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Tarot Key 6, The Lovers & Gemini Season 2022 Mini-Tarot Readings for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

May 20th ushers in Gemini season, the Twins, and Tarot Card Key 6, The Lovers. 2022 is also The Year of The Lovers.

What do the Lovers mean in astrology?

Check out these astrological highlights during Gemini season:

5/22 - Mercury in Taurus - This is a time where concentration and determination is at its highest and we operate from a place of practicality, realism, and common sense. In an effort to be fully prepared and informed, we take time in making decisions making sure to cover all of the details and possibilities from every angle including consequences. Money, financial security and long term investment are on the mind more than ever. We are more likely to bargain, negotiate and be stubborn and hardheaded.

5/24 - Mars in Aries - This is a time where we are quick to act, will push ahead and break barriers, and even the possibility of shattering glass ceilings through sheer willpower. We will have the initiative, be bold, direct and confident, and make one hell of a leader if we decide to take it on. However, we have to be careful of acting impulsively and taking risks, being aggressive and overly competitive, and burning ourselves out.

5/28 - Venus in Taurus - This is a time where our relationships, romance, and love are down to earth and centered on the rational, predictable and comfortable. A sense of loyalty, nurturing, and sensuality are key here. We indulge in all that we find beautiful, the arts and fine foods. Financial stability and security are sexy, and we are looking for true value and refinement above all else. Be mindful of being stubborn and possessive.

5/30 - New Moon in Gemini - The New Moon is a good time for setting intentions around our thought processes, intellectual biases, and communication skills; verbal, nonverbal, written, listening, and psychically (clairs). Take this time to have intriguing conversations, write, read, research, dig into things that get the intellect wheels spinning, and take a short trip to somewhere interesting.

6/3 - Mercury goes Direct after having been in Retrograde since May 10th.

6/4 - Jupiter Retrograde - Jupiter the planet of growth, expansion, higher learning, abundance, prosperity, and good fortune is slowing down. Now is a good time for taking classes, putting your nose in that book you’ve been meaning to, committing to finally learning that new hobby, and learning new things in general; focusing on meditation, spiritual awareness, connection and understanding; reviewing and questioning what you think you know and your beliefs; giving gratitude for the things you have in your life that often go unappreciated; and shedding what is holding you back.

6/13 - Mercury in Gemini - The wheels of the mind will be turning a million miles a minute with inspiration, new ideas, and a need to know. Social life, conversations, writing, artistic expression, music, and tickling the intellect are at the forefront. It’s a great time for humor and wit, but watch for deceptive plays on words,being dramatic, gossiping, or using words as weapons; especially when Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month. Remember that thoughts and words have power.

6/14 - Full Moon in Sagittarius - Review and release what has served its purpose or has been weighing on you, and then set intentions around optimism, spontaneity, humor, lightheartedness, to see the truth in all that is, philosophical and spiritual teachings, and the gift of prophetic sight.

Here’s a look ahead at what Gemini season will bring or how each zodiac sign can work with the energy of Tarot Card Key 6, The Lovers. To get a more well rounded picture, look at your Sun, Moon and Rising zodiacal signs.

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Aries - Nine of Swords reversed - Things have not been easy and the weight of the world seems to have been weighing on your mind, perhaps even the opinions of others. However, now you can expect to find mental release from the things that have been causing you this anxiety, fear, depression and keeping you up at night.

Taurus - Queen of Pentacles - This month is about nurturing yourself, taking care of your home and giving attention to the things that bring you physical and financial security. You have the ability to create your physical world with your two hands just as you wish it to be this month, DIY that bad boy into your perfect vision.

Gemini - Judgment - this month brings rebirth or a wakeup call. You are being asked to rise above the physicality of your world, situations and circumstances, and to shift into a higher state of consciousness where you move from a place of Divine truth and justice. This card often presents itself when someone is presented with the opportunity to step onto their Divine purpose path, but the choice to trust and take the leap remains within their freewill.

Cancer - The Devil - This month you find yourself attached to the things that bring physical or earthly pleasure and joy, it can even be about being on the grind nonstop. The Devil can actually be used to our advantage. If you have been meaning to get something done, buckle down and get it done. If you need to loosen up and have some fun, go have some fun. The key is moderation, not extinction.

Leo - The World reversed - this month might be frustrating a bit, things don’t come together as expected. It may be a matter of things still having to line up behind the scenes, a timeline that seems to be dragging out, a piece of the puzzle that is missing, or expectations that just weren’t met and the final product is subpar. Plan for delays and reevaluate expectations.

Virgo - Two of Wands reversed - this month is about taking a step back and working towards personal goals and alignment rather than going out and conquering the world. When we are able to center and align ourselves, we are able to better see the path before us, and to proceed out of Divine alignment and Will. Go back to the spark of the Ace.

Libra - Knight of Pentacles - this month is about taking it slow and steady, almost to the point that you feel things are just creeping by or have even come to a halt. Right now it’s better to conserve your energy and approach matters in a methodical and efficient manner than to rush in and risk damaging your chances for success when that time comes....and it will come.

Scorpio - King of Swords reversed - this month is mental clarity and truth seems rather fuzzy, almost like you can’t get a grip on either. Your intellectual prowess may be challenged and relying on higher consciousness to direct your actions and inactions will be more difficult than usual. Be careful with your words, and take care not to use them or your intellect as weapons.

Sagittarius - Ace of Cups reversed - this month might bring a wave of emotion directed at the self rather than another. Make sure that you are practicing self-care, step into how you really feel about a situation or person, trust your intuition, and allow yourself to truly express your emotions freely in a non harmful way (towards yourself and others).

Capricorn - Six of Wands - You did it, and it’s time to own it and stand in your power! This is a time where you are not only successful in your endeavor(s), but are recognized for your achievements and the hard work that it took. Whatever you have been working diligently at, expect to make strides and don’t shy away from giving yourself a pat on the back.

Aquarius - Two of Swords reversed - you have stewed over and weighed your options more than once, and now that you see things clearly. You are being called to make a decision and cut away what no longer serves you or stands in your way. Free yourself from excess baggage and unnecessary confusion.

Pisces - The Hierophant - this month is about stepping onto or immersing yourself in your spiritual path, to seek guidance where needed and give it where warranted, and to have faith and trust despite adversity. Things may seem strict or rigid for a bit, but good discipline makes for a good Magician.



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