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Leo Season 2022 Astrology Highlights and Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

July 22nd is ushers in Leo season, the lion, and Tarot Card Key 8, Strength

Check out these astrological highlights during Leo season:

Leo zodiac sign Strength Tarot Card Meaning

7/28 New Moon in Leo - this is a good time to set intentions around stepping into your power and into the limelight, opening your heart center, and having a good healthy dose of self appreciation and pride.

7/28 Jupiter retrograde - the planet of growth, expansion, higher learning, abundance, prosperity, and good fortune goes retrograde so expect things to slow down. Do not despair, take this time to make plans for when things pick back up.

8/4 Mercury in Virgo - There is a time where our minds are sharp as a tack, we see and understand complex situations, take notice of patterns, and are able to effectively and efficiently solve problems. Critical thinking, analysis, discernment and a methodical approach are paramount; everything must pass the fine toothed comb test. Communication is organized, rational and to the point.

8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal - it is time to step into your power and allow the creative powers of manifestation for the future to flow forth from the heart. The “portal” aligns with Leo season, the ancient Egyptian zodiacal new year, and is said to peak at the midpoint on 8/8.

8/11 Full Moon in Aquarius - This is a good Moon for recognizing and releasing things in our life where we are prone to extremes or taking abrupt irrational actions, the status quo that we feel the need to push back from or have just been following along, and where we allow our intellect to get in the way of our intuition.

8/11 Venus in Leo - it is time for fiery, feisty, exhilarating, heart pounding, sexy femme fatale mentality and relationship spice. Spice up your relationship, rekindle a dying flame, or make a bold move. Create bold and dramatic pieces of art, attend art expos and concerts, and perhaps make wild changes in appearance.

8/20 Mars in Gemini - This is a time where we are super social, spontaneous, and seeking new adventures around every corner. This is a great time for clear and effective communication and exchanging ideas. You’ll find that you can’t seem to learn enough new information at this time. Both the mind and body are busy, busy, busy. Be mindful of anxiety and nervous tension. Friendly disagreements and debates are likely, but watch for being argumentative.

Here’s a look ahead at what Leo season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Tarot Card Key 8, Strength. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Leo season free horoscopes and tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac

Aries - The Moon - this is a time of transition where you will need to navigate the dark by feel without letting fear grip you and prevent you from moving forward on your path. Follow your intuition and the faint glow of the moon to direct you in this journey through the unknown. Watch for illusions, getting caught in fantasy land, and letting your ego take control and psych you out.

Taurus - The Lovers - this month is about higher perspectives, evaluating our values and aligning ourselves to the things that we want to manifest in our lives, and making choices between right now and right for the long run. Relationships, partnerships, and love, internally within the self, externally with others, and with Source are key.

Gemini - The Tower - And down comes the tower of Babel, the carefully laid stones of falsehoods, doubt and/or ego that prevent true growth, faith and enlightenment. Expect swift changes and epiphanies through the crumbling of false foundations and shocking revelations. Know that when the tower is struck and the bricks begin to tremble beneath your feet, those that flee fare better than those that white knuckle it to the end.

Cancer - The World RX - this month might be frustrating a bit, things don’t come together as expected. It may be a matter of things still having to line up behind the scenes, a timeline that seems to be dragging out, a piece of the puzzle that is missing, or expectations that just weren’t met and the final product is subpar. Plan for delays and reevaluate expectations.

Leo - Five of Pentacles RX - it appears that it has been rough for you dear Leo.. Whether you seem to have taken a hit financially, spiritually or in your health, expect things to start improving during your season. Count your coins, conserve your resources, get back up on the horse slowly and either ask or accept help that is available. The recovery may be rather slow, but it is there nonetheless.

Virgo - High Priestess RX - you may need to take a step back from the situation to really feel it out, the waters are rather murky and the answers aren’t coming in clearly. If it is a matter of too much movement and background noise, take the time for silence and stillness so that you can hear the faint whisper of your intuition guiding you. You have to set the table for the feast.

Libra - The Magician - you have all of the tools that you need at your disposal and you know how to wield them to manifest the reality you seek. Now is the time to lean into the Will and take inspired action, but be mindful of where you pull your inspiration from. Let Spirit guide your hand and your creativity will flow forth naturally.

Scorpio - Six of Wands - You did it, and it’s time to own it and stand in your power! This is a time where you are not only successful in your endeavor(s), but are recognized for your achievements and the hard work that it took. Whatever you have been working diligently at, expect to make strides and don’t shy away from giving yourself a pat on the back.

Sagittarius - Eight of Swords RX - it’s time to remove the shackles, thoughts and opinions that have been holding you back and keeping you confined. If you have been doing this to yourself, stop it with the negative thoughts or analysis paralysis. If others have pigeon holed you into a corner and kept you weighed down or feeling small, cut and go. Declare your freedom and that you are not a victim, and start making movements.

Capricorn - Nine of Cups - This month is about comfort, happiness, joy and satisfaction in different facets of your life. A wish (or two) may be granted and you find yourself in a state of emotional fulfillment. Take the time to live in this place of joy, count your blessings and then pay it forward by making something else's wish come true.

Aquarius - Wheel of Fortune RX - This month is going to have its challenges. The Wheel reversed can be somewhat deceptive though, we have to ask ourselves, am I really having bad luck, setbacks, disruptions, and delays because of something outside of me, or am I holding on to control too tightly and resistant to change? If it’s outside of your control, is it really bad luck or “not meant for” you, or is it just not the right timing? This is a good time to break toxic or negative cycles.

Pisces - Five of Cups RX - You felt this one at the core of your being and it shows. You sat with it, but it’s time to make sure that you don’t sit in it. Whatever has pained you, left you feeling defeated, or suspended without the ability to move onwards, it’s time to let go. If amends can be made, great, but if they cannot, know that there are better things for you on the horizon.



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