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Monthly Messages From Spirit: April 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

These are the underlying scope and theme for April 2022. DO NOT STOP with this blog post, DIG DEEPER! I would love to hear any insights you have, as well as how they played out for you or brought something of value during that month. The comments are now open on each blog post.

What does the eight of cups tarot card mean

Tarot Card of the Month: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups calls for us to recognize when we need to retreat, to pull back from or go within in relation to a person, place, or situation/circumstance that really has played its part and no longer is of use in your journey, or cannot go any further at this time. While it’s often associated with the key terms “abandonment” or “disappointment”, this can be quite misleading. This isn’t just about things that have outlived their purpose and need to be let go of in order to make room for the new. The Eight of Cups is also about recognizing expectations and that sometimes if we just can move beyond our emotional attachment to “perfect” , then we will be able to recognize that the thing is perfect in its imperfection. The key here is to keep moving, do not stand idly. Perhaps this months brings a spiritual quest or journey inward for something more meaningful in life.

Opal healing meaning and properties

Healing Crystal of the Month: Transparent Opal

Transparent Opal is a stone for assisting one in facilitating self expression, overcoming negative self-talk and feelings of hopelessness built out of these thought patterns, trusting their own guidance and instincts, breaking free from limiting beliefs and taking decisive action. Forged of fire, it is a stone of alchemy where we can transmute dense or low energy (often referred to as “negative”) into higher frequencies of energy to be used for our own emotional growth, development, and enhanced spiritual awareness and experience. It encourages us to connect with the better aspects of our emotional and imaginative self, to release old wounds in the emotional body, and to face current difficulties by peering through the lens of past lives for clues in proceeding and releasing.

numerology 1 meaning

Numerology of the Month: 1 (4+2+0+2+2 = 10 = 1)

The number 10 relates to change, completion, accomplishment, the grand sum total and karma. With this completion, the cycle repeats beginning with the number 1 (10 reduces to 1). The number 1 in its phallic form, is a masculine symbol associated with source, force, new beginnings, raw force, inspiration, creativity and creation, intensity, striving forward, assertiveness, self reliance and progress.

What is Demeter most famous for?

Sacred Figure of the Month: Demeter (Ceres)

Demeter is the Greek fertility goddess and Earth Mother Goddess is associated with the alternation of life and death which underlies all of nature, the cultivation and harvest, from the wild to the refined, and aiding in the rebirth into the light through spiritual nourishment. She is central to initiatory and mystery rites of Eleusis, the eternal renewal, and the mastery, control, and ability to direct vital forces. "Blessed among men are those who behold the mysteries" Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Snail symbolism and spirit animal

Sacred Symbol of the Month: Snail

The snail is a lunar symbol associated with the cycles of life, death and rebirth, including sexuality, fertility, conception and pregnancy (real or symbolically). Snail serves as a reminder that life often moves forward in very small movements, that we should be patient, take our time and know that everything has its time and place. We will eventually get there, slow and steady wins the race. During this time of unending change, snail signifies endurance and knowing when to withdraw and/or rely on self sufficiency.

Angel number 260

Angel Number of the Month: 260

God has heard and answered your prayers to meet your material needs for food, shelter, and other supplies. Trust.

What does apple symbolize or mean spiritually

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Apple/Apple Tree

The apple and apple tree has a long history of symbolism as a fruit of knowledge, wisdom, divination, immortality, and alchemy. Through the ages, when man has spoken of the fruit of the Tree of Life, or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, it is the apple tree and her sacred fruit that has been depicted. The apple’s 5 pointed star at its core represents spiritual man having dominion over the four elements. In alchemy, the Golden Apple represents sulfur. The apple warns us of the necessity in choosing between earth bound passions and fulfillment, and an immortal spiritualized life.

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*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue


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