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January 2022 Energies of the Month

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

These are the Energies of the Month that are normally provided in Seeker’s Almanac: A Newsletter for Mystics. I have decided to move them to Seeker’s Insights: A Blog for Mystic so that those that wish to have an ongoing discussion with me or one another can do so. I am opening up the comments on these monthly blog posts and would love to hear any insights you have, as well as how they played out for you or brought something of value during that month.

Know that, I do not select these energies, they are given to me to present to you each month. Their depth and message are to be discovered by those genuine seekers, myself included. DO NOT STOP with this blog post, DIG DEEPER. I am only a wayshower, not the end all be all.

Ace of Cups from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Card of the Month: Ace of Cups

This month is about letting your creativity flow forth without hesitation or limitation. Let it come from nowhere other than the heart. Find your inspiration, your muse, and then create to your heart’s desire. Bring that creative force into the physical world through your hands; let Spirit guide them through your intuition. Let your heart be open, ready to say “yes” and receive abundance from the people, places and things that lift your Spirit. Lend a helping hand and show compassion for your fellow man, our animal companions and all of Mother Earth. When we are receptive, nurturing, and hold space for ourselves and others, we are in direct contact with the Divine Feminine principle within each of us.

Numerology of the Month: 8 (1+1+2+0+2+2 = 8)

The number eight is associated with personal power, confidence, inner-strength and wisdom, self-reliance, discrimination and discernment, insight, truth and integrity. Eight is associated with the tarot Keys of Strength, The Star, and The Magician.

Cavansite healing crystal for psychic clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, revelations, prophecies, Akashic Records
Cavasite, Russia

Crystal of the Month: Cavansite

Cavansite relates to facilitating clear insight and comprehension, inner and higher truths, and communication. As such, it helps you better understand your experiences and the lessons learned in order to propel you along in your path and help you connect with guides and teachers during this journey. It stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands lending to enhanced intuition, psychic senses (particularly clairvoyance and clairaudience), channeled information, revelations and prophecies. This is a fantastic stone for those wishing to work with Akashic Records.

Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Cherub angels
Cherubim angels on the clouds, The Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem

Sacred Figure: The Cherubim & Seraphim

The Seraphim are 6 winged, perhaps serpent, angelic beings that attend the throne of God and maintain His holiness by singing His praises; “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts: the earth is full of his glory”. They are described in Isaiah and The Book of Enoch, and cleanse and purify through the use of fire. The cherubim and seraphim are often described/depicted together. The Cherubim are featured on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and charged with its protection, and were also charged with the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Both cherubim and seraphim represent God’s Will.

Ark of the Covenant described in The Book of Exodus containing the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, Aaron's Rod and manna for the Children of Israel
Digital rendition of the Ark of the Covenant based on historical descriptions

Sacred Symbol of the Month: The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is an acacia wood box overlaid with gold and guarded by figures of cherubim and angels that possesses Divine power and contains the tablets of stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, Aaron’s Rod, and a pot of Manna (what the children of Israel survived on during their time in the wilderness). It was created according to the design given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai, and is covered by a blue cloth. It has been a grail for many people and nations throughout history, it’s whereabouts are unknown and undoubtedly highly protected.

Magical and healing properties of Liatris odorastissma, Frasera speciosa, Vanilla Leaf, Wild Vanilla, & Hound’s Tongue

Plant of the Month: Deer’s Tongue

Latin Name: Liatris odorastissma; Frasera speciosa

Common Names: Vanilla Leaf, Wild Vanilla, & Hound’s Tongue

This is a fantastic plant to wear for clear and comprehensive communication, enhanced psychic abilities, attracting partners, enhanced passion, and good fortune.

There are some interesting themes running through the energies this month. Make sure to check out the Universal 6 and The Lovers' Energy we are in during 2022 here, I’m curious to see how the two playout together.



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© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or within the public domain

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