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Divinely Inspired with Jamie Sawyer 336

Divinely Inspired is designed to introduce you to my favorite creative people in the spiritual and metaphysical community and industry. As you may already know, I strongly believe that we are most in-tune with the Divine (Spirit, All, Universe, God, etc) when we are in the active state of creating, just like children at play. Unfortunately with the rise in popularity and commercialism in all things metaphysical and spiritual, now compounded by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a lot of “stuff” out there that is just that, stuff that lacks any genuine Divine inspiration. My solution? Every so often, I will bring you one amazing creator whose work I believe to be Divinely inspired along with where you can find them in hopes that you follow their journey and gain inspiration for your own creative outlets. We all have the ability to create masterpieces and connect with Source while doing it, let them show you how.

I was introduced to Jamie’s world in 2020 with the pandemic forcing everyone online. I do not remember whose account I first saw her Pocket of Peers deck appear on, but I remember seeing a tarot card depicting either Mary K Greer or Rachel Pollack, tarot legends, and thinking how clever it was to include actual people from the tarot community in a deck. At the time, I really did not even know anyone in the community aside from those whose books and research I had read through the years. It was pretty cool to get a crash course in who is who. The more that I followed Jamie’s work, the more impressed that I became. What I really like about her creations is that they are genuinely unique and set themselves apart from everything else that has been done. Aside from Pocket of Peers, her Out of Hand deck is to be viewed from the perspective of the reader living that moment, Nested Tarot has a freaking wicked design and was done with block printing, her casting boards are like an altar on the go, and her tiles (tarot, lenormand and oracle) are absolutely unbelievable. If you didn’t read my review on the Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) 2022, you have got to go checkout the really cool sticker casting boards she made for the attendees, as well as the class she taught mixing divination methods with various decks. Those are only to name a few of her amazing creations, and now she’s crafting these one of a kind journals from various upcycled materials that look like they fell from the pages of a fantasy novel. Seriously, I cannot encourage you enough to check out her website and to follow her on social media for first dibs on what’s coming out because she does not mass produce so quantities are limited. I also highly recommend that you come meet her in person and take her class at The International Divination Event (TIDE) in Dallas, TX in May 2023 where she will be the Featured Artist! I finally got to meet Jamie in person at NWTS 2022, and we talked about the struggles with scammers in the community, the wisdom she brings in her creations, and then dancing the night away at the disco. Jamie really is a down to earth, Divinely Inspired pint-size package of kindness, wisdom and a whole hell of a lot of fun! Make sure to check her out.

Jamie Sawyer Short Bio

I am short and crafty with a lack of vices, my art ranges from Tattoo to tarot with an emphasis on the interpersonal connections. I have created more than 6 indie decks as well as bringing that artwork into smaller tactile form through my tarot/ lenormand tiles— the implementation of this artistic mashup saw the birth of tarot casting, which has now become the cornerstone of my practice. I call it “Creative Divination”.

Did you produce art or creative works prior to producing spiritual or metaphysical inspired pieces? If so, what did you do or do you still do?

I have been a professional artist for over 21 years. Starting in 2002 with a tattoo apprenticeship. Oddly enough I had gotten my first deck “The Faeries Oracle in 2000” at a witch shop in Salem. I’ve always had a fascination for the occult, but once my tattoo apprenticeship took off— everything else in my life was put on a shelf. I had all I could do to focus on learning this new craft. Many years later I rediscovered my decks and even began adding occult and tarot elements into my tattoo work.

What was your first spiritual or metaphysical creation, and what inspired you to create it?

The first metaphysical creation that comes to mind was a beaded necklace using intentional stones to correspond with the loss of one of my animal familiars. I still have it today. It even has some of his baby teeth in it, he may be gone but he’s never far from me. Crystals were really my re-entry back into the world of metaphysics. Learning about the deep correspondences, which ones pair well with each other, which ones that would prefer to be left alone. At that same time I was heavily into crystal grids as well.

What theme do you favor or do you find inspires you the most in your creations and why?

I usually have a playful theme or undertone, one that stems from my drawing style. I take from the world around me, and then add my own little twist. Often approaching subject matters as if they were going to become a tattoo. To me, this means bold outlines and bright colors. I strayed from this approach when creating Pocket of Peers and Out of Hand Tarot. There was a shift that happened, something that allowed me to get a little more “messy” with my approach knowing that these images would never be done in the skin…. They were also my first decks created solely in the digital realm. Up until P.O.P I had created my decks using Micron pens and Copic markers.

Do you research or spend any amount of time planning before you start working on a piece, or do you just let it flow following more of your intuitive process?

I normally just start working on a piece and then do the research along the way. I learn through creation, so the process is the education. When I was making my Nature Portal deck, I would look to the animal/creature that showed up in my world for that day or week and they would be spotlighted. There were a few that I knew I wanted in the deck, but for the most part the familiars that show up are animals/birds/insects that I see all around me here in the North East. My other decks were delivered by the muses or a chain of events that sparked the inspiration. I have learned that when an idea wakes me from sleep… I must create it or else it’ll consume all my thoughts for the day/week.

Some artists or creators work best during certain times of the day or evening, do you have a preference or notice any difference when it comes to your inspiration?

I am an early bird, we are talking 4:30 or 5:00am wake-up call… This is when I am most connected. In fact the Honey Hive Lenormand tile sketches were all created in one morning. I went to bed thinking about the possibilities and when I woke (that day at 4:30am) they were still looping in my mind so I took to my app and roughed out all 37 sketches. Then I had breakfast. LOL. I ultimately ended up hand coloring that deck, but the sketches were done so I was able to at least take my time after that.

Do you follow astrological activity or even just simply lunar signs and phases for your creative process?

I wish I could say I did, but I do not. I normally only know a moon is full or new due to all the posts on social media. Other than knowing what Zodiac season we are in, I don’t use it much to influence my process. I wish I did, but I get sidetracked easily by other things.

Do you have any special energy or spiritual practices that you do before, during, or after your creative sessions?

Again, no. I joke that I’m a lazy practitioner. This is why the casting boards exist, they are like “pre-cast” circles that I can show up to with my cards and tarot tiles. They were created with specific intentions, and whenever I go to one of their layouts, I know the work has already been done. I love the idea of ritual, but if I have to go through lighting candles or incense before doing a reading, I would never pull cards. I’m all about intention and accessibility. So I have my cards and tiles in hand’s reach as well as my boards. The simple act of shuffling the cards is what sets my stage.

Do you feel a greater connection to the universe, spirit, God, all, etc. through being a creator or artist?

I feel I am here to create, that it truly is my purpose. I do feel that a lot of times I am divinely guided. When I am in creative mode it is an act of meditation. It’s not really something I know how to turn off.

What is your favorite creation or masterpiece to date and why?

The most recent piece I’ve finished. I know that doesn’t answer the question. I have many favorites, and still see the perceived flaws in each. Perhaps I fear if I have an ultimate favorite I’ll be finished and that would be the end of it. Subject matter: I love honoring Deer, so you will see that show up often in my work. Lately, I am also embracing working artistically with Snake, being born in the year of the Fire Snake, I am learning how my own growth and shedding is reflected in that form.

What advice would you give to those that say that they are not creative or artistic, and it’s just not in their capabilities?

I would tell them to honor their process. Everyone can create, it will look vastly different across the board. Allow themselves to be a creative “toddler” and crawl before walking. If you long to paint, go paint. We live in a world of showcasing perfection thanks to social media. I would wish upon them to create as if no one is watching or no one will judge… then get messy and connect with that part of you that wants to make something from nothing. Creation can show up in painting, writing, sewing, cooking, parenting etc. We are humans and I fully believe our only purpose in this world is to create… just embrace it will look different for everyone. No 2 journeys are alike.

What do you like most about being a creator in the spiritual or metaphysical community?

I love seeing that what I make inspires shifts in others. It is mind blowing to know that something I created out of a space of desire to simply have it for myself has spanned the globe. I love how shiny things and decks connect us all to go deeper and that we can see how we are all connected… even when we differ in opinion or beliefs. Art is the language of my heart and it gets past all barriers to speak to those who would embrace something I have made. It’s wild.

What do you hope your work will bring to the world as a whole, particularly those in the spiritual community or on a personal spiritual journey?

I think about this a lot actually. I have made a conscious choice to not have children, and I wonder about my legacy… what I will leave behind. I realize these decks and creations will be around after I am gone. I hope that people discuss years to come about what symbols, meanings, etc —come up for them when they experience my dance with tarot, Lenormand, and oracle. I hope they will see stuff in them that I may not have even considered. As an artist, it is my job to make you feel and if you are moved at all, then I have done my job.

What is your ultimate personal or professional goal as a creator or artist?

I just really want to connect and inspire people. Each time someone welcomes one of my creations into their practices, I am grateful. Each time someone books an apportionment for a tattoo with me, I am humbled. I love sharing space and talking about the things that move us. I acknowledge that through my art, I become a bridge, someone to help another walk through to a new phase in their life. Art reminds them they do not have to go it alone.

Do you have an opinion about the advent of AI art?

I have opinions… *sigh I’m not a fan, but I also don’t feel it’s going anywhere. They really need to figure out all the copyright and consent issues before making it available to the public, but I feel that will all be worked out on the back end. I also think about how resistant I was to digital art 20 years ago, and now here I am using technology to help me prepare for my appointments as well as creating my casting boards. It’s way easier to create something large scale digitally than to find a scanner big enough to import it for mass production…. I digress. I can see the good in AI but I also will not ignore the actual hurt and thievery going on to some of my fellow artists.

Is there anything extra that you want readers, especially those new to your world, to know about your art and creative works?

I’m pretty much an open book. You can find my decks and creations at my website (some decks are out of print now). If you wish to follow me on social media my IG tarot accounts are private due to clones, so send me a dm and I’ll approve you. If you’re interested in seeing my tattoo work, that can be found at If you want to catch up with me in person, sign up for my newsletter on my website as I announce there when I will be making public appearances!

Want to connect with Jamie and follow her work?

You can find and follow her as @JamieSawyer336 on Instagram and Youtube, @SawyersPath on Facebook, and checkout her decks, card stands, casting boards, custom journals, stickers, and so much more at You can reach her via email at

A HUGE thank you to Jamie for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her creative wisdom with us!



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images


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