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Divinely Inspired with Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

Divinely Inspired is designed to introduce you to my favorite creative people in the spiritual and metaphysical community and industry. As you may already know, I strongly believe that we are most in-tune with the Divine (Spirit, All, Universe, God, etc) when we are in the active state of creating, just like children at play. Unfortunately with the rise in popularity and commercialism in all things metaphysical and spiritual, now compounded by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a lot of “stuff” out there that is just that, stuff that lacks any genuine Divine inspiration. My solution? Every so often, I will bring you one amazing creator whose work I believe to be Divinely inspired along with where you can find them in hopes that you follow their journey and gain inspiration for your own creative outlets. We all have the ability to create masterpieces and connect with Source while doing it, let them show you how.

Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia
Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

I came across Nicola’s work in 2022 with the release of the Celtic Spirit Oracle which I found to be wildly etheric compared to the vast majority of decks on the market right now. Seriously check out the artwork in this deck, it’s extraordinary and quite different in all of the right ways. While compiling the Ultimate Magical Gift Guide for Spiritual People 2023, the inclusion of Nicola’s 2023 releases of Mushroom Spirit Oracle and Apothecary Flashcards were a no brainer; as a matter of fact, those two decks inspired the creation of their entire respective categories in the UMGG 2023. Her Mushroom Spirit Oracle is beautifully illustrated and again etheric in a way that is difficult to find on the oversaturated market right now. As someone that has been formally studying herbalism for 5 years I find that the Apothecary Flashcards are genius as they serve to educate and divinate. Just a side note for readers before we jump in to Nicola's creative genius, she uses Australian English which is a closer counterpart to British English, she is not misspeaking or misspelling. And without further ado, Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia.

Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Short Bio

I am an artist, author and herbalist who practices Celtic shamanism, which gives me a passion for nature and teaching. I see myself as a messenger for the spiritual realm. I am able to bring these messages through into my artwork. These messages allow you to look within and become your own teacher. I value working on one’s self for the greater good.

Did you produce art or creative works prior to producing spiritual or metaphysical inspired pieces? If so, what did you do or do you still do? 

I guess I have always had a spiritual influence to my artwork, even in high school I gravitated to that kind of art. Looking back I realise that everything I make always have to have a purpose. I’ve always dabbled in all types of art mediums, but drawing is what I always come back to. I still have my drawings from when I was little, I would take my paper, pencil and a rubber and go sit somewhere and draw what I saw. As I got older I used to do lapidary, which is gem cutting, so that inspired me down the spiritual jewellery route, which is what I started my Spirit Stone business with.

Amethyst Wand by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia
Amethyst Wand by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

What was your first spiritual or metaphysical inspired creation, and what was it that inspired you to create it? 

The crystal jewellery came first, but then I started making wands, made from crystals and timber and that’s when things really kicked up a notch. I lived by myself and so I had a lot of time to create them and I became obsessed with making them. I would always sell out and got orders from all over the country. Working with the tree energy and crystals combined is truly magickal. People would gift me beautiful branches and I would collect them everywhere I went. You feel the energy that works through them and I am always guided by spirit with what combination needs to happen.

What theme do you favor or do you find inspires you the most in your creations and why?

All my creations are inspired by nature, and I love everything Celtic. My theme that always comes through is one of helping people find themselves through nature’s tools. I found my way out of a dark place by turning to nature. I walked in the forest, I learnt about the Celtic trees and Celtic shamanism and it changed my life. If I can show others that they can too, then I feel like my work has a purpose. When we attune ourselves to nature, we ultimately find ourselves.

Do you research or spend any amount of time planning before you start working on a piece, or do you just let it flow following more of your intuitive process?

I always spend a great deal of time researching or finding inspiration for new ideas or techniques online, depending on what I am creating. If I’m working on ceramics, I draw and map my idea out to the minute detail before starting. With my drawings, sometimes they just come to me, other times I do some research and start working on a draft. Only once I’m 100% happy with the draft will I move on to tracing it and inking it. When it came to wands I would see what items I had, see if anything worked well together and then allow it all to unfold. My ideas always come to me and if I have to force it or if there is a deadline, it can hamper the process.

Celtic Spirit Oracle Shaman Spiral by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia
Celtic Spirit Oracle Shaman Spiral by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

Some artists or creators work best during certain times of the day or evening, do you have a preference or notice any difference when it comes to your inspiration?

I don’t have a specific time I work best, but I have to be relaxed and in the mood. If I am stressed it blocks the process. I like to ease gently into my day when I am working from home by meditating and lighting some incense first and then jump straight into it. It does take discipline to be productive, so you have to be passionate about what you do and if you’re not feeling it, you need to know when to take a break.

Do you follow astrological activity or even just simply lunar signs and phases for your creative process?

No, I don’t. Sometimes I will make herbal creations on specific events that I know are happening, but I often make things intuitively when the time is right. I feel the more we trust our intuition, the more in flow we become and then it just becomes second nature.

Do you have any special energy or spiritual practices that you do before, during, or after your creative sessions?

It all depends on what I am creating and what is coming through. Sometimes I know that I can just jump straight into an activity, other times, I will create a sacred space and call in spirit to guide me to what needs to come through. Whenever I am stuck, that is when I meditate, ground and call in spirit for guidance. Being centred and present and knowing spirit will guide you is the most important practice.

Mushroom Spirit Oracle Red Cage by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia
Mushroom Spirit Oracle Red Cage by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

Do you feel a greater connection to the universe, spirit, God, all, etc. through being a creator or artist?

I feel it certainly has helped. The experiences I have had when making items and the feedback from people who have worked with my creations has been not only humbling, but affirms that what I am doing and feeling is real. I definitely have a sense of connection to the energies I am working with and I see myself as the messenger for these energies. I know when to get out of the way and let them work through me. For that experience I feel eternally grateful and blessed, but it also makes me realise we are all capable of tuning in.

What is your favorite creation or piece to date and why?

I would have to say my Celtic Spirit oracle. This was my first published art project and the feedback has been amazing. Not only do I feel that I have been accepted as an artist, but my work is helping people. There really is no better feeling than really connecting to people’s souls through your artwork and having people from all over the world contacting me to tell me their stories. It was such a pleasure to create, because I get to experience the energies coming through for each card. I go on the journey of the oracle as I am creating it.

What advice would you give to those that say that they are not creative or artistic, and it’s just not in their capabilities?

Creativity and being artistic is a learned practice. There are a few people born talented, but there are many that learn to be talented. I was told in high school to get a real job because you can’t make a living from art. So I didn’t start drawing again until I was in my 40’s. I have had to do online courses, read lots of books, study other artists works and put in the practice hours, which meant a lot of ugly looking things along the way. You have to risk making mistakes, because that’s how you learn and the more you make, the more you realise that sometimes those mistakes are exactly what needed to make your artwork better. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn to create something from them and then your confidence increases because you begin to realise there are no mistakes when it comes to art.  

Art is about letting go and enjoying the process. It’s about staying in your lane and not comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone better than you, or doing what you want to do. You have to start with what makes your heart sing and weave a little bit of yourself into it. Learn from others and don’t copy. Call in spirit to help you find your way. Make the time to do the work and don’t feel guilty by doing something fun. Being creative is incredibly important on so many levels and the world needs more people being creative.

Custom Quartz Crystal Tea Tree Wand by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Oracle Australia
Custom Quartz Crystal Tea Tree Wand by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Oracle Australia

What do you like most about being a creator in the spiritual or metaphysical community?

I love creating pieces that have meaning and purpose. Knowing that my work makes a difference in people’s lives is truly fulfilling and being able to do what I love gets me up in the morning. I am motivated by my work and wish there were more hours in the day to do more! 

What do you hope your work will bring to the world as a whole, particularly those in the spiritual community or on a personal spiritual journey?

I want to help raise the consciousness of the planet by showing people how to connect to nature and to look within to find their answers. I would love to help people live their best lives, by showing them how capable they are to create the life of their dreams. My life feels truly magickal, now that I have allowed this side of me to connect and flow with spirit. I love to keep pushing myself to grow further as an artist, but also within myself.

Celtic Spirit Oracle the Greenwoman by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia
Celtic Spirit Oracle the Greenwoman by Nicola McIntosh of Spirit Stone Australia

What is your ultimate personal or professional goal as a creator or artist?

I want to master something before I leave this earth. Something that takes a long time and high skill level to achieve that isn’t easily replicated. Something that challenges me, but serves great purpose. I also want to leave behind steps for people to follow to achieve the level of happiness and peace I have found. I want to be able to build my business to the point I can solely work for myself each and every day, doing what I love and making a difference in peoples lives. I love pushing the boundaries :)

Do you have an opinion about the advent of AI art?

This is a tricky one. It is here whether we like it or not. It all comes down to there will always be people who will abuse it and people who use it where it doesn’t take away from another artist. There is a place for everything and I can see both it’s pro’s and con’s. I would love to use it for when I need a reference image of a particular pose or scenery, or even for advertising events etc, that would normally take me a million years to create by myself. It’s definitely a great idea when you need to save time for other more important things. But nothing will ever take the place of what I experience when I’m working with spirit and bringing through their messages. It could never take the place of the sense of accomplishment when I have finished a project and I’m damn proud of what I have made. I think we have to give it time to see where it will take us.

Is there anything extra that you want readers, especially those new to your world, to know about your creative works?

2024 will see the re-release of my Crystal Grids book to go alongside the new Crystal Grid Oracle deluxe edition of 72 oracle cards. It will also see the release of my new book Celtic Cauldron to be released next May. This is a book on self-care and manifestation. I also have a few other publications due to be submitted the same year, for release in 2025.

I have two big projects I am working on behind the scenes and I will have my own little studio very soon, so 2024 will see some exciting new things!

A huge thank you to Nicola for taking the time out of her busy life to share her creative genius! Want to connect with Nicola and support her work? Check her out on Facebook at Spirit Stone Crystals, Instagram at Spirit.Stone, and her website



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Uncredited images from my personal collection or stock images


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