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My Temple & the Hidden Treasures to be Discovered

Updated: Jan 12

Hi! I’m Brandy, the woman behind the cards and crystals. Welcome to my first blog post where you’ll discover the hidden treasures before you and how to navigate them.

First, a little something about me. I’m a former law enforcement Crime and Intelligence Analyst who left my career behind to become a full-time Professional Tarot Card Reader & Crystal Practitioner in order to guide others into finding their power, changing their stars, and transforming their life. I’m a little different and it makes a big difference. For more nitty gritty details on my background, who I am, and what I’m all about, check out About.

So exactly how am I going to do all of that?

The same way that I changed my stars, by guiding you into becoming a Seeker and a Mystic, to make you question everything you think you know and to spark the imagination you thought was long lost.

I had to let go of everything I thought I had known to be fact and truth, and ultimately discovered that the things I thought were only cinema magic, were actually not only very real, but obtainable by those willing to do the work. As a product of the 80s, Star Wars runs through my veins, my favorite Disney movie was and is Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and as a teen in the 90s I couldn't get enough of the witchy Halliwell sisters of Charmed who were saving the world one demon at a time (remember I ended up in law enforcement...), the outcast newbie witches making one serious flaw after another in The Craft, and then the crème de la crème starring the witchy Owens sisters, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, in Practical Magic. Let us not forget the impact The Matrix had with Morpheus, Neo and Trinity spawning a takeover of black spandex, trench coats, sunglasses and the still circulating references of taking the red or blue pill.

At the time I watched these and many others in between, I like most others watching “sci-fi” imagined how amazing it would be to be able to do the things that these people were doing. Mesmerized, visualizing ourselves doing one of these infinite number of amazing feats, and imagining how different the world would be if we had these powers and that’s really how the Universe worked. As kids we imagine and create, still so connected to the Magick, but as we get older and our environment suppresses (perhaps even condemns) this “fantasy” thinking, our analytical mind takes over and we lose the magic except for in those brief moments of nostalgia while we watch an old flick and recall the "wild imagination" we once had.

This brings me to the key to unlocking the Seeker and Mystic within you, imagination. Many go looking for answers, but so quickly dismiss valid information simply because “it’s not possible”. If you cannot imagine it is possible, then it is not possible. and this blog is intended to help you discover what is possible.

I designed this site to be far more than the traditional static website intended to drive sales, it’s a living body of knowledge designed to help you build your internal and external temple by exploring the wisdom of the ages, remembering your own internal spark of Divinity, and reconnecting with the Universal energy that surrounds and speaks to you daily.

For when we become seekers, we expand our consciousness, which raises our vibrational frequency, and ultimately shifts us towards alignment with Universal energy, Divine will, and the ability to unlock our inner power, potential, and live our purpose.

As a Sag rising, I'm a wee-bit addicted to learning

and sharing that knowledge with others.

Before we go any further, let me make something very clear. As much I wish I had all of the answers...I do not know everything, and I am not (nor should I be) the be-all and end-all of your self-discovery and Seeker journey. When you are on this quest, it is important that you remember that you follow the path, not a person. I am simply a way-shower, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Here are the website highlights to help you navigate what I know will be the ever growing and evolving; just as a fine bottle of wine does, the website will only get better with age.

In need of insight, clarity and guidance from a tarot reading, or to learn more about the life-changing benefits guidance from tarot can have? Check out Tarot Readings.

New to working with me, with the tarot, or just curious? Make sure to check out Tarot What to Expect and Tarot FAQ.

Seeker’s Insights: A Blog for Mystics - here you’ll find regularly released blog posts to help you dive deeper into the details of these spiritual & metaphysical topics along with additional resources for you to further your research and explore the rabbit holes just waiting to be discovered.

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© Brandy Rachelle 2024

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