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Key 13, Death & Scorpio Season Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

October 23rd ushers in Key 13, Death, the card of Scorpio.

Death calls for us to release the things in our life that no longer serve us or impedes our journey of evolution, transformation and becoming a higher and better version of ourselves. When we are able to let go, we create space for something not only new to come in, but for something better. This release also allows us to live in the present moment and perhaps even look forward to the future, rather than dwell on the past. It serves as a reminder that everything in the universe has its place and time, and is subject to the three fold nature of life, death, and resurrection. Nothing is permanent, so take nothing for granted as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Know that the tighter we grasp to maintain our control on something that has outlived its purpose in our journey, the more difficult we make it as we prolong the inevitable. Death asks you to review what is holding you back, keeping stagnant, or where your grasp needs to be softened, and then send it to Spirit for transmutation.

Check out these astrological highlights during Scorpio season:

10/30 Mars in Scorpio - This is a time where we experience increased confidence, power, and revitalization as if we could conquer the world. We are bold, spontaneous, determined to go after what we want, and competition seems to flow through our veins. There is a heightened sexual tension in the air. Watch for manipulation, excessive control and power trips, stubbornness, and aggression both within yourself and others.

10/31 Samhain

11/1 All Saint’s Day/Day of the Dead

11/2 All Soul’s Day

11/4 New Moon in Scorpio - This is the time for setting intentions around being aware of or heightened sense of intuition, inner knowing, psychic senses, and connection with Source; the things that we are passionate about; our sensuality; and bringing things out of the darkness and into the light.

11/5 Venus in Capricorn - This is a time where we are more conservative and mature in our relationships. Commitment, security, stability, and responsibility are paramount. Love languages tend to be more acts of service or genuine gestures that are practical rather than over the top romance and theatrics.

11/5 Mercury in Scorpio - This is a time where we seek to acquire more knowledge, but on a much more deep level; in a philosophical and perhaps even prophetic way. We observe in a way that allows us to see and understand what is below the surface and between the lines. This is a great time for problem solving and having conversations/communicating about the things we are passionate about. Watch for being cynical, obsessive, confrontational and emotional reactions.

11/19 Full Moon in Taurus - Review the things in your life that are not secure or give you a sense of insecurity; your finances and building sustainably for the future; where you may feel unable to express your innate sexual energy; your grounding practices; and the food you nourish your body with..

Here’s a look ahead at what Scorpio season will bring or how each sign can work with the energy of Key 13, Scorpio & Death. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your sun, rising and moon signs.

Aries - Knight of Swords - Scorpio season is about you charging forward full steam ahead without looking back! You’re going to need to not only think fast, but also act fast. If there is something you have been waiting to make a move, now is the time!

Taurus - Nine of Pentacles RX - Scorpio season finds you hustling and perhaps even overworking yourself. Be mindful of your personal energy wells, you can’t get fruitful plants from dead soil.

Gemini - Nine of Wands RX - Scorpio season is about easing up on your defensiveness, to stop looking over your shoulder at everyone that passes as if they are suspect, and to tend to your wounds in a way that allows you to move beyond the past.

Cancer - High Priestess - Scorpio season is about tapping into your intuition and inner knowing. This is a time where your focus needs to be on connecting with your emotional body, the Divine Feminine within, and your esoteric studies.

Leo - King of Swords - Scorpio season is about sitting in a place that allows for Spirit to be heard; where you gain mental clarity, expansion of the intellect, and the ability to speak of truths objectively.

Virgo - Page of Wands RX - Scorpio season is about redirecting your energy and going back to the beginning or basics. This can be a product of a journey that didn’t take off as planned, new ideas are leading in new directions, or a need to go within for this journey.

Libra - Page of Pentacles - Scorpio season is about preparing the soil and planting the seeds that you want to see grow into full fields of glory. Expect financial opportunities, the ability to manifest material wealth and goods, and to hone your skills.

Scorpio - The Moon RX - Scorpio season is about releasing fears and anxieties around the things that go bump in the darkness of the mind. It’s about illumination and seeing things clearly for who and what they are.

Sagittarius - Nine of Cups RX - Scorpio season is about finding internal happiness and contentment rather than focusing on the external things that are often fleeting. This is a good time to review the things in your life that are superficial in satisfaction or don’t add to your plate.

Capricorn - The Empress RX - Scorpio season is about focusing on your needs through self love and care, allowing your creativity to not only flow but to really flourish as well, and making sure that you are inviting abundance and prosperity into your life by only focusing on what you do want.

Aquarius - The World - Scorpio season brings about the completion of a cycle and the glimpse of new beginnings. This is a time to follow your gut and to know that all things eventually come full circle so embrace the new without clutching to the old.

Pisces - The Chariot - Scorpio season is about using your willpower to center yourself, take control of the reins and start moving in the right direction for success. You may not know exactly what it is you want to move towards yet, but you should know what you want to move away from.



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