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Divinely Inspired with The Hidden Veil Tarot's Adam Smith

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Divinely Inspired is designed to introduce you to my favorite creative people in the spiritual and metaphysical community and industry. As you may already know, I strongly believe that we are most in-tune with the Divine (Spirit, All, Universe, God, etc) when we are in the active state of creating, just like children at play. Unfortunately with the rise in popularity and commercialism in all things metaphysical and spiritual, now compounded by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a lot of “stuff” out there that is just that, stuff that lacks any genuine Divine inspiration. My solution? Every so often, I will bring you one amazing creator whose work I believe to be Divinely inspired along with where you can find them in hopes that you follow their journey and gain inspiration for your own creative outlets. We all have the ability to create masterpieces and connect with Source while doing it, let them show you how.

Adam with his favorite card the Ace of Swords, from his deck, The Hidden Veil Tarot
Adam with his favorite card the Ace of Swords, from his deck, The Hidden Veil Tarot

I met Adam through my school and Lodge, 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts, sometime during the pandemic, and was instantly intrigued by this seemingly gentle human covered in tattoos. While I do not currently have any tattoos, I have always found them to be beautiful, and at one point even considered being a tattoo artist as a teen. His tattoos and tarot deck, The Hidden Veil Tarot deck, with their clean lines and striking black on white contrast caught my attention which is rather unusual for my art taste. It only takes a quick peek at his Instagram to witness his incredible talent and magical essence. Though beware, you may find yourself feeling called to make a trip to South Carolina for a piece of permanent magic, a talismanic tattoo one might say. Adam is truly Divinely Inspired and anyone looking for a tarot deck or tattoo imbued with magic from a true High Magick practitioner need look no further.

Adam Smith Short Bio

Hi there! I’m Adam Smith, a professional tattoo artist and the creator/artist behind The Hidden Veil Tarot Deck. I have a deep passion for western esotericism, which is obvious in the work I create. It is through art that I have developed a better understanding of myself and where I stand in this world. Currently I reside in South Carolina, where I live with my two cats. I’m working on several projects but ultimately, they are just priming me for my next card deck.

Did you produce art or creative works prior to producing spiritual or metaphysical inspired pieces? If so, what did you do or do you still do?

Most definitely. I’ve been an artist most my life. I took a short leave, which I refer to as my DJ Years, lol, but then ventured back into visual art. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to make a career of it. I’ve had a few pieces published in magazines and books, but there is nothing greater and more rewarding than being able to put your art permanently on people.

What was your first spiritual or metaphysical creation, and what inspired you to create it?

I remember, as a little kid, loving fantasy movies such as The Sword and the Sorcerer, Clash of Titans, and Legend so I’d try to draw dragons and other fantasy characters. I wish I still had some of those old drawings.

Adam Smith Hidden Veil Tarot Gypsy Moon Tattoo Artist South Carolina

What theme do you favor, or do you find inspires you the most in your creations and why?

I really love Sacred Geometry and Mandalas. I feel like you can just get lost in them. The designs and patterns can be a simple as you want, as complex as you want, or a combination of the two. The patterns flow so perfectly on the body as a tattoo, it just blows my mind. I’m in awe right there with the client as the piece comes to life.

Do you research or spend any amount of time planning before you start working on a piece, or do you just let it flow following more of your intuitive process?

It just really depends on the piece. Sometimes the client asks for a particular theme that I’m not real familiar with, and then I must do a little research on the subject. For my personal art I fall back more on an intuitive process, just letting the process happen. I definitely have more fun with intuitive art because you just never know where it will take you.

Some artists or creators work best during certain times of the day or evening, do you have a preference or notice any difference when it comes to your inspiration?

Yes! I’ve noticed I am more creative in the morning. That has become the time I have set aside to work on my art. I get out of bed, feed the cats, get a cup of coffee, and start with the drawings. There are times, though, when I get a bit obsessed with the piece and will work on it all throughout the day in my free time.

Do you have any special energy or spiritual practices that you do before, during, or after your creative sessions?

My main thing is incense. Whether I’m at my place creating drawings or at work tattooing, I like to have incense burning. It always resets me and brings me back to a great starting point, every time. I am a huge fan of Nag Champa.

Do you feel a greater connection to the Universe, Spirit, God, All, etc. through being a creator or artist?

I do. When we, as artists, tap into the creative energies, we are actual tapping into Source. It’s like we become the vessel for something larger than ourselves and it helps guide us through the creative flow.

What is your favorite creation or piece to date and why?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one piece. There are so many different pieces I’ve created that I’ve liked for so many different reasons but, I do have to say, when I look over and see The Hidden Veil Tarot Deck next to me, I get a great feeling of accomplishment. The deck took me a little more than three years to create. I would get a few drawings in and absolutely hate the direction it was going so I would trash everything and start over. I’ve developed quite an emotional bound with this work. The more I talk about it, the more I’m starting to think maybe The Hidden Veil Tarot Deck is my favorite.

What advice would you give to those that say that they are not creative or artistic, and it’s just not in their capabilities?

I would tell them first change the way you are thinking. Believe in yourself and believe you are capable. It took a lot of hard work to get to this place I’m at today, and guess what, it still takes a lot of hard work to maintain where I’m at, but I believe in myself and that alone is my drive.

What do you like most about being a creator in the spiritual or metaphysical community?

One of the things I really find rewarding, and not just in the metaphysical community but as a creator in general, is having an opportunity to help people on their own path of healing. Whether it’s creating a memorial piece for a passed loved one or just helping them to let go of a time when they felt a need to harm themselves. It’s really a great privilege to be asked to be a part of their process.

What do you hope your work will bring to the world as a whole, particularly those in the spiritual community or on a personal spiritual journey?

We all hope that our work is out here helping people in some way, shape, or form, but personally I’m also not out here trying to create works large enough to move any mountains, I’m just hoping that I can at least make one person a little happier.

What is your ultimate personal or professional goal as a creator or artist?

To be honest, I’ve already achieved my goal. Wealth and fame mean absolutely nothing to me. All I ever wanted from the beginning was just to be able to support myself doing what I love the most, and that’s art.

Do you have an opinion about the advent of AI art?

I feel everything has a place in this world. As we see on social media, AI already has a pretty big following. Personally, it’s not really a medium that I feel drawn to at this moment. But who knows, maybe my feelings might change in the future. Several years ago, I would have never thought that I would be drawing all my art on an iPad, but it happened.

Want to connect with Adam, and follow his magical work?

You can find and follow him as @Adambombl13 on Instagram and checkout The Hidden Veil Tarot deck, prints, and stickers at

A HUGE thank you to Adam for taking the time to share his creative wisdom and magical self with us!



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