfortable. A sense of loyalty, nurturing, and sensuality are key here. We indulge in all that we find beautiful, the arts and fine foods. Financial stability and security are sexy, and we are looking for true value and refinement above all else. Be mindful of being stubborn and possessive.

3/19 - Mercury in Aries - This is a time where all pistons are firing, our intellect is sharp, and ideas and projects are flowing. We are apt to make quick decisions, and feel more assertive and confident in ourselves. When we speak or communicate, it is to the point, we tend to say what is on our mind without mincing words, avoid emotion (unless a heated debate) in our thoughts and expressions, and will argue with a brick wall. Be mindful to think before you speak, speak your truth without being rude or condescending, and watch for impulsiveness, impatience and being argumentative.

Here’s a look ahead at what Pisces season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Free online tarot readings Pisces season February March 2023

Aries - King of Swords - This month is about sitting in a place that allows for Spirit to be heard, where you gain mental clarity and truth, expansion of the intellect, and using your intellectual prowess for a higher purpose. Rely on higher consciousness to direct your actions and inactions, and mean what you say and say what you mean, nothing less and nothing more. Speak of truths objectively.

Taurus - The Lovers RX - Something is out of balance, the higher perspective is not being taken into consideration or followed, a decision is being delayed, or perhaps a split in a relationship. Do your best to focus on your inner balance and alignment, seeing all sides and making decisions based on long term goals and outcomes.

Gemini - Two of Cups - Looking for a partner or needing someone to support you? This is a good time for new relationships and partnerships to enter the arena. It’s not about how long they will stay, but rather how valuable their presence is and the amount of healing or benefit that one each can have in this time. Perhaps an offer you cannot refuse is on the way.

Cancer - The Chariot - Tap into your willpower to center yourself, take control and start moving forward in the right direction for success. Tension may be tight, but you have what it takes. Even if you may not know exactly what it is you want to move towards yet, you should know what you want to move away from.

Leo - The Tower - Something is changing and it will be rather sudden and perhaps shocking. While it might feel like chaos in this upheaval or sudden revelations, know that anything that is true or meant for you cannot pass you by; only the false falls away.

Virgo - Eight of Pentacles - Now is the time to hone your skills, perfect your skills and get the job done! It’s important that you focus on your work, the rest of the world will have to wait as you have important work to do. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect; so if you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.

Libra - Six of Swords - It is time to put down the sword, to back away from the strife, disappointment, defeat and all of the other mental-emotional cocktail that’s been plaguing you. Fair winds and calm seas are before you if you’re willing to take only what you need, leave the baggage behind, and set sail towards the horizon without a single glance back at what once was.

Scorpio - Wheel of Fortune - There is a turning of the tide as you reach a point where karma and destiny seem to be taking center stage. Keep your thoughts positive and your faith in Spirit as the wheel turns and karma comes full circle.

Sagittarius - Ten of Cups RX - This month is marked by a struggling relationship, disharmony or disconnectivity, and lackluster feelings. While this is often between two people, a larger family or friendship dynamic, it can also be about the misalignment of values or disconnection with Spirit or Divine Will.

Capricorn - Five of Pentacles - This month brings a challenge to your finances, material property (things often get broken or stolen), health and sickness, spiritual well being, or even a discourse with a loved one (especially a significant other).The 5s in tarot are representative of challenge, check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments for how to navigate this energy as it comes to you this month.

Aquarius - Six of Wands RX - A private achievement, a fall from grace, or the ego stepping up front and center. If you have been working on something in private (maybe some self-development) then expect some victories this month; this can also be about you “winning” incognito. Make sure to check your ego and don’t gloat or you face a fall from grace.

Pisces - Nine of Swords - There is a lot weighing on your mind right now and while it may seem like you just can’t get out from under it. Separate fact from fiction, old info from new, now and eventually/maybe, and then decide specifically where you can release anxiety, depression, worry, and ease the tension on your mental bandwidth.



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