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Monthly Messages from the Universe: April 2023

These are the signs from the Universe for April 2023. If you unlock their wisdom and lean into their lessons, then you will begin to truly create the changes you wish to see manifest in your life. Make sure to also check out Aries Season 2023 for mini-tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac and astrology highlights.

Seven of Wands Spiritual Meaning
Seven of Wands Tarot Disassembled by Jennifer Steidley

Tarot Card of the Month: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is the Lord of Valor, Mars in Leo. Be prepared to take a stand and fight to maintain it. Expect to have to defend yourself in some way, whether it is against others or just a million things seemingly coming at you at one time. Feeling threatened or defensive is at your doorstep, but not all fights are worth fighting so pick your battles wisely as you will need as much energy reserve as possible. Do your best to remember that you have all that you need within to be victorious in this situation, you just need to persevere and believe in yourself. Don’t give up! You gotta fight for your right to ________.

Affirmation*: I believe in me

Journaling prompt*: What am I willing to fight for?

Healing Crystal of the Month: Azurite

Azurite is a stone of communication, insight, intuition, vision, and guidance. It stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras that allow for seeing the commonalities between seemingly unconnected ideas, seeing the truth in a situation including motives, enhancing one's dreams, developing psychic abilities, past and alternate life exploration, and understanding the root cause of internal fears. It strengthens the astral and etheric bodies, and aids us in acting in alignment with Divine Will. As a stone that stimulates the mind, this is a great stone for contemplation, study and communication.

Crystal Affirmation: I am open to guidance from the Universe

Numerology of the Month: 11

April 2023 is an 11 month, a Master Number month that does not reduce. This month brings about illumination, enlightenment, intuition, psychic sense development and prophecy, mysticism, sensitivity, a visionary outlook and creativity. 11 is under the governance of Justice in the Tarot, a card synonymous with truth, the alignment of the head and the heart, and the sign of Libra.

Snake Spirit Animal Spiritual Meaning
Snake Tarot Assembled by Jennifer Steidley

Sacred Symbol of the Month: the Snake

The snake is a sacred symbol that is observed across the globe. Snakes are a symbol of sacred knowledge and the gateway to the spirit world, protection, healing, and of the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. Just as the snake sheds its skin, we too shed the old in order to make room for the new, a classic symbol seen in the ouroboros or lemniscate representing the snake consuming its own tail . The caduceus, is a magical wand featuring two coiled serpents around a rod was carried by the messenger of the Gods, Hermes and his half brother Apollo, and is often mistaken for the Rod of Asclepius, Apollo’s son, the Greek God of healing and medicine.

Angel Number of the Month: 416

Your prayers to improve conditions in your life have been heard and answered by the angels. Stay positive in order to manifest these positive outcomes more rapidly.

Sacred Herbs & Plants of the Month: Dogbane

Dogbane is a plant associated with hardiness, protection, and love.

Dogbane has a long history of being used by First Nation People for making rope and threads for sewing and weaving various items, along with a variety of medicinal uses. It produces a latex sap that provides a natural chemical defense against predators, and produces pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and many other insects. With the decimation of milkweed through pesticides, the Monarch Butterfly population which feeds solely on milkweed has declined dramatically and the species is now classified as endangered. Milkweed is in the Dogbane family, and Spreading Dogbane is now being looked at as a potential host plant to help save the Monarch.



© Brandy Rachelle

Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images

*Tarot Card Affirmation & Journaling Prompt from Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot

*Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

*Crystal Affirmations from Healing Crystals Oracle


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