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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

It's time to plan a trip to your local crystal shop.

The Pew Research Center shared that 42 percent of all U.S. adults believe “spiritual energy can be located in physical things." So, it's no surprise that crystals continue to skyrocket in popularity. As we head into the new year, now is a perfect time to take inventory of what crystals you already have and use and what crystals you need.

"I like to place chunks of crystals throughout my home, adding them to my bookshelf, bedside table and even my living room television stand," says Kacey from Found Wanderer. "I like to display them in places you wouldn't typically expect to see them. This not only gives off the vibe I am trying to portray in my home, but it allows for others to seek beauty in not-so-typical spots."

Take a look at these eight crystals you need to add to your home this year and hear from experts on how to get the most out of them within your home space.

1. Amber

Looking to feel more balanced in your life and at home? Amber can help. This warm and uplifting stone is an essential crystal you need because it's a natural purifier radiating a bounty of balance and healing vibes.

Amber should go in spots that feel empty or cold, so look for areas that need elevating. Additionally, since this stone has earthy ties to nourishment, add amber to your kitchen.

If you want to attract stability and wellbeing, add amber to your bedroom. If you don't want to put crystals out in your bedroom, placing them under the bed also works.

2. Black Tourmaline

Keep out harmful energy with black tourmaline. Dark black in color with a polished sheen, black tourmaline is an ideal crystal you need if you're looking to ward off chaos and negative energy, regardless of the setting (this is why black tourmaline is a perfect jewelry option).

Want to cleanse and protect your apartment from bad energy? Place black tourmaline near the front entrance of your home, on a side table or shelf. Additionally, a stick or two of black tourmaline is a great idea to add to your bedroom if you're looking to cleanse the space.

“The best crystal for cleansing and protecting the home is black tourmaline," says Clare Ferguson from the Crystal Shop. "Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection stone. It enhances grounding, increases positive thinking and banishes negative energy and thoughts. Creates a protective barrier against negativity entering your home."

3. Citrine

Citrine is an incredibly beloved crystal. In fact, its history dates back to 300 B.C. with stories of Ancient Greek and Romans adorning themselves with this zesty stone and even Queen Victoria using it to deck out her outfits in the 17th-century.

Citrine is one of those crystals you need if you want to build confidence and inner strength. Additionally, this crystal, known as the “golden amethyst," operates as a dreamy manifestation tool.

Looking to increase productivity in your home office? Add citrine to your desk or a shelf near the entryway. This stone will help you focus while promoting energy of abundance and self-confidence.

Also, if you want to cook more in the new year, consider adding citrine into your kitchen. Look at citrine as a motivating and bright energy for the space where you put it.

4. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz easily is one of the most popular stones of all time — a true classic. Quartz is a crystal you need if you want to focus on healing and spiritual growth.

Since this crystal helps remove uncertainty while offering clarity, think of clear quartz as a tool for enhancing crystal clear (no pun intended) healing and self-actualization growth. Additionally, this is why clear quartz makes great apartment décor nearly anywhere you put them — not to mention the clear color harmonizes well with its placement.

To help keep your bathroom free of stagnant energy, add clear quartz. You can even place one in your shower or on the ledge of your bathtub as clear quartz is safe to get wet.

5. Hematite

Hematite is one of the most magical crystals you can bring into the home. With a mostly metallic luster, this crystal comes in dark shades ranging from black to grey to silver.

Known as trustworthy for providing clarity and focus, hematite is a crystal you need to add into your home space — especially if you crave stability, security and grounding. Place this crystal in common areas like living rooms, the dining room or kitchen or even a bathroom (don't get it wet though). Try to keep this particular crystal in your eye line, if you can.

Additionally, hematite is a healing stone that can help alleviate stress and anxiety through the circulatory system — so add a hematite stone or two near your bedside or your favorite reading nook.

6. Obsidian

Black and glassy, obsidian is rapidly cooled volcanic glass — making it an exceptional crystal for those looking to Feng shui their apartments or spiritually cleanse and protect the air around them.

Known as one of the luckiest crystals, obsidian is a powerful crystal you need to have in your home. If you can add obsidian to the frame over your front door, do so. Additionally, if you want to welcome good fortune and good energy — add obsidian to your workspace and bedroom and place it at eye level.

Whatever you do though, don't place obsidian on the floor. Its metaphysical properties work best if they're not touching the ground.

7. Selenite

Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, “Selene," Selenite is a crystal you need in your home.

Popular for its cleansing and clearing energies, selenite also works as a high-vibrational stone — raising the energy where it's placed, especially in a home office.

Selenite is also a protective crystal, so if you want to boost protective measures for a physical space, add some selenite into your space. Add a selenite stick to each windowsill in your house or a few pieces near any entryways. Additionally, selenite helps cleanse other crystals — so you'll want it around your home near your other pieces.

“Always have some selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals with," says Shawna Morel from Kouva Dream Catchers and Crystals.

8. Smoky Quartz

While there are many different types of quartz crystals, Smoky Quartz is a must-have for the home. In fact, think of Smoky Quartz as one of the most protective and helpful crystals you can add to your crystal collection.

Loved for its ability to clear old energy, smoky quartz makes a great addition to the areas of the home that need uplifting. For example, if you have recently experienced additional stress at work in your home office, adding smoky quartz will help absorb any stressful energy and help clear the air.

Additionally, if you meditate at home — hold smoky quartz in your hand. These will help you let go of what's holding you back. Also, if you want to feel a deeper connection in your physical space, keep smoky quartz nearby to help ground you.

Get clear about the crystals you need

Before you add these helpful crystals into your home, consider how you want to use them. Whether it's for decoration, to cleanse a space or to offer specific energy in that part of your apartment — it's important to remain mindful of what crystals you use, where they go and why.

Make crystals a part of your sleep routine

“Crystals are naturally rooted in the vibrations of happiness and positivity. As such, bringing crystals into your home is a great way to promote positive energy in your home and everyday life, says the Healing Crystals Co. Team. "Our favorite way to incorporate crystals at home is to sleep with your favorite stone, such as citrine or clear quartz, under your pillow or next to your bed. Often, crystals are most effective when given the chance to work directly with the subconscious mind that we give way to as we fall asleep."

Add the energy you want

“Gridding is a great way to add energy to a room in your home," says Global Crystals. "Gridding is positioning crystals around the edge of a room and connecting the energy together with a quartz point. It's easy to cleanse, too, with filling the room with smoke by burning sage or frankincense, safely, of course.”

Avoid crystal chaos

“First, keep it simple and don't overdo it or you'll end up in "crystal chaos" with too many competing vibrational frequencies," says professional tarot card reader and crystal healer Brandy Rachelle.

"Second, focus on the most often used areas and entry points, and select crystals that correlate to what you want to see in that particular area like a nice chunk of black tourmaline at your front door to transmute low vibe energy as visitors enter your home."

"Third, never underestimate the power of Himalayan salt lamps in each room, a soothing crystal-like lepidolite on your nightstand or tumbled in your pillowcase to aid in restful sleep, crystal gridding your Wi-Fi box and/or router with black tourmaline to block EMF pollution and clear quartz strategically placed in the four cardinal directions of a room or home as a whole to 'raise the vibes.'"

"Fourth, remember that size matters in relation to your area of coverage, a crystal will do its job without you telling it what to do, and go with what you are attracted to. Stay mindful and intentional when you place them throughout your space." ***

Of quartz

Whether you believe in crystals or not, that's up to you. But it's safe to say, crystals are an easy way to add personality to any space. As you grow and evolve, your collection will change, too, so keep an open mind that the crystals you might utilize now could change in the future.

"Crystals should accent your house as both a decorative and a purposeful metaphysical item," says Jessica Bilyeu of Crystal Vaults. "Crystals can enhance your living space by making it more homely, improving your family life and bringing a sense of community. Use these crystals as a home stone by placing them centrally in your house to ensure the hospitality of home and hearth."

***Special note to my readers

The following was my original quotation which was altered to fit the author's post. I do not now, nor will I ever endorse the use of black obsidian in home decor or with haphazard use. Black Obsidian is not a crystal and is highly respected and cautioned against for the untrained and uninitiated by indigenous persons across the globe for a reason.

"Fourth, remember that size matters in relation to your area of coverage, a crystal will do its job without you telling it what to do, go with what you are attracted to, be mindful and intentional when you place them throughout your space, and know that black obsidian has no place as a decoration or directing energy in your home as it is a volcanic glass emitting erratic frequencies that often lends to depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional disturbances."

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