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The Real Meaning of Life and Living Your Life Purpose

The Real Meaning of Life and How to Live Your Life Purpose

Let me start by saying that this is my philosophy on the meaning of life based on my experiences in working with Spirit both in my personal and professional life. This philosophy has taken shape over many years, and is still evolving as I learn and grow from these firsthand experiences and fundamental truths. We each have our own unique journey we must embark upon and it’s not my job or place to impress my beliefs on you, so before you read on, remember: take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Contrary to what a lot of us were taught growing up, we are all a spark OF Divinity, our intuition serves as our natural guiding force, and divination tools like the Tarot enable us to find objective guidance while maintaining our freewill.

Throughout this post I will use the term “Spirit” or “Universe” to refer to the intelligent consciousness that makes everything go round and round. These are terms that I personally prefer, but please know that you can replace them with God, All, Source, El, Shiva, Allah, etc. I came to realize many years ago that at the end of the day, the name is insignificant compared to the source and force behind the name. Equally, different belief systems all have their time and place which varies by regions, cultures, subcultures, and individuals. What is right for one is not always right for another. It is not our place to pass judgment or criticize another’s beliefs and practices as each belief system, no matter how skewed we may believe it to be, is simply a different pathway to and interpretation of the same One thing. The exception, cults and ideologies that hide behind the curtain of a belief in order to facilitate the abuse of others, often against women and children. As a Crime Analyst, I have a lot more to say about this, but that’s a post for another day.

So here we go…

Many of us have been taught that Spirit is separate from us and should be revered from an inferior position. However, this is entirely false. We are part of this cosmic intelligence, it resides in the soul and within our very DNA.

Our ability to connect to and feel its very real presence stems from finding our own internal spark of this Divinity. There are tons of ways to facilitate this connection, but the best way to prompt it is to find the time to be silent and still so that you can connect with your energy body, and higher self or soul. This is why meditation is so important. For those that are accustomed to praying or are put off by the term “prayer” because of trauma experienced at the hands of organized religion, let me clarify that meditation is not prayer. Prayer involves giving thanks to or requesting something from a God(like) form. Meditation is to be silent, still, and to listen. You can’t hear your higher self or Spirit if you’re always talking. New to meditation or looking to boost your meditation practices? Checkout Meditation 101: Benefits, Types, and Beginner's How-to and Top 10 Best Crystals for Meditation and How To Use Them.

Our bodies act as antennas that are constantly receiving information in this intricate system. As you find the time to tap into your energy body and connect with your higher self, a subtle shift takes place where you are better able to navigate your environment energetically based on this incoming information. You start to feel the energy in a room or in a person, your intuition “screams” at you when something is amiss or attention needs to be paid, and suddenly you start experiencing synchronicities and signs from Spirit. The more fine tuned our antenna, the better able we are to recognize and decipher our intuitive hits and messages from the Universe. The ordinary world becomes an extraordinary two way messaging system. This is why tarot and psychic readings have the ability to be so powerful in the right hands. As this happens, you are actively developing a relationship with Spirit, and suddenly your perception of everything changes.

As a byproduct of conditioning, most people cannot grasp that they are able to receive guidance in their life to help them navigate the ups, down and unknowns. While some are far more developed in their abilities than others, everyone has the ability to tap into the energy body, higher self , and Universal Wisdom for guidance.

So what is this all for?

This is one of the questions I receive the most from people. Specifically “what is the point of all of this?” accompanied by “what is my life purpose?”.

The answers to these two questions are intertwined.

The Fools Journey in Tarot and the Meaning of Life and Living a Life of Purpose

We all have our own soul purpose, our reason(s) for incarnating in this life. Yes, reincarnation is real. Our primary soul purpose is to connect with our higher self, to refine the aspects of our being that aren’t the best versions of ourselves, and to live life purposely rather than just going through the motions. In the grand scheme of this goal, life is incredibly short. So how do we accomplish all of that? Through a series of lessons. Each of us has a specific lesson(s) to learn and master in order for our soul to truly evolve and be in alignment with Divine principles much like the Fool's journey in tarot. This is the essence of alchemy of the soul. We’ve all heard of the person that prayed to God for patience and rather than receiving patience, they received opportunities to be patient. I’ll be the first to tell you that the lessons are often hard, yet necessary. The point of them is to push us towards greater self awareness and refinement. The real clincher…if you don’t learn and grow from the lesson, it will come back around repeatedly until you master it. Unfortunately, some people would rather not lean into it and never learn their lesson.

Living a life of purpose is the hardest part for people to wrap their heads around. I’ve found that people expect or want to be told that they are destined to accomplish some major feat in their life that will change mankind. In reality, that’s just not the case, we can’t all be the next da Vinci, Voltaire, Einstein, or Martin Luther King. Yes, some will have grand purposes that are in the public eye, but for most it is on a much smaller scale, yet just as important. How can raising my kids be the same as someone that served as the figurehead of the American civil rights movement or shaped physics? Because you don’t know how your role and behavior in that child’s life, or those that they come into contact with, will impact mankind. What if your child is the next Einstein and needs a parent to foster their development and support them when “experts” are telling them there is something wrong with them. Perhaps that child is to be friends with, a partner to or parent of someone that has one of these “grand” purposes? Our purpose is directly tied to others, even if it’s not a child or partner. What you do in your daily life matters, not just in how it impacts others, but its impact on you as well. We have to learn to live life instead of just riding the wave of routine, so give yourself the space to find your joy even if it’s as “simple” as learning to paint, gardening or cliff diving. Be prepared to shake things up and go an entirely different direction if needed.

As we move into living life purposefully and take the knowledge gained in our lessons while following the guidance of Spirit, we are becoming a greater or higher version of ourselves. This is what it means to know thyself (where do you need work), master thyself (what are you doing about it), and become the highest version of thyself (alchemy). It is in this process of self discovery and mastery that we begin to align with the Divine Will and things start to fall into place in ways that we often never imagined possible. This is the true secret of manifestation and the law of attraction.

My part in your journey

The fact that you are on my page and reading this means that you have or are considering taking this amazing and transformational journey. Perhaps I'm just another stepping stone in a journey you've been on for sometime. Let me just say that however you came to be on my page, you did not find me by accident and I am proud of you for taking responsibility for the direction of your life, most people don't. If you choose to work with me, know that I am all about authenticity and transformation, 100% no bullshit. I’m here to meet you where you are, to hold space for you while you identify and work through your lessons, and to guide you towards aligning the mind, body & spirit so that you can live your purpose and find your joy. Please know that I am not here to pass judgment as it is not my place; a common misconception because of my background in law enforcement.

If I’m not right for you, that’s ok too.

As you embark upon this journey of self discovery and awareness of Spirit, remember to follow the teachings, not a teacher; take what resonates with you and leave the rest; always trust your gut above all else; and know it’s ok to change your mind about something.



© Brandy Rachelle

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