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Is there something that you think should be featured in the next edition?

Have a particular book, divination deck, a small business creator that handcrafts spiritual or metaphysical tools and gifts, or a local occult shop that you love and want to see featured in the 2024 edition of The Ultimate Magical Gift Guide for Spiritual People?

Whether you are the Author, Artist, Owner or just an Admirer, this is the place to submit it for consideration.

Book must be either mass-market or self-published with topics relating to the spiritual, metaphysical or occult.

Books and decks must be both published and available for purchase (meaning in-hand not just preorder) sometime between January 1 2024 - Dec 25, 2024. 

If it is an indie book or deck that was crowdfunded in 2023, but will be available in-hand in 2024, it is a 2024 publication. Please submit it. 

If the product, artisan or shop is on Etsy, Kickstarter, or another third party platform, a valid email address where they can be contacted must be submitted.

We love all things bee farms, handcrafted small business and UNIQUE!


Thanks for the lead!

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