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Crystal Healing is a non-invasive, complementary healing modality that involves the use of crystals and stones to change the energetic vibrational frequency of a living organism in order to promote various forms of healing.

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I have an all natural and sensible approach that is based on ancient wisdom and modern science. I only use and recommend non-toxic natural stones of high quality in ways that are practical and supported by both thousands of years of ancestral experience and the scientific laws of nature.

I am devoted to providing my clients transformational energetic healing experiences, and clear guidance that makes way for them to take control of their energetic health, use crystals and stones as tools for healing, shift into and maintain energetic alignment, and have confidence in themselves while doing it.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you that you need to go through some secret and complex series of steps during a Full Moon on the 8th day of the 8th month to unlock the magic of a crystal, that they are a magical pill that will instantly fix everything, or that a session will shift you into permanent alignment and your work is done, then I am not the healer for you. None of that is sensible or realistic.

When using crystals as tools for healing, the person’s unique energetic makeup are just as important as the energy imbalances and the historical use of the stones being used. Crystal Healing should be practical and accessible to everyone while avoiding the simplified view of “this for that”!


Rather than just using or recommending crystals that are based on other people’s experience or interpretations, I have developed a method that allows me to better intuitively select crystals by pinpointing a client’s unique energy field.

Client's complete a brief questionnaire that allows me to better assess their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states as they relate to the chakras and layers of the auric field. The questionnaire along with custom card layouts allow me to get a better understanding of any energy imbalances or needs, the root causes, crystals that are best suited based on the client’s unique energy, and additional healing technique recommendations. 

With so many variables from client to client, your lifestyle, abilities and unique needs are taken into account when being provided crystal and stone recommendations, their uses and additional complementary modalities. 


With hundreds of unique crystals and stones in my collection, clients who book a Crystal Healing Session are in for a special crystal treat!


No alcohol or drugs within at least 24 hours, 3 days is best. The same applies to tobacco and vaporizers, but if you are unable to wait this long, a minimum of 1 day is best. 

Continue taking prescribed medications.

Make sure to drink an adequate amount of clean water (no city tap water) and eat clean (no processed or fast foods)

No perfumes, artificial scents or essential oils including in deodorants


It's best not to wear makeup.

Expect a deep sense of relaxation and calm as the brain enters Theta Waves. 

It is not uncommon for clients to relax to the extent of falling asleep.

Healing Sessions are FULLY clothed.

Come in something loose fitting and comfortable as you want to be completely relaxed rather than distracted by itchy material, having circulation compressed, etc. You may want to wear socks as you will remove your shoes during the session; your feet may get cold as the body’s metabolism drops slightly when in a very relaxed state.

You will be lying face up on a massage table, and will have a sheet or blanket draped over your body from your shoulders to feet.

This is not Reiki, I will not be using my energy field to manipulate yours, nor will I physically be touching you. The only physical or energetic contact you will have will be with the crystals and stones, and my adding, adjusting and removing them.

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