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Pisces Season 2024 Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac & Astrology Highlights

February 18th ushers in Pisces season, the Fish, and Tarot Card Key 18, The Moon.

Check out these astrological highlights during Pisces season: 

The Moon tarot card, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black
The Moon, Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

2/23 Mercury in Pisces - it’s great to speak from the heart, but don’t let your feelings overrule the facts. Your creativity and imagination will be popping, make sure to temps the daydreams and fantasies to prevent delusions and illusions. Take up an art class, get into literature or poetry study, connect with your spiritual community (Spirit Team too), fine tune your meditation practices, dream big and set carve out your goals.

2/24 Full Moon in Virgo - time to knock out the rest of that to-do list, fix the things that are broken (physically and metaphorically), clean up and clear out the excess, finally get organized.

3/9 Mercury in Aries - your intellect is sharp, ideas and projects are coming into focus and it is time to get the job started! Be confident, assertive, truthful, and mean what you say without mincing words or letting emotions run the show. Double check what you send and say beforehand to prevent coming off argumentative or impulsive. 

3/10 New Moon in Pisces - take some time contemplating what big dreams and goals you really want to achieve, create a vision boards, connect with your spiritual community and Spirit Team, and set your intentions out into the Universe.

3/11 Venus in Pisces - this is the time for empathy, compassion, playfulness, charm, love and romance. Release your inner Morticia and Gomez. 

Here’s a look ahead at what Pisces season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy this season. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black
Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black

Aries - Five of Swords RX- it is time to move past conflicts, disagreements, feelings of defeat or excessive competitiveness. If a reconciliation needs to made, don’t be afraid to start the conversation, and if not, use this time to let go of resentments so that you can move forward.

Taurus - Page of Cups RX -  if you find yourself feeling emotionally drained, uninterested, or someone is being unresponsive, as yourself if this is temporary or perhaps a sign that you need to take a step back. You may also be inclined to feel disconnected from Source and your intuition.

Gemini - Ten of Pentacles RX - watch your money, assets and health during this time; this is not the time to take risk or dip into that saving unless you absolutely have no choice. If you have a loved one that becomes ill, do not hesitate to step up to the plate and be there in whatever way that you can.

Cancer - Nine of Cups RX - you know that feeling that you get right after you overindulge in something and the euphoric feeling is subsiding. Here you are Cancer. Something may not come together as hoped, you will need to cut the excess, get off your hind end and make your dreams come true.

Leo - Five of Pentacles RX - there is no denying that it has been rough for you, but know that the tides have shifted and challenges will be easing. If you have had trouble with your finances, homelessness, health, spiritual or community disconnectivity, things are starting to look up.

Virgo - Three of Swords - watch how your thoughts and mental state begin to play on your emotions and vice versa. While there may be heartache/break, sorrow and perhaps grief headed your way, you’ll need to do your best not to let it consume your mind and how you think and speak to yourself.

Libra - Strength - no matter how challenging things become, it is important to maintain your center and control over yourself and the situation at hand. Now is not the time for doubt, uncontrolled emotions, excessive force nor laziness. Make sure to checkout Universal 8 Year: 2024 Numerology Predictions

Scorpio - High Priestess RX - emotions are likely to either swing wildly during this time, or perhaps being faced with an uncertainty in both how you feel and what your intuition is trying to guide you to. This can also be an indication of needing to get up and take action after a period of contemplation and truth seeking.

Sagittarius - Eight of Cups - it is time to pack up shop and move on. If you feel compelled to walk away from a person, place or things during this time, follow your gut. Often times we stick around out of comfort, even when we have outgrown something. Your new adventure and destiny await you.

Capricorn - Seven of Pentacles RX - nothing can grow when the soil is dead. As much hard work as it may take, this is a time for knowing when to dig up the old so that you can plant new seeds for the future. Don’t get complacent, don’t take shortcuts, and plant ones that will bring long term success.

Aquarius - The World RX - that’s not a wrap! Endings aren’t quite at the ending just yet, there is still work to be done, fine details to work out, or delays in the intermediary that are out of your hands. If you are planning a trip, especially a long distance one, expect delays and possibly cancellations.

Pisces - Eight of Wands - it is go time, change is afoot and things are going to be moving rather rapidly so be prepared to take action. Know that you don’t necessarily have to know where everything will land in the end and that is ok. Some of you will receive an important message.



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