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Tarot Saves Lives, It Could Even Save Yours

Updated: Jan 30, 2022


As tarot is once again gaining ground in mainstream media, rumors are again circulating that tarot is supposedly some sort of a mind trick, an illusion, or scam with no real sustenance. However, anyone that has experienced a quality reading from a professional reader will tell you that it is emphatically real, and the insights and clarity gained can lend substantial value to the querent’s life. For some, this value is life itself. As a professional tarot reader, I have personally witnessed time and again how tarot saves lives.

This statement might seem rather dramatic, but believe it or not, tarot has saved not one or a few, it has saved thousands upon thousands, and continues to every single day. I’ve seen it warn of future fatal accidents and catastrophes like 9/11, blind dates and new partners with foul intentions, the infatuated stalker prowling in the night, vengeful adversaries, impending overdoses, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed medical conditions, succumbing to self imposed destructive behaviors, and even unexpected suicides. While these urgent warnings calling for proactive action being taken are something to marvel at, ultimately tarot saving a life is often in a much more subtle way. Sometimes the best way to save a life is to save the soul. No, I'm not talking about religion here.

We are rather delicate creatures when it comes to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Even the most physically fit and strongest people in the world are susceptible to being the weakest at heart, in the mind, and in spirit. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t agree that life can be rather rough at times. For some, they only experience a single or a limited number of incidents, and for others, it feels like a relentless nightmare they can’t wake from. Please keep in mind that as difficult as it may be, we should not judge or compare incidents to our own or others we know; everyone’s journey, their experiences, personal perceptions, and coping mechanisms are different.

It’s for this reason, that mental and emotional abuse and turmoil, loss and grief, feelings of being stuck or trapped, shattered self esteem, the inability to envision the future or positive outcomes, feeling powerless, and the loss of hope are common situations and circumstances where tarot intervenes to save souls and subsequently lives. To be a guiding hand that reaches down and pulls someone from the trenches, and hopefully before it’s too late. As is the nature of the human condition, these mental and emotional states often lead to self-destructive behaviors as coping mechanisms, or unfortunately even suicide. Some say that you can’t stop someone from self-destructive behaviors or taking their life if they are determined too. However, it is in my experience that what these souls lack is purpose, a path forward that offers more than the one they are on, and the realization that anything really is possible no matter how improbable it may seem.

Tarot in the right hands offers hope to those that need it most.

So let's take a look at the various ways that tarot saves lives that may be hanging by a thread.

1) Tarot provides genuine objective insights and guidance.

Unlike friends and family, tarot has no emotional attachment or obligation to anyone. It has one job, to reflect truths back towards the querent for better understanding in order for them to make well informed decisions while maintaining their free will. Friends and family are more likely to insert their personal beliefs and opinions, that may or may not be in the person’s best interest. While most would hope that friends and family would have someone’s best interest at heart when giving advice, this isn’t always the case. I’ve encountered many individuals who received horrendous advice because of the need for appearances, and the “shame” it would bring on the family or person. Then of course, there are the deeply ingrained religious and philosophical beliefs that sometimes must be worked through.

Even if the guidance given is in the best interest and may even be entirely objective, not everyone is open to listening to friends and family because of strained relationships, or those where they feel others are trying to “control them” or “tell them what to do ''. Think of how many times you’ve been given advice by a friend or family member and what you’ve really thought was “you’re just saying that because…”

Likewise, those closest to the person may not be able to deliver guidance in a compassionate and empathetic manner out of mounting frustration, fear, etc.

There are also plenty of examples where the person in need of guidance is isolated and unable to reach out to friends and family out of feelings of shame, fear or victimization by another.

2) Tarot is designed to empower and give strength through knowledge.

Despite how we may feel, our fortune or future is never set in stone. Even grand destinies can be reached from alternative routes where different paths offer different experiences for learning opportunities. I’m sure you’ve probably heard about taking the “path of least resistance” or “taking the hard road”. We always have choices, even if we can’t see them or we aren’t enthusiastic about the ones we can see.

Tarot is designed to show more than our present human condition or something off in the distance. It's about illuminating our present choices, and their ups, their downs, their possibilities, and how we can navigate them with greater awareness and ease. This is extremely important when we are working with individuals who are in deep, dark places feeling powerless, hopeless, and at the mercy of Spirit or the universe. Let me make clear that I am not talking about creating some fantasy world of rainbows and unicorns to make a person feel better, I’m talking about genuine objective insight and awareness leading to a true sense of control through understanding.

The importance here is to highlight the options, but to also emphasize the free will to act through the willpower to bring about change and the desired outcome. This invites the person to step into emotional awareness and maturity over emotional victimization and vulnerability. Through this they gain the understanding that they are the masters of their own destiny.

3) Tarot can give meaning to the things a querent is experiencing.

A lot of people struggle with the “why” around their current situation or circumstance. Some are so caught up on the “why” that they are unable to move forward, and tarot offers them insight and understanding. There tends to be two primary types of “whys”, the “what did I do to deserve this/how did I get here/what went wrong?” people, and the “god is punishing me” people. Tarot gives us a way to look at cause and effect, to see the stands of truth that link situations, circumstances, people, places, events and facts together.

Being able to show a client why something is occurring based on previous happenings gives credit to those experiences, lets them see the intricate nature of how things are connected, and most importantly lets them see the potential outcomes that have yet to be determined and are based on the present ability to respond rather than react. Life is not like a box of chocolates, it's a chess game that can go many different ways depending on the level of awareness and skill of the player. A skilled chess player has learned to see as many moves ahead as possible, along with alternative options.

This goes back to control and putting the emphasis on freewill and will power on the person to take charge of their life through understanding the currents that flow beneath them. This may even be to show someone that their present struggles and willpower to persevere will foster a new strength and leadership or teacher role. To give meaning to their struggle and to give hope through purpose. A quality reader helps a querent to see the whole picture in order to have a better perspective, to become the skilled player in their own life.

This goes far beyond a game of chess allegory, there are real lives that hang in the balance.

The human race has been in a state of mental health crisis, and the current state of the world since Covid first made headlines has only increased this crisis. Suicide rates, even among children and teens is at an all time high. Now I'm not suggesting that tarot readings are going to end the mental health crisis, but it will for many who seek it's services. This isn't about false promises of hope and creating fantasy worlds that tarot readers don’t actually see in the cards. This is about every life having a purpose, a meaning, and to help those struggling to survive, perhaps literally, to find that meaning and that purpose buried in their experiences.

This could not be more true for the younger generation of teens and children who often do not know how to process their emotions or understand the temporary nature of the world around them. We are losing younger and younger children to suicide, and we need to get more creative in our approach to these young people. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga have already made their way into schools across the US with great success. These were things that were once criticized as "strange" or absurd, yet have shown such potential for student, particularly with positive behavior modification. Imagine a child or teen being able to better understand and process their experiences and emotions without having to rely on being vulnerable to a loved one they may feel dismissed by, or waiting for a counseling appointment that may may come too late. Make no mistake, I'm not saying that tarot should be in schools or that it should be used in place of speaking a guardian or a counselor, I'm saying it should be a skill that is taught and readily available as an acceptable supplement for mind, body, spirit support. So at what point will we decide that the outdated taboo-ness of tarot is less significant than the potential to save young lives?

The narrative around tarot needs to change, it's time.

If you’re new to reading tarot for others or are trying to maintain the mental and emotional fortitude it takes to be in service to others, here are a few things you need to remember:

1) We are not God.

2) We cannot help someone unwilling or unready to help themselves.

3) Tarot may save lives, but it’s not our job to “save” anyone.

4) We can only see that which we are being allowed to see and sometimes we’re not meant to see.

5) It’s important to approach tarot reading in a professional manner.

6) In light of the serious nature of this business where we are often not licensed medical and mental health professionals, it’s important to have professional resources available.

Make sure to check out The Truth About Living a Spiritual Life & Tower Moments and 22 Ways Tarot Transforms Your Life. L.V.X. Brandy Interested in booking a private phone or Zoom tarot reading to start getting insight, clarity and guidance today that is specific to you and your unique question(s)? Check out Tarot Readings, Tarot FAQ, the 22 Ways Tarot Transforms Your Life, My Approach and Book Now when you are ready to unlock your inner power, potential and live your purpose. © Brandy Rachelle Uncredited images from my personal collection or within the public domain

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