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Divinely Inspired with Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot

Divinely Inspired is designed to introduce you to my favorite creative people in the spiritual and metaphysical community and industry. As you may already know, I strongly believe that we are most in-tune with the Divine (Spirit, All, Universe, God, etc) when we are in the active state of creating, just like children at play. Unfortunately with the rise in popularity and commercialism in all things metaphysical and spiritual, now compounded by the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there is a lot of “stuff” out there that is just that, stuff that lacks any genuine Divine inspiration. My solution? Every so often, I will bring you one amazing creator whose work I believe to be Divinely inspired along with where you can find them in hopes that you follow their journey and gain inspiration for your own creative outlets. We all have the ability to create masterpieces and connect with Source while doing it, let them show you how.

Kayti Welsh, Director and Founder of 78 Tarot
Kayti Welsh, Director and Founder of 78 Tarot

I came across Kayti through 78 Tarot a few years ago with the push to go online during the pandemic, but it wasn’t until recently that I really stopped to take notice while watching a video she put up about the impact of AI on the art community. In listening to her speak about the negative impact AI is having, I knew I wanted to feature her and her work as both an artist and publisher.

Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot Short Bio:

My name is Kayti Welsh and I live in beautiful Northern Virginia right outside DC. I have a background in fine art, design & project management, and in January 2014 I launched the 78 Tarot Project - a collaborative artists Tarot (project), now in its tenth annual theme. I have used Kickstarter to publish each of our past projects, but due to their allowance of AI, we will be moving to Backerkit crowdfunding who recently denounced AI and stated they stood with creators. I also publish solo and duo projects with Trish Sullivan.

Did you produce art or creative works prior to producing spiritual or metaphysical inspired pieces? If so, what did you do or do you still do?

I have been an artist for over two decades. I began in 1999 on eBay as a fantasy artist. I painted watercolor fairies, and other fantasy creatures. Many I made up myself. I’m pretty sure the Fae are what encouraged me to find my spirituality. I feel a deep connection to them.

What was your first spiritual or metaphysical inspired creation, and what was it that inspired you to create it?

So, I am the founder of a company called 78 Tarot. We launched in 2014 as a giant art tarot collaboration. To this day we have successfully crowdfunded hundreds of thousands of dollars, published 9 different themes and been able to pay hard working illustrators. I run 78 Tarot with co-founders Delphine Malidore (our Art Director) and Trish Sullivan (our author and so so so much more). We have worked with over 300 artists to date. I am the coordinator, the conductor of the crazy orchestra, as well as the product designer because I have over two decades of experience in graphic design and illustration.

So, our first product was called quite simply, 78 Tarot First Edition, and it featured the work of 78 artists, plus 2 wild card artists, each who did a card for the deck. I was one of these artists, I did the Sun card for our first Tarot deck. Only 1000 copies were printed and they sold out quite fast. We raised the money to publish it on Kickstarter when there were barely a handful of indie decks being crowdfunded. I like to think we are the catalyst for a whole movement of indie creators.

My first solo project came many years later, and I created a mini deck for children to learn chakras using colorful animals related to each of our seven chakras. My second solo project was another oracle deck this time featuring flower fairies called Flower Keepers Oracle. This deck features flower fae, and the energy of each flower they are guardians of.

Magical Tome of Self Care by Trish Sullivan and Kayti Welsh
Magical Tome of Self Care by Trish Sullivan and Kayti Welsh

What theme do you favor or do you find inspires you the most in your creations and why?

Being a fantasy artist, I love anything to do with fantasy and nature, and my favorite thing to bring to life are fae and flowers.

Do you research or spend any amount of time planning before you start working on a piece, or do you just let it flow following more of your intuitive process?

For product design I tend to plan out the design before I execute it, unless it involves illustration which I usually just free flow.

For most of my drawings and paintings I will study images of flowers, for example, and then just sit down at my paper and let it flow. I don’t ever use references unless you count memory as a reference.

Some artists or creators work best during certain times of the day or evening, do you have a preference or notice any difference when it comes to your inspiration?

I used to love working at night, when I had the most quiet, that was before I became a mother of two little boys who are very energy draining, and make me pretty tired at night. So now my favorite time to create is anytime that I have alone. I find that time to be most sacred and uninterrupted. I can no longer get into these hours of flow state, instead I have to break each session into mostly one hour or so at a time.

78 Tarot Deck Cloth by Kayti Welsh
Deck cloth by Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot

Do you follow astrological activity or even just simply lunar signs and phases for your creative process?

I do not follow any sort of astrology for creation, I think that creation can be any time or place, and it doesn’t really affect me what the planets are doing when it comes to creating. I’ve never noticed a surge of creativity at one moon phase, or another. I often use my magical tools to set intentions into my blank canvas, whether that’s paper or digital. So I feel it’s not necessary to follow the astrology and limit yourself to when you can create, especially when you have limited time.

Do you have any special energy or spiritual practices that you do before, during, or after your creative sessions?

As I mentioned above, I use magical tools, such as crystal grids, or oils or anything I feel called to before each time I create. If I am ever experiencing any kind of creative block, I usually meditate. I find that opens the channel of flow, and helps me to not overthink everything that I am doing.

Do you feel a greater connection to the universe, spirit, God, all, etc. through being a creator or artist?

I think that everyone is a piece of the universe. I don’t think that I am the one creating, I think that I am a vessel creating for the universe. You have to remove the ego of what you were doing while still holding onto the confidence in your skill in order to achieve great works of art. But there is a certain humbleness that come with creation. I believe that I am not the captain of my creations, I am the ship.

Witchy Hard Enamel Pins and Patched by Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot
Witchy Hard Enamel Pins and Patched by Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot

What is your favorite creation or piece to date and why?

I think my favorite has to be in my Flower Keepers Oracle. It is a nod back to my fairy art, which is what started my creative journey. It allowed me to reconnect with all of the fairies around me and my energy. It allowed me to invoke the energy of my childhood, of enchantment as I created their healing story in the cards.

What advice would you give to those that say that they are not creative or artistic, and it’s just not in their capabilities?

I think that there is a little bit of skill and a little bit of heart involved with creativity. There are so many different types of art and ways of expressing yourself. You don’t have to be this masterful illustrator in order to create something beautiful. I’m not sure you can sell it if you don’t have the right skills, but you can still create it. And everyone started somewhere. Nobody sold their first piece unless it was to a friend or family member. Trust me. Just keep trying, keep learning, keep practicing. The best artists take decades in order to find their style and really start to master their skill. I don’t think it’s for everyone as far as a career goes, but I think it’s for everyone as far as self-expression goes. But if you put too much pressure on yourself to be a master, when you first start, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Just go in the process wanting to have fun for you and you alone you don’t even have to show anyone what you create you just have to love it yourself.

What do you like most about being a creator in the spiritual or metaphysical community?

I love to create really beautiful and meaningful and functional divination tools. I love to create things that I know will help others. I love to use my art to heal and guide and inspire, it was something I was missing when I was solely doing paintings and prints. Finding the spiritual community has been one of the most life-changing, beautiful experiences ever. I am so grateful that I can contribute to this beautiful community as we all grow and heal and love together.

What do you hope your work will bring to the world as a whole, particularly those in the spiritual community or on a personal spiritual journey?

I hope my work will help people to heal, to find joy, to be guided, to connect with her, higher self, with spirit, with the universe, to five higher, to live deeper, to be themselves in pure authenticity. Too much to hope for?

Animantras Chakra Oracle Deck by Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot
Animantras Chakra Oracle Deck by Kayti Welsh of 78 Tarot

What is your ultimate personal or professional goal as a creator or artist?

I actually have two goals in life when it comes to Art. I have my goal as a publisher, to help and publish as many artists as I can before I move onto the next journey in the sky. I want to advocate and fight for causes that are important to me and that protect artists. Especially as we enter the future. I also have a goal personally for my own art. I want to create many products that are for children or children at heart that want to connect with a certain type of magical healing. It’s hard to describe in words exactly what I envision, but in my mind, it’s a beautiful, sparkling, rainbow world that is filled with healing hearts. Again, it may be too much, but it’s some thing that I hope for.

Do you have an opinion about the advent of AI art?

My opinion is based purely on facts. The fact of the matter is, generative art, as it is now, steals from artists that have not consented to their art being used to train these programs, nor are they compensated. I believe that until these programs are ethical and fair, they should not be used, especially by the spiritual community whose claim is to be healers. I believe anyone using these tools should really dig deep down inside of themselves and ask their heart if they think they are doing the right thing. Artists deserve to be advocated for. They deserve to be protected. Therefore, until these programs are ethical, nobody should use them.

Want to connect with Kayti and follow her and 78 Tarot's work?

You can find and follow her as @Kayticreator and @78Tarot on Instagram and @78TarotProject on Facebook. Don’t forget to check her out at 78Tarot and on Etsy.

A HUGE thank you to Kayti for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her creative wisdom with us!

In L.V.X


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