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Hello there! Let me start out by expressing that I love providing Tarot Readings for groups and at events, and am committed to creating a fun, unique and eerily accurate experience that will add that extra special wow factor. My goal is not to steal the spotlight, but rather to serve a unique personal touch for the guests at your event that will have them talking about your event and the reading they had there for years to come. Please look over the following information and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. Looking forward to working with you and helping bring the vision of your event into manifestation!



It is easy for me to lose my voice if I have to speak at a loud volume over hours at a time. Ideally, tarot readings should be conducted in a quiet(er) space. If your Client is hosting a party at home or multi room venue, another room or private little nook tucked away will do the trick. If the party is at a venue where space is limited, I will need a space as far from the hustle and bustle (ie. music, DJ, karaoke machine, toasting area, etc) as possible. 


I strive to give guests and experience, so at large events having something special to mark off the space helps create that “reader vibe” for the event. 


Room roving while performing 2-3 card mini readings may be more appropriate for some larger non-formal events, though it does lose some of that “special touch”. 


A tarot reading space requires a table and two chairs. The table should be at a comfortable height from the chairs (like a card table or desk), and large enough to spread cards on. If you cannot provide a table and chairs, please speak with me as I have a 6 ft table and two chairs to accommodate these needs. Please note that pub tables are often not large enough to perform a reading.


Usually, the Event Planner, Coordinator or Host decorates the tarot reading area in accordance with the event aesthetics (no table runners please, they get in the way of reading). However, I will bring layered tablecloths in my business branding colors (green, black, or cream) in the event that they are needed, as well as items that match to hold my professional promotional materials. If you or your Client has something unique in mind, I can more than likely accommodate you, just let me know. 

Please NO candles, incense, or the like as I have allergies and am highly sensitive to smells. If you would like candles, please let me know and I will bring my beeswax candles from the wonderful Dripping Springs Beeswax Company.


If possible, I would like 8 - 10 minutes per guest in order to conduct high quality tarot readings. Intimate offerings can also include guests who are able to be seen for longer amounts of time, roughly 20 - 25 minutes each. For large venues, I conduct ultra quick 6 minute rapid fire readings, what one would call a "Fast Fortune".


For larger venues, all readings are on a first come, first serve basis and there should be accommodation for a line so that people can get readings in an orderly fashion. For smaller more intimate events, a list with designated times for each guest makes a significant difference; the Event Planner/Coordinator/Client is responsible for providing this list. This list and guests knowing their position on it can greatly reduce the amount of exchange time and confusion between readings. This is the number one reason time is lost as 2-3 minutes between multiple people adds up quickly.


It’s the Event Planner/Client’s responsibility to ensure that there is enough time booked in advance for the guests, it is not the reader's responsibility to stay longer than the contracted time to accommodate more people. Please ensure that they are booking enough time for the amount of guests they would like a reading for as I am not always available to extend my time at the time of an event. This is particularly true for the wedding season (May - Oct) and the holiday season (October - December), be it a weekday or weekend.


Typically, I am dressed in black business casual attire. If there is a theme, color scheme or specified dress code for the event and you/your Client would like me to match, this can be arranged with proper notice. 


While I am well adept at taking care of myself in a wide variety of crowds, if for any reason I feel safety is a concern or issue, I reserve the right to immediately terminate my event services and the Event Planner/Client is still responsible for the full payment of those services. On occasion, particularly when alcohol is involved, a guest may make inappropriate sexual commentary or the like. Please be advised that I will not tolerate this sort of behavior and will promptly address and shut it down in a professional manner. In my experience, a friend or onlooker will more often than not step in and redirect the person away from my area. However, if there is resistance or the behavior continues, it is the Event Planner, Coordinator or Hosts responsibility to promptly remove the offender to ensure that a good time is had by all. 


I am usually bring my own water, but there are occasions where I run out, please ensure that I have water on hand for the duration of the event.


I require a five minute break every two hours, and a 15 minute break to eat at the 5 hour mark; this is included in the time you/your Client is booking with me.


I often get asked to take photos with a host, guests, bridal party, etc. I have no problem taking a photo with you, your Clients or their guests, nor do I have a problem with photos being taken of me at my table so long as someone is not currently receiving a reading as it is an invasion of their privacy unless they have given consent. Photos are a wonderful way to document a fun filled event, particularly “that one time I got a tarot reading”.


During normal private tarot readings, I actually ask that clients hold their questions and I just read what the cards want to address, but this is very rarely possible during events unless it is an intimate gathering where I have 10+ minutes per guest. The style of reading is dependent on the needs of each event. Common questions cover the following topics: finances, love, work, health, family, spiritual matters, decisions, and either-or scenarios. If you have skeptics, please encourage them to have an open mind as a closed off guest makes for a difficult reading. 


 I’ve created a few pieces you may want to share with your Client and/or their guests:


Guests will sign a short Disclaimer at the time of their reading. This Disclaimer states that I am not a healthcare, legal, or financial professional, my services are not a substitute, and that my tarot reading services are for entertainment purposes only. A copy of this Disclaimer is available for your review ahead of time upon request. To save time, it is not uncommon for me to display the Disclaimer on my reading table rather than having guests sign the Disclaimer receipt.


I have no issues with guests who are enjoying themselves in the party atmosphere. However, there will be times when I am unable to read for a guest who has been drinking excessively. As the Event Planner, Coordinator or Host your active support in this matter is to help those intoxicated guests understand why a reading may not be in the cards for them. 


I only read for minors 16 and above with parental consent; a parent or legal guardian must be present


Being in service to such a vast geographical area, I am faced with the realities of parking and traffic in areas I am not familiar with. In many cases, I’m coming into an area never having been there before. As the Event Planner, you will have more information regarding traffic issues and parking, so please communicate any tricky directions or logistics ahead of time. If I am bringing furniture to the event, we will need to coordinate unloading and loading of my gear to the venue from my car. Also, if the event requires a special code to enter, or if it is in a complex, please communicate clearly so that I may reach the event without delay.


I do not offer standard event packages because just like every tarot reading is different, every event is different. Each event has a custom tailored package according to the event details and Client needs. If you have a charity, non-profit, or special fundraising event that you would like for me to read at, please email me.


Gratuities are gladly accepted, very much appreciated, but are not obligatory. For those that would like to provide a gratuity, some Clients like to “ tip out” at the end of the event via card, cash, or Venmo. While others, often larger non formal or less intimate events, prefer that I have a gratuity dish on my reading table. An honest review on my website or Google makes for a wonderful gratuity.


Upon acceptance of a customized quote, the Client will receive the Client Service Agreement along with their invoice via Square. The date and time included in the quote are reserved until the signed Client Service Agreement and paid invoice are returned or for the following 72 hours post delivery receipt, whichever comes first. 

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