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Divinely Inspired with Jenna Diaz of Moonlit Faye

Divinely Inspired Feature Interviews is designed to introduce you to creative people in the spiritual and metaphysical community and industry. As you may already know, I strongly believe that we are most in-tune with the Divine (Spirit, All, Universe, God, etc) when we are in the active state of creating, just like children at play. Unfortunately with the rise in popularity and commercialism in all things metaphysical and spiritual, now compounded by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a lot of “stuff” out there that is just that, stuff that lacks any genuine Divine inspiration. My solution? Every so often, I will bring you one amazing creator whose work I believe to be Divinely inspired along with where you can find them in hopes that you follow their journey and gain inspiration for your own creative outlets. We all have the ability to create masterpieces and connect with Source while doing it, let them show you how.

Moonlit Faye tarot bags by Jenna Diaz
Jenna Diaz of Moonlit Faye

I discovered Jenna on Instagram in 2020 during the pandemic when everyone was forced online, she was an account recommended by my business mentor Theresa Reed. I was blown away by the quality of her work as the print and designs were unique and the craftsmanship was above and beyond anything I had ever seen. What I found really interesting was that she would create tarot, oracle, and pendulum bag designs to match or pair well with newly released decks. I could immediately tell that she was a master of her craft (Eight of Pentacles vibes) and these were high quality items that would likely outlast the very decks they were intended to hold. Something else that I appreciated was that by all outward appearances she seemed to be real and down to earth, her nose was firmly pressed against the grindstone and she had no time for nonsense. I finally got to meet Jenna in person at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in fall of 2022 where I picked up a tarot bag from her vending table to match my Relative Tarot deck by Carrie Paris. Jenna, Jamie Sawyer and I chated about online scammers, the loss of all of her hard work on Instagram after her account was wrongfully removed because of a scammer, and dodging drama with the 5 Ds (dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!). Later that evening we got to hangout, chat, and get our groove on at the Disco party and it was great to see the genuine person that she is. I’ve spent the last year getting to know this incredibly gifted, strong, intelligent and kind woman who I can attest is nothing short of Divinely inspired.

Moonlit Faye's Jenna Diaz Short Bio

Pleased to meet you! I am Jenna Diaz, the creator behind Moonlit Faye. I began creating tarot bags in 2017, but have been sewing most of my life. I actually began my instagram account @moonlit_faye (since deactivated) before I began my business. In my search for like minded souls and a quest for knowledge I joined the online tarot world. My business stemmed organically from there. In my personal world I have five children, four girls and a boy and am a Grammy to a two year old who loves to help me sew. My husband George and I have been married for ten years and just bought our forever home together a couple of months ago. I have a deep love for tarot and a deck collection that is any Capricorn's dream come true.

Did you produce art or creative works prior to producing spiritual or metaphysical inspired pieces? If so, what did you do or do you still do?

Yes, I actually did and to be honest had completely forgotten about that journey prior to you asking this question. I have made various things throughout the years, including hair clips and drawstring backpacks. The most recent creations prior to starting Moonlit Faye were small zipper bags. The bags I created back then were more like pencil cases or cosmetic bags with patchwork style sections. I attempted to sell them at a local school craft fair and was not very successful. I believe I started an Etsy shortly thereafter, which ultimately became the first Moonlit Faye online store.

What was your first spiritual or metaphysical creation, and what inspired you to create it?

My first tarot bag was what I called a ribbon wrap. A longer piece of fabric with a pocket at one end and a ribbon at the other. When you slipped the deck inside the pocket you would then roll the bag to enclose the deck and then tie it closed with the ribbon. At the time I made this bag I was taking Ethony's Tarot Certification course. It was a live zoom meeting course where we were all able to get to know one another and chat. One of the things that stood out to me during the discussions was that while people loved storing their decks in tarot bags, they had no idea what was inside the bags. So I began my journey determined to resolve this common issue.

What theme do you favor or do you find inspires you the most in your creations and why?

There are so many decks available to us and if we choose to store our decks in bags it is so important, especially for deck collectors, to be able to visually connect the bag to the deck that is inside. Most of my creations are inspired by decks that I have fallen in love with. I look for common elements within the decks artwork in fabrics. Sometimes even working with the decks artist to create fabric specifically for their deck.

Do you research or spend any amount of time planning before you start working on a piece, or do you just let it flow following more of your intuitive process?

Oh I absolutely plan and do research, especially on new pieces. When I am working on a design for a specific deck I will research the size and shape of the deck, as well as the design elements. If I am unable to work with an artist to create a fabric specifically for their deck, I will research which fabrics are readily available to create a visual link to the deck. When creating a new item, such as the Book Sleeves or Spread Cloths, I will often run the ideas past my Patreon supporters and get their feedback. Recently I sent out Book Sleeves as Quarterly gifts to Patreon Supporters prior to releasing them to the public. I find that getting feedback from my supporters is the best type of research.

Some artists or creators work best during certain times of the day or evening, do you have a preference or notice any difference when it comes to your inspiration?

Being a Capricorn I work a lot. Not because I feel I need to, but I truly enjoy it. I am not an early morning person though, so I generally start working around 9 or 10 am and generally end my day somewhere around 8pm. I don't really notice a difference in my inspiration in terms of timing. Inspiration seems to come on its own schedule and there's no predicting that!

Do you follow astrological activity or even just simply lunar signs and phases for your creative process?

Astrology is a mystery that I have not yet been able to grasp. While I often read about current astrological activities and can correlate specifics to how I am feeling or the world around me, I rarely seek that information in reference to my creative process. Although a while back I was receiving Theresa Reeds 'Astro-Biz Digest', an astrologically based business planning guide. It's an absolute gem of info for business owners!

Do you have any special energy or spiritual practices that you do before, during, or after your creative sessions?

I have a daily mantra that I say prior to beginning work. While sometimes it varies, I always say the mantra out loud. The words I speak include sentiments of gratitude, affirmations of health, spirituality and protection. At times I have included worries or fears, turning them into affirmations of the outcome that I desire, rather than those I want to avoid. I feel it is so important to have some sort of daily practice no matter what that is.

Do you feel a greater connection to the universe, spirit, God, all, etc. through being a creator or artist?

Oh absolutely! There have been times when I have created items and I have zero memory of the thought process that led to the end result. I can only surmise that I was led through that process divinely. I often feel as though it is my ancestors who have guided me through the very meditative creative process.

What is your favorite creation or peace to date and why?

I would have to say that my favorite piece so far is the Embroidered Spider Web Clutch. My absolute favorite time of the year is October and the Halloween/Samhain season. I wanted to create a bag that had all the energy of the witchy season, but would still be perfect for everyday use. I took a Spider web design that I had purchased and modified it to fit onto a Medium Clutch. The result is a spider web design that wraps from front to back, with an extra little spider web element under the label.

What advice would you give to those that say that they are not creative or artistic, and it’s just not in their capabilities?

Creativity is not about ability, it's about passion. When you are passionate about something you find the drive to learn all you can. You deep dive into learning and creating. Just like anything, practice and trial and error is key. I go through several drafts when I create a new item and the first is rarely a good representation of the final draft. I believe if you have the passion to learn and the willingness to commit, anything is possible.

What do you like most about being a creator in the spiritual or metaphysical community?

The love and support! I am always astonished by how amazingly supportive this community is. There is a seat at the table for everyone!

What do you hope your work will bring to the world as a whole, particularly those in the spiritual community or on a personal spiritual journey?

I only hope that my creations will bring people joy and they will feel the love that I pour into my creations. When someone tells me that they smile every time they pick up one of my bags, that is such an amazing compliment. There is a quote that I am reminded of by Will Smith, “If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” I strive to accomplish this daily.

What is your ultimate personal or professional goal as a creator or artist?

Oh I am living my ultimate goal right now. I have a wonderfully supportive family, an amazing group of supporters and a cozy studio space to work from. Anything above and beyond this is purely a blessing. I just take each day as it comes, each creation flowing naturally.

Do you have an opinion about the advent of AI art?

AI seems to be everywhere and all of a sudden too! Maybe it's because so many of us are talking about it that it's showing up more? I have many friends and family members who are artists and I worry that AI generated art takes away from what artists are creating organically. I believe we are all passionate about something. For me it's sewing, for some it's creating unique pieces of artwork. I say passionate and not talented or gifted because I believe anyone can create if they have the passion to do so. I don't know how AI works in a technical sense, but worry that in this case tech has gone too far. Let's leave art to the artists.

Is there anything extra that you want readers, especially those new to your world, to know about your creative works!

I am currently working on a collaboration with Kerri Snook of Bouchette Designs, creating bags for her latest Kickstarter campaign Metanoia Marseille Tarot. You can find new items listed every Sunday and I send out weekly updates through my newsletter, which you can sign up to receive through my website. Want discounts, behind the scenes sneak peeks, early access to shop new and exclusive bags? Moonlit Faye's Patreon is packed full of benefits at every tier. There are limited openings available for my Monthly Subscription based tier through Patreon, Bag of the Month. Through this tier you can submit fabric suggestions, vote for fabrics to be made into bags and choose which included bag to receive each month (shipping included).

Want to connect with Jenna and follow her work?

You can find and follow her as @Moonlit.faye on Instagram, @Jennamoonlitfaye on Facebook, and @Moonlitfaye on Patreon. Don’t forget to checkout her tarot, oracle and pendulum bags, bookmarks, book sleeves and so much more at, and you can reach her via email at

A HUGE thank you to Jenna for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her creative wisdom with us!



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