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Sagittarius Season 2023 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

November 22nd, 2023 ushers in Sagittarius season, the Archer and Tarot Card Key 14, Temperance.

Temperance tarot card Sagittarius
Temperance, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Check out these astrological highlights during Sagittarius season:

11/24 Mars in Sagittarius - it is time for a new adventure, go-fever is in the air! Not only are you seeking the truth, your speaking and living it authentically. Be mindful of being pulled a million different directions at the same time and being impatient, irrational and impulsive.

11/27 Full Moon in Gemini - Seeds that were previously sown are getting wrapped up. This is a time for releasing what no longer serves you in order to make room for the new. Use this peak moment for reflection and listening to what your intuition is telling you. This is a incredibly psychic moon so pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings around different areas of your life.

12/1 Mercury in Capricorn - During this time our thoughts and communications are more practical, methodical and conservative. Expect to need to take more time to structure your thinking, find and focus on facts, some up with logical solutions, and hyper fixating on goals.

12/4 Venus in Scorpio - Relationships and connections are about to get really, really deep at the soul level. If someone is not loyal to you, they won’t last long in your orbit, Venus Scorpio doesn’t have time for that nonsense. Passion, romance and sensuality are at the forefront. Watch for jealously, possessiveness and emotional manipulation.

12/12 New Moon in Sagittarius - This is a time for planting seeds of manifestation, particularly those around optimism for the future, being more lighthearted and finding humor in the little things, learning something new including digging into philosophical and spiritual teachings, travel, and being spontaneous.

12/13 Mercury Retrograde - Communication, technology, and vehicles are likely to have a rough go. Checkout Mercury Retrograde: To Fear, or Not to Fear for exactly what to watch out for and how to prepare for this often difficult time.

Here’s a look ahead at what Sagittarius season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

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Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Aries - Ace of Wands RX - An inspiration loses it’s appeal, an idea just isn’t fully forming or has lost direction. It’s as if a wet blanket has been thrown on your fire, passion is fizzling out. For creative types, this can quite literally be a writer or artist’s block.

Taurus - Nine of Swords RX - Hallelujah, it’s about time! Anxiety, fears, depression, insomnia and possibly even nightmares begin to subside. All of the things that you have been harboring in your head including the never ending to-do list is dissipating.

Gemini - Temperance RX - Things are out of balance Gemini, you need to watch for extremes including rushing out of impatience, or the polar opposite of doing nothing. It may feel like limbo, but remember that Divine Alignment and Will will get you there when you need to be.

Cancer - High Priestess RX - Secrets are likely to have a spot light shone on them, emotions may swing wildly, and intuition be drowned out. It is important to withdrawal and to find silence and stillness for recalibrating during these times.

Leo - Empress RX - Creativity make be blocked or misdirected at this time including sex drive. As the card of Venus, you may feel your femininity is lacking, or is in it’s dark aspect of domineering. Money and mother-child relationships can be negatively impacted during this time.

Virgo - Seven of Wands - You have a ton of things coming at you at one time and while it’s not going to be easy, you can fight your way out of it. Whether this is responsibilities or people challenging you, you have what you need to persevere and protect if necessary.

Libra - Four of Cups - Take time of meditation, prayer, or just solitude for deep contemplation. If you feel the need to withdrawal and reevaluate a situation, the cards are giving you the green light. You may find yourself in a situation where someone is standoffish or not reciprocal.

Scorpio - Six of Pentacles RX - It’s time to consider what is coming in the door and what is going out to avoid debt. Likewise, this can be an instance where giving and taking is not equal in a relationship, or help is not given, offered or accepted.

Sagittarius - The World - Things are coming together nicely, and with every ending is the opening for a new beginning. If you are planning to travel or are considering traveling, especially long distances, this is a good omen for smooth and safe travels.

Capricorn - Two of Cups RX - Misalignment, disharmony and even a breakup in a relationship or partnership is likely. Not only will you want to watch the relationships in your life, you’ll want to watch your health.

Aquarius - Five of Wands RX - Conflicts are fizzling out, irons are being pulled out of the overwhelmed fire, and tension is subsiding. This is a reminder to pick your battles, mind your own peace and not to allow yourself to be consumed in things that don’t really matter.

Pisces - Knight of Pentacles RX - Something as about to come to a grinding halt which can be good or bad depending on what it is. If it’s slow progress that suddenly speeds up or parting ways with someone waving red flags, great! If it’s dropping the ball or not doing the work, not great.



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